Biological Warfare – Did Israeli Intelligence Steal the Coronavirus Cure from China?

  • Israel is ahead of the world in developing the vaccine for corona.
  • Did Israel know about the coronavirus through espionage?
  • Did Iran intended to start the outbreak of corona in Israel to end American sanctions and destroy Israel?

Scientists believe that the coronavirus was produced through natural causes and not in a laboratory. About this there are still skeptics. In the near future the hidden secrets of coronavirus will be revealed. President Trump calls it the “China Virus” and Beijing claims it was caused by America military (there is zero evidence of this).  No one knows the truth but there are differences of opinions and the major stress is placed on solving the problem.

Wuhan virology laboratory.

Everyone knows that each of the major powers develops nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. They each have a secret service which operates in every country in the world and also works on Cyberwarfare where they open up computers from the outside and information in these computers can be transferred.  In this way the top secrets hidden in computers can be stolen which may be nuclear, chemical or biological warfare secrets.

China has a virology laboratory in Wuhan where the Covid-19 virus began. This brought suspicion from the world that the virus was caused by an accident in their biological lab. For every virus which is created there is also a vaccine and medicine. If corona was created in the Chinese laboratory there is also a vaccine that came with it using the knowledge of how the virus is formed. Perhaps China does not want to reveal that it has the vaccine because if they reveal it now the world will know that it originated in their labs. The world has to suffer a little longer until the vaccine will be revealed by China, perhaps.

Yossi Cohen head of Israel intelligence.

Israel has the greatest secret service espionage in the world. Israel was able to remove the secret papers hidden in Iran about their nuclear weapon project. With it, Israel gave Trump proof that Iran was not following the nuclear weapons treaty signed with President Obama. In a laboratory in Galilee, Gilead Sciences are working on a vaccine for the coronavirus.  They still have not revealed how they are a year ahead of the rest of the world in developing the vaccine but perhaps the Israel secret service removed this information from computers in the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan.  Soon Israel will reveal the vaccine even before China who has to wait longer that they should to be the hero so they are not blamed for having made this virus in their laboratory.

The good news is soon to be revealed that Israel has produced the vaccine. Some here in Israel really believe they kidnapped the information from computers in the Chinese laboratory. Russia has remained in the background without commenting.  Russia also has a secret service and information about the source of the virus.  Very possibly Iran purchased the virus from China in a plot to initiate the virus in Israel.  Then there was an accident transporting the virus to Iran. In that way the world would blame Israel for coronavirus and Iran would be able to destroy Israel without American interference. The fact that China today blames the American military for coronavirus it is only to cover up the truth. It may have been a plot by Iran to break the sanctions on them from America and destroy Israel. We Israelis may have been the victims of biological warfare and dirty politics.

No one knows for sure. The truth will eventually be revealed with the new medicine and vaccine. Let’s stay optimistic.

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