Biggest Problem? Fake News Polls Ahead of Crime, Climate Change and Racism

A shocking new poll by Pew Research shows that Fake News, or the trust of journalism and government, is now more important than Terrorism, Sexism, Illegal Immigration and more. That is one reason Communal News was founded, allowing for an open news hub to bring both the writers and the readers closer to together. Americans are taking issue with their political leaders and the activist groups that openly create fake and misleading news. Conservatives/Republicans have more problems with journalists (especially compared to Democrats), believing that a journalists’ ideological beliefs outweigh their professional ethics. The majority of those being polled believe fake news will be getting worse going into the next 2020 presidential election cycle.


Source: Pew Research Center, Journalism & Media

Americans see fake and/or made-up news as a very big problem for the country and it affects their confidence both in the United States government and other institutions, with over half (54%) saying it affects how they think and react to others.

Source: Pew Research Center, Journalism & Media

In a recent News Media Trust poll, most U.S. adults (including over 90% of Republicans) claim they have personally lost their trust in the news media. Specifically, they do not trust certain news organizations, although no specific companies were mentioned. What the public wants is a commitment to transparency, something 71% rated as Very Important.

Source: Knight Foundation

Possibly the most surprising fact from these polls: Most Americans “did not express much greater trust in news sources that have a reputation for a partisan leaning consistent with their own.”

The long declining trust issue for American Journalism continues, with 69% of U.S. adults claiming their trust in the news media has declined over the past decade. Only 4% say their trust in journalism has increased, while 26% indicate their trust has not changed.

What is Wrong?

The most common answers in response to the question were “inaccurate or misleading reporting,” “lies, alternative facts or fake news” and “biased, slanted or unfair reporting.”

Source: Knight Foundation

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