BET Founder Says 2020 is Trump’s to Lose

  • Trump’s ability to dominate the news is a key advantage over his opponents.
  • Johnson, a longtime Democrat, likely won't vote for Trump.
  • Several entertainers, like Snoop Dogg and Charlamagne tha God, have told their supporters not to vote Trump.

BET co-founder Robert Louis Johnson sees U.S. President Donald Trump winning the 2020 elections, despite several polls indicating that current leading Democratic candidates beat him in a hypothetical race. The surveys show Trump trailing Democratic candidates, such as former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Black Entertainment Television (BET) is an American pay television channel that is part of the BET Networks division of Viacom Media Networks, a unit of Viacom. Programming on the network consists of original and acquired television series and theatrically and direct-to-video-released films.

However, according to Johnson, Trump’s disruptive style and his rally against universal political norms speaks to a massive segment of his supporters who will most likely vote for him again. Speaking to CNBC on Thursday, he highlighted Trump’s ability to dominate the news as a key advantage over his opponents. Moreover, his unorthodox and controversial style of handling matters in the public domain have caused Democrats to resort to a repetitive, reactionary disposition.

This has diverted their course and focus to trying to take him down instead of coming up with unique policies that appeal to voters. In his view, no Democratic presidential candidate is “enough in the center” to appeal to African-American voters.

Johnson, who is a longtime Democrat, recently praised Trump’s achievements, including his master plan to better the economy. Asked whether he will vote Trump in the next elections, the 73 year-old entrepreneur suggested that he’s most likely not going to. Instead, Johnson stated, “it means that I’m going to speak my mind, speak in an independent way based on the facts and not try to get caught up in the politics.”

It is worth noting that while current polls seem to flatter Democrats, they should be taken with a grain of salt. Substantive numbers are only going to come out when the new year begins. Going by the current political environment, none of the leading Democratic candidates has a consolidated base that is big enough to rival Trump’s followership in his strongholds.

Influential Figures Urge Black Voters not to Vote Trump

Lenard Larry McKelvey, known professionally as Charlamagne tha God, is an American radio presenter, television personality, and author. He is a co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy and Angela Yee, and stars in Guy Code, Guy Court and Girl Code.

While Johnson is undecided on who to vote for, some prominent figures in the black community have openly rallied their community against voting Trump. Entertainers such as Snoop Dogg and Lenard McKelvey (also known as Charlamagne tha God) have been among the most vocal.

Trump has almost always used his economic growth record to highlight what he has done for the black community. Unemployment among African-Americans is currently at 5.4 percent, record low, yet considerably higher than the national rate of 3.6 percent. Charlamagne, in particular, has openly dismissed the figures.

Speaking at AfroTech, a black technology conference, he recently warned black people against voting for Trump, underscoring that the risks are higher than the gains. “I don’t think that we have gotten to the point in our society where we can take those chances on a president who may be putting money in our pockets but rolling back all of our other civil rights, and rolling back all of our other civil liberties.”

While black voters have historically supported some top Democratic candidates, they are notably not a monolithic group. Some notable African-American figures such as Kanye West, for example, openly support Trump’s agendas.

Of course, there are exceptions when it comes to voting patterns. Most African–Americans, for example, voted for Barack Obama when he ran for the presidency. Obama is widely expected to support his former Vice President, Joe Biden, and help him win over the black vote.

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