Best Low Cost Wedding Ideas: DIY Themed at an Award Winning Venue

Affordable Dream Wedding – Winner of Best Wedding Venue three years in a row.

Oregon’s Best Wedding and Venue Idea’s

The wedding industry is facing many challenges including lower marriage rates and brides wanting to reduce their costs that average around $33,900.  No wonder the wedding industry is seeing very little, to no, growth. One slice of the wedding industry is doing very well and that’s the lower cost Do It Yourself (DIY) wedding industry.

We believe if you live in Oregon we can provide ideas that could bring a great/dream  wedding for well under $15,000. We asked Carrie Durig the manager of Affordable Dream Wedding (knowing she was just  voted “best wedding venue” again in Oregon for the third time in a row), what she would recommend for a simple low cost solution that has worked at her award winning venue. She said:

“Having a low priced venue chapel and reception in one location that allows outside catering is the key.”

Affordable Dream Wedding has won best wedding venue (Gold) in Salem Oregon -Statesman Journal 3 years in a row. We are proud everyone could afford a dream wedding.

Affordable Dream Wedding not only has a wedding chapel and reception area at one location, they allow you to select your own catering, you can even select your own alcohol server.  This alone could save you many thousands of dollars. Mrs. Durig claims Affordable Dream Wedding has seen many low cost themed ideas including”:

  • Military Wedding: It’s very easy fast and cheap especially for some soon to enter or just entered.  It’s very effective.
  • Soon to leave for Boot Camp Wedding: It similar to above but again very honored over time.
  • Many culturally different weddings such as Hispanic, Russian, Sweden, Romanian, and more: Who isn’t proud of their heritage and this is a good time to show it, and the cost, like military weddings, are very low since you have many of the needed trinkets already.
  • Second Time Weddings.
  • Anniversary renewal of their wedding vows:  Why not celebrate a long and happy marriage? It’s one of life’s best ways to keep your home enjoyable.
  • Black and White: Simple, elegant and cheap.

She has seen many types of receptions at the venue:


A luminous evening is the backdrop for the Graceful Belfry.
  • Western cowboy.
  • Disco ball parties after the wedding.
  • Bring back the 70’s and 80’s this can be a lot of fun.
  • Donut party receptions.
  • Waffle wedding and reception as well.
  • Pizza and beer receptions (the men prefer this).
  • Halloween.
  • Contemporary.
  • Magical themes.

She said: “Many people from the neighboring cities love to come to the country for their special day.”

To have a wedding that is low cost and special you need to look away from all the glitz and show and find something that really suits your needs and wishes. Make your memories of your wedding last a lifetime.

Affordable Dream Wedding can be reached at:
2934 H St, Hubbard, OR 97032

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