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We’ve talked a lot about Numbify and its benefits in the fields of tattooing, piercing, waxing, and other topical needs, but it’s possible that we have not touched base enough on our Extra Strength Numbify products, and their primary purpose: Hemorrhoids.

Due to their anatomical location, hemorrhoids can be an uncomfortable subject matter (Although not quite as uncomfortable as actually having them). It is perfectly understandable that the discussion of anal fissures can make even the most disreputable scoundrel squirm in their seat, however it becomes a problem when proper medical care is avoided simply out of embarrassment.

Numbify 5% lidocaine is FDA compliant for lidocaine strength. Numb-ify has scoured the entire world, and spent years perfecting what we believe is by far the strongest numbing cream around. Numbify 5% Lidocaine is a powerful pain relieving anesthetic, that is specially formulated for the pain & itch (Numbing) relief needed for intense pain and itching of anorectal hemorrhoids

One of the great things about the current level of technology is that treatment options can be ordered online. As the proprietor of an online pharmacy, you are most likely very much aware that a large portion of your customers value discretion in their purchases. But most importantly, they value effectiveness in their products.

Numbify has been making headlines all over the nation because of their unique business model: Better products for a lower price. They are also well known for their commitment to honest reviews. In this online world, reviews can mean a lot, and many other lidocaine sellers boost their review average by buying falsified 5-star reviews. Sometimes as many as 5-10 a day.

Numbify values both positive and negative feedback on its reviews, and uses it to improve and make their product better. That’s why you won’t find hundreds of fake 5-star reviews on Numbify‘s products, and why even though Numbify has fewer reviews total on sites like amazon, they are still ranked at or near the top of first page results.

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Numbify’s  customers come back again and again for three key reasons:

  1. Stronger Numbing – Numbify is packed with the legal maximum of lidocaine for over-the-counter drug products. Their 5% Lidocaine Numbing products are specifically designed to deliver the lidocaine more effectively. Combine this with Numbify’s other healthy natural ingredients, and most people who try it agree, it outperforms and outlasts the competition.
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    2. Natural Ingredients – Natural isn’t always better, but whenever it is the better choice, Numbify uses healthy natural ingredients. This is because Numbify is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients in their products, and to leaving out the cheap chemical fillers that some companies fill their products with to save money.

    3. Low cost pricing – Despite the fact that Numbify uses only the best ingredients, they still keep their prices low. The great thing is that low price will draw in customers to your pharmacy, especially when they tell their friends what a great deal they got on the best hemorrhoid medicine around.

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Numbify 5% lidocaine numbing is a deep penetrating anesthetic numbing cream packed with as many natural ingredients as possible, that’s designed to significantly reduce extreme topical pain.

So why wait? Head on over to, or give our sales team a call at (877) 906-4806, and ask for a free sample. That’s right, and not a tiny one either. Numbify is so sure that you will want to carry their products in their shop that they are giving it away. Call or sign up on the website and get a free 2 ounce bottle (valued at $19.95) – No credit cards, no free trial bull, just a free sample, and a friendly callback to see how you liked it.

Stronger Numbing – Natural Ingredients – Low Cost Pricing – Numbify

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