Black Racism and the Universal Faith

  • The great equalizer for America is to look at each person living in the United States as Americans and not at their color.
  • The goal of true equality can only become a reality through the Messiah and education.
  • Madonna who is for gun control should also support strong but fair law enforcement.

The murder of George Floyd had nothing to do with Black racism. The policemen did not stop George Floyd because he was a black but as an American who was suspicious. An employee at the Cup Foods convenience store called police to say that a customer had tried to use a counterfeit $20 bill to buy cigarettes. According to law a person that uses counterfeit money to purchase goods or services may be arrested and charged with a crime.

The four policemen involved in the arrest of George Floyd were Americans. George Floyd was an American. Eric Garner who was killed by a policeman through chokehold in 2014 in Staten Island New York was not killed because he was black but as an American who the police used their judgement to arrest. People usually resist arrest. In Israel a Palestinian boy carrying a suspicious object was killed by the police when he resisted arrest.

Mahatma Ghandi taught that the way of non-violence

Madonna the American entertainer and guru in her website by supporting violence on the side of protesters against law enforcement has added hatred upon hatred. She called Corona on her website “the great equalizer” as a vehicle to make peace and unity. Now in the George Floyd incident she chooses to separate black and white.

Americans are Americans. The great equalizer for America is to look at each person living in the United States as Americans and not at their color. In America color, religion is not a factor.  America is one without any separation racism or hatred the true fulfillment of Love your Neighbor like yourself. The behavior of Americans connecting to crime is the reason for Americans to confront law officers.

Madonna posted a video against gun violence. She is against Americans to have guns. Police officers and American military have the job of law enforcement need to carry guns not civilians. Martin Luther King sacrificed his life for non-violence. Madonna as a student of the holy scriptures of the Bible and esoteric Judaism should stand behind the teachings of Martin Luther King who was a man of the Bible. Condoning the act which caused the death of George Floyd is against the Bible.

The man a law enforcement officer may have been under the pressure of his job protecting the public. This still does not justify his actions. The way to make America Great is to separate the incident of the death of George Floyd from racism. Americans who are devoted to America are not racists. The justice of America looks at Americans as one people without racism and hatred. Emphasizing racism as the cause of the killing of George Floyd has caused rioting. Making racism an issue is the cause of more racism. Americans must look at the pure soul of each American as part of the Universal faith where there is freedom of religion and freedom of speech. The end of racism does not come through violence.

Americans should try to play down racism and other differences between Americans. They have to look at all Americans as created equal as it is written in the Constitution. Madonna called Corona “the great equalizer” looks away at the differences of people which is only on the outside.  Peace is when everyone and everything is one. America accepts people from all creeds and ethnic backgrounds to prove that “all men are created equal” created in the image of God.

Madonna in her website incited violence which is against the Universal Faith. Our Messianic goals can only be achieved through non-violence. Sing for peace and not for war.

Law enforcement has to do its job to fight crime. The proper law enforcement looks at each person as Americans and not at their color or creed. The lack of proper education is the cause of crime in America; not related to color or race. A criminal can be white or black, Jewish, Muslim, or Christian. Crime is damaging America much more than anything else.

Drugs are damaging America. Corona today is damaging America. Police are taught and trained not to look at color as a factor. They have to respond to calls when crimes are committed. Eric Garner was selling illegal cigarettes without tax stamps. George Floyd gave to the storeowner at Cup Foods a counterfeit $20 bill. These are not crimes requiring capital punishment or long jail sentence. People have to respect the police and accept a small jail sentence.

Terrorists are killed on the spot because they are carrying weapons. Petty thieves get caught unexpectedly so they are caught by surprise and may try to avoid being taken to the station. George Floyd and Eric Garner were not big time criminals. Everyday in the news there are white Americans that are prosecuted for crimes. Crime may be greater in the Black American community but drugs and crime have also penetrated the white American communities and their children.

Unfortunately the blacks feel that they are being discriminated against. Eric Garner and George Floyd after committing a crime were killed by police not intentionally because the police were afraid of them, which caused more damage through riots. Don’t defend a criminal; and don’t defend a policeman if he commits a criminal offense. Let justice take its course in the democratic way.  The democratic way is not to use violence but the way of Martin Luther King.

Madonna the American guru is preaching violence. She has rebelled against God and Martin Luther King. The Universal faith as revealed by Baha”i and Progressive Jewish Spirituality is against violence but in favor of peaceful demonstrations like were taught by Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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