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One of the great things in the business world is that when you have a great product, it pretty much sells itself. Never has that been more true than it is with Numbify, a product line specializing in Lidocaine based pain and itch relief, with very strong acceptance nationwide and at the wholesale level. One by one, two by two, tattoo shops, pharmacies, salons, day spas, and even adult shops (shhh!) are taking advantage of the Numbify challenge, and finding out for themselves in side by side testing how much better Numbify really is for pain relief.

The Best / Strongest Numbing Cream, Gel & Spray – Numbify

The Numbify challenge is simple. We send out a free sample of our two ounce numbing spray to any business considering selling our product, and you can test it out on yourself or your clientele, and see the difference in quality that Numbify brings to the table. If you already use/carry a different numbing product, we welcome the chance for you to use our product side by side with your current product.

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Many of our competitors are afraid of the  Numbify challenge, and its easy to see why! We have opened that challenge up to any and all of our competitors, and even offered to pay for a news article on their product if they beat us– yet there hasn’t been a single taker. That may be due in part to a new marketing issue that has arisen on large online retail sites like known as fake reviews.

In the numbing industry, almost all of the lidocaine numbing products listed on Amazon feature tens, hundreds, or even thousands of fake reviews. Instead of listening to their customers feedback in negative reviews, many manufacturers pay as much as $15-20 per review (On top of the cost to buy the item from Amazon) just to get a fake 5-star review. The hope is that if they put up enough fake reviews that they will bury all of the negative reviews they get for having an ineffective or undesirable product.

That’s just not how Numbify operates, and it shows.  Numbify may have the fewest number of overall reviews, but they score well, and are consistently found at or near the top of the first listing page of the higher reviews. This is because Numbify’s loyal customers are buying, even if the competitors have more or “better” reviews.

As part of  Numbify’s commitment to integrity and transparency, they value honest and even negative feedback. That feedback has driven a world wide search for the best ingredients, and the most balanced formulation, designed for a powerful numbing experience.

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Numbify’s driving values are encompassed in the trifecta that sets their products apart.

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  1. Stronger Numbing – This one is a given. What’s the point of having a numbing product if its not powerful enough to relieve your pain, in a safe manner? This success is due in large part to the next point…
  2. Natural Ingredients – Not just natural ingredients, but effective natural ingredients. Numbify chooses the best quality ingredients that provide the best and safest experience for their customers. Often that is a natural ingredients, sometimes it’s synthetic, but it’s always useful. You won’t find cheap chemical filler ingredients in Numbify.
  3. Low Cost Pricing – More expensive to make than other products, yet offered at a low price that beats many competitors,  Numbify chooses to reduce its own margins to pass the savings on to its customers and retailers who carry the products in their storefronts. It’s actually not that hard to do when you’re not spending between $40-80 per fake review just to keep your product visible on Amazon.

So if you are ready to make more money at your shop, and provide a world class experience for your customers, head on over to, and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. As always, if you are a business looking to carry our product, the first bottle is on us. That’s how confident we are that you and your customers are gonna love it!!!

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