Black Lives Matter: Deshon Johnson Protest to Charge Coach USA/NJ Transit Bus Driver For Murder

  • Let's Us Not Forget The Death Of Hip-Hop Artist Deshon Johnson.
  • Solidarity March and Protest In Newark, NJ.
  • Deshon Johnson Protest Movement - Get Involved in this Movement.
  • We will be raising awareness about social injustice and violence.
  • A peaceful rally will be held to demand justice for the death of Deshon Johnson. 

We are hosting a peaceful rally and protest for the life of Hip-hop artist Deshon Johnson.

Our goal is for the Attorney General Gurbir Grewal to reopen and investigate Deshon Johnson’s death case, corruption by the Essex County Prosecutor and the Coach USA/NJ Transit bus company attorney. We demand that Community Coach USA release all of the non-redacted bus driver Wilson Romaine’s medical records with his vision, hearing, and a clean bill of health. We also want the bus company to release all of the non-redacted work histories of Romain and the video from the bus.

Michael Tuzzio, Mike Lugger, Thomas S. Fennel, and others who have a part of covering up Deshon Johnson’ s case need to be held accountable for his blatant disregard for Deshon Johnson’s life by immediately being terminated from their jobs and disbarred. Wilson Romain must be held responsible for his action and needs to be charged for the murder of Deshon Johnson. Based on the Forensic report, Exxon gas station video, transportation expert and vital witness, this death was not an accident. We demand justice for Deshon’s death.

This issue affects us in Essex County and North Jersey. We call on all locals and Governor Phil Murphy to show up for Black lives and fight for the life of Deshon Johnson.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy had a press release about how black life matters and took a knee in solidarity. He now needs to do the same for Deshon Johnson, who did not cause his death like George Floyd.

We ask Governor Phil Murphy to stop attending events that fit his agenda and live up to his electoral speech–that he is the Governor who cares about the people.

Let’s combat black and brown communities not receiving the proper attention and investigation within the prosecutor’s office and the police department. Just like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Oscar Grant, Alton Sterling, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, whose deaths were ignored by the prosecutor/courts, so was Christie Noble-Ross and Deshon Johnson.

This protest is also honoring other lives that have been lost by injustice.

Therefore, please come together with us to raise awareness about social injustice, violence, institutionalized racism, systematic racism, and support a more equitable system.

The demonstration is scheduled for Saturday, July 18, 2020, on Deshon Johnson’s death anniversary. We stand in solidarity with, Deshon’s mother, Naomi, who has been fighting for the injustice of her son’s horrific demise.

We will be marching to the old courthouse where the Essex County Prosecutor Office is located for an afternoon of speeches and action. In addition to supporting victims of police brutality, event leaders aim to provide resources for tangible change, including petitions to be signed, fundraising efforts, and calling government leaders.

This a social-distant protest:

Wear your mask-Wear your gloves-Bring your water-Bring a friend.

Peter Francisco Park

When: July 18, 2020

Time: 10:30 Am

Where: 66-70 New Jersey Ralidroad Avenue

Newark, NJ 07102

Behind Newark Penn Station

Between Ferry Street and Market Street

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This demonstration is sponsored by For The People Foundation.

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Soullity Journalist

Soullity Journalist is an online media advocacy blog that raises awareness and shines the light on these senseless increasing act of legalized murder caused upon pedestrians by NJ Transit, and Community Coach reckless bus drivers that are getting away with murder. We are about social justice and love for humanity/human right. Quote by Dr. Martin Luther King- "Injustice is a threat to justice everywhere."

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