Biden Speaks with World Leaders on Pandemic, Security

  • Biden pledged to work “closely” with Argentina to contain the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Biden announced his intention to strengthen the UN's partnership with the United States on "urgent global issues."
  • Biden has spoken to numerous world leaders, who congratulated him on his electoral victory.

Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke this Monday with United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, as well as with Presidents Alberto Fernández of Argentina, Carlos Alvarado of Costa Rica, and Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya. Mr. Biden thanked the four leaders for congratulating him on his electoral victory.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and US President-elect Joe Biden.

That victory has nonetheless not yet been recognized by the outgoing President, Donald Trump.

In his phone call conversation with president Fernandez, Joe Biden pledged to work “closely” with Argentina to contain the coronavirus pandemic and to promote global health security, including by strengthening hemispheric institutions.

“He emphasised the need for even deeper hemispheric cooperation on advancing economic prosperity, combating climate change, strengthening democracy, and managing regional migration flows, among other shared challenges,” Mr. Biden’s transition team said.

The former Vice President additionally acknowledged the significance of the head of the Catholic Church worldwide, His Holiness Pope Francis, to the people of Argentina and Latin America in general.

In his conversation with president Alvarado, Biden pledged to strengthen the partnership between Washington and Costa Rica, based on “shared democratic values,” and to promote “a vision for regional prosperity and more effective hemispheric institutions.”

Joe Biden also thanked Costa Rica’s regional leadership for it’s promotion of human rights and expressed his sympathies for the peoples of Central America, devastated by hurricanes recently.

In his conversation with the Secretary General of the UN, Joe Biden announced his intention to strengthen the organization’s partnership with the United States on “urgent global issues,” with emphasis on the COVID-19 pandemic and future challenges of public health and climate crisis threats. Mr. Biden also conveyed to Guterres his “deep concern” about the escalating violence in Ethiopia and the risk it poses to civilians.

He also had a phone conversation with Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta, with whom he discussed his interest in further developing the two countries’ current partnership in a number of areas, including the climate crisis, support for refugees, and their host communities, and challenges to regional security and instability.

Uhuru officially congratulated Joe Biden on November 8, and at the time described Biden’s win as a demonstration of Americans’ confidence in his leadership credentials.

US President-elect Joe Biden (L) and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (R)

“Americans have spoken loudly and clearly through their votes, by picking a highly experienced, colorfully decorated, and long-serving leader to become their next Head of State,” Uhuru said then.

Biden has Spoken to Many World Leaders

Since his meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the 9th, Biden has spoken to numerous world leaders, who congratulated him on his electoral victory, and expressed his desire to work with them as he officially takes over the reins of power in the US.

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera was the first Latin American leader to speak with Biden, who has also spoken with the leaders of France, Germany, India, Israel, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, Australia, and South Korea, as well as with Pope Francis, and European and NATO leaders.

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