Best Places to Wine, Dine and Get Caffeinated in Scotland

  • Rugmans Hall is great for homemade cakes and scones.
  • The Peat Inn, located in South East Scotland, is the kind of high-end dining experiences you won’t be able to stop telling your friends about
  • Be prepared for the best experience you can plan for.

A perfect day starts with a good cup of coffee and ends with a smooth glass of wine…or something like that right? Traveling to a country like Scotland, with its endless mountain views and endless tourist destinations, can leave you quite disoriented. Make sure you’re starting the day right with the best cups of coffee, and ending the day on a light note with some of the best drinks around. Need dinner ideas along the way? That’s here too!

If you’re not sure where your travels will take you yet, there is a suggestion for each unique spot in both southern and northern Scotland.

Velocity Cafe & Bicycle Workshop (Northern Scotland)

One of the most unique locations to get coffee can be found in the city of Inverness. While the cafe is known for their fresh coffee and “yummy vegan sandwiches!”, the cafe is also—as the name might allude to—a bicycle workshop. Those wanting to learn more about their bike and how to fix it can stop in for the shop’s one-to-one mechanic help Thursday- Saturday, or (if you’re already quite the handyman or woman) then the shop will happily allow you your own space to work and sip on some great coffee.

Scrumptious at Rugmans Hall (Southern Scotland)

Grand entrance anyone? If Velocity Cafe is for adventure-crazed-bicycle-enthusiasts, then Scrumptious at Rumans Hall is for the quaint-Scotland-experiencer. Offering a grandiose entryway, Scrumptious at Rugmans Hall is a great place to enjoy some great coffee, but also to choose from their large selection of homemade cakes and scones. However, if you’re feeling more than just a bite to eat this location also offers a wide selection of soups, salads, burgers and much more!

The Peat Inn (Southern Scotland)

You’ll be wanting reservations if you want to be guaranteed a table in “one of Scotland’s most enchanting restaurants”. The Peat Inn, located in South East Scotland, is the kind of high-end dining experiences you won’t be able to stop telling your friends about. With dishes like “hot pineapple & rum soufflé with warm vanilla Anglaise” and “roast breast of Goosenargh duck” it’s difficult not to be both intrigued and eager to try. If you’re not sure what you’ll like, share around! The menu offers a “Tasting” section in which you can receive multiple dishes to share amongst your friends. Pair with one of restaurant’s prestige wines and find yourself in luxury.

Isle of Mull Cheese (Mid-west)

Making our way back up north we can find one of our most unique and flavorful destinations yet, The Isle of Mull Cheese. Located on a dairy farm on an island in the Inner Hebrides, it’s hard not to see the magic that this eatery can bring. Best known for “a charming lunch spot”, the Isle of Cheese offers homemade pizza soup, and of course, cheese. The cheese is produced from the farm itself and if your taste buds are dying to know more at the end of your dining experience you can head over to learn about the cheese-making process. Maybe by the end of the tour you’ll be ready for another round!

Digby Chick (Northern Scotland)

It’s pretty hard to get anything better than a homemade pizza from a farm in the islands off Scotland, but Digby Chick sure does its best when it comes to producing quality food in a homey atmosphere. A must-see for tourists, Digby Chick is always packed with locals and located near the harbour. Using fresh, local ingredients, the menus are always changing with the seasons, and the wine menu holds choices from around the world.

Highland Park (Northern Scotland)

Staying in Northern Scotland for just a little longer we can explore the most well-known Scottish drink…whiskey. Whiskey can be found in differing forms all around Scotland, but one of the best locations to checkout when in Northern Scotland is Highland Park. The whiskey distillery is located on the island of Orkney and has tours which can allow you to try up to seven different whiskies. However, if you’re more fascinated with the process of making whiskey than with the taste, you can also work for a day at the distillery.

Tower Restaurant (Southern Scotland)

This restaurant hits quite a few more than two birds with one stone. Located on the roof of the National Museum of Scotland, the Tower Restaurant is “Scotland’s first and finest footop restaurant”. Described as “Quirky, Cult or Classic” the wine list ranges from tower house selections to wines featured in Germany, South America, Australia, France, New Zealand, South African and Lebanon. Sip the wine of your choosing and enjoy the romantic views the Tower has to offer.


Today’s rain is tomorrow’s whiskey,” a memorable quote from the travel tips section of CI Azumano. This travel section provides some of the best advice when it comes to travelling to and from Scotland, how to prepare, what you need to keep in mind, and money converting basics! Don’t leave on a trip unprepared to have the best experience you possibly can, and be ready to sip, eat and drink your way across Scotland!

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