Bob Dylan; The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

  • Dylan sung that the times are changing but his idea of change was not what came about in the 70s and people are waiting even today to see a change which everyone believed in the 60s was real and to be seen in the future.
  • The message of Bob Dylan has been diluted by heroin, ectacy, sedatives, prozacs, anti-depressants, marijuana, hashish and alcoholic beverages.
  • President Trump lives the truth of the book of Ecclesiastes, Vanity of Vanity everything is vanity.

In the 1960s Bob Dylan revealed the message to America and the world in his songs “The Times they are changing “The Answer is blowing in the wind.”  In 1992 The Lubavitcher Rebbe declared that we are entering a new age, the age of the Messiah. When will we see these promises and changes?

Growing up teenager in the 60’s I felt Bob Dylan had a message to bring to everyone in his special two songs “The Times they are changing” and “The Answer is blowing in the Wind.”  Joan Baez brought a new light to America.  She performed 14 songs at the Famous Woodstock concert.  Crosby Stills and Nash added new blues to the arousal movement of the 60s adding more light and more hope to our generation.

The Beatles brought the British Invasion into the American Pop market but with the Beatles came a more psychedelic approach toward change than was before Dylan, Baez and Crosby.  Music became more psychedelic with Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Jim Morrison and the Doors.  The message of Bob Dylan became mixed up with Psychedelic Drugs Beatniks of the 60’s became freaked out hippies refuseniks against Vietnam in the 70s.  Dylan sung that the times are changing but his idea of change was not what came about in the 70s and people are waiting even today to see a change which everyone believed in the 60s was real and to be seen in the future. The trend has been downhill.  From a promise of a spiritual revolution, the only changes which came about have been gay rights, gay marriage, transgender allowed to serve in the army, abortion leniencies, and other forms of exploitation of freedom.  Drug use has not declined.  Crime is on the rise in cities in America.  A terrorist attack was made on the twin towers and the pentagon.  Changes have been only without an answer. America is almost in danger of becoming an anarchy.

President Trump is talking about change and America is opposing him.  It seems that America has given up hope.  The message of Bob Dylan has been diluted by heroin, ectacy, sedatives, prozacs, anti-depressants, marijuana, hashish and alcoholic beverages.  The American youth the followers of Bob Dylan slowly lost his message.  They replaced the spiritual for the material and searched for materialistic satisfaction wealth and riches as the vehicle for happiness.  President Trump as a successful billionaire is an example to Americans who have given up hope in Bob Dylan and have gone the way of the American Dream of prosperity.  However President Trump is more than a billionaire, he is appealing to Americans to go further than the desire for wealth also to reach a life of morality not only dependent upon thrills.  President Trump lives the truth of the book of Ecclesiastes, Vanity of Vanity everything is vanity. Through experience he understands the meaning of the Wisdom of Solomon, Vanity of Vanity for he has experienced all the vanities of life and has chosen to be the President of the USA, the greatest of vanities.

President Trump is not only a president he is an example to Americans.  He is an image for the young to emulate.  At El Paso at the rally were Americans who idolized President Trump wearing MAGA hats or USA hats.  Americans will not give up the ideal of becoming rich even though the wise teach “who is the rich man the one who is content with his portion.” Trump is not asking for Americans to give up their dream of becoming a millionaire.  He is asking for changes in America also for the lower and middle class who will never become millionaires.  Democratic Liberals are going backward away from the message of Bob Dylan into a life of stagnation and depression away from the American dream.  Trump is not only standing for America for its wealth, he is also trying to recover the message of Bob Dylan for the answer which is blowing in the wind.  This answer got lost along the way and the liberals are even bringing it lower into abortion, gambling, socialism, gay rights and hopelessness.

Most people don’t have an answer.  It may be blowing in the wind but has not yet landed. The answer Trump is giving to Americans is to be an upright proud American and to work to be affluent. He is also restoring to America the motto in God We Trust.  Trump is not exactly the image which the Pope wants for Christians but it is better than being a humanitarian atheist or agnostic endorsing freedom without morality.  Trump is an independent thinker and the Pope is not his advisor.  America is a free country and freedom comes first before religion.  Trump a Christian can have friendly relations with his daughter who became Jewish even though the two religions clash.  In a Jewish religious community even to mention the name of J….. makes waves.  Trump is also trying to bridge the gap between religions and remove hate between blacks and whites and between ethnic groups, Jews and Christians, Muslim Sunni and Shiites, protestant and Catholic.  The problem of hatred between brothers and sisters in America is a real problem and Trump opposes hatred due to racism.  He is not against Americans favoring Americans over illegal immigrants, or for America families to protect their children from the outside influences of drugs and violence.  He is against the racism of hatred but people and America can be racist for the sake of America just like the law allows a person to protect himself in self defense when he is being attacked.

Americans have searched for the answer which blows in the wind of freedom and have already given up hope.  The wind of freedom blows two ways for good and bad. The generations of Americans in the early 1900s until 1960s and 70s were different people than Americans today.  In a way Trump is from the last generation an old timer. Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were also teenagers in the 60s when Bob Dylan tried to awake up Americans to a new age. Trump in a way is bringing back the old image of an American.  He is the oldest of presidents to take office even though he has a young personality.  He is old but he has a young wife.  With age Trump has gained wisdom.  He hasn‘t really shown a great knowledge of the Bible but he for sure has life experience.  He is not educated like many other presidents and politicians with masters and doctorate obtaining only a BS in economics.  He is an example of a successful person who made it on his own merits.  Education is stressed in America but many people have become rich without educational training.  Trump seems to have wisdom not only through of education.  America has chosen him to be president on his merits. Charles Schumer is graduate of Harvard Law School. He was the congressman in my community in Brooklyn.  I went to him when I had problems getting a teachers license in NY because of getting a 4F deferral from the Army evading the Vietnam War.  He didn’t accept me avoiding the draft, but he helped me anyway get another job with the State. Trump and Schumer were also drafted to go Vietnam.  Were they patriotic?

Trump has an answer for Americans in the back of his mind.  He may or may not be a Bob Dylan fan, he was born in 1946 and in the middle 1960s he was in the twenties so for sure he was exposed to Bob Dylan while studying in college.  He was too smart to get involved in the Beatles.  His mind was on success which means the American dream of becoming a Billionaire which he did.  He probably never even smoked a joint or used hashish.  His generation were social drinkers upper class Americans which lived in Manhatten. His parents were already wealthy and they watched over him carefully to guide him in becoming Donald Trump, the billionaire, the President of the USA.

Donald Trump wants to give Americans an answer to work toward which is being a successful American with him being an example. Charles Schumer and Judy Pelosi are more into giving Americans the choice of which direction they want to take and not so much to be a father or mother to American Youth.  Many Americans consider Trump to be like a dictator forcing issues and gathering supporters for his answers which he is giving to America.  Maybe Bob Dylan is in the back of his mind “the answer my friend is blowing in the wind.” He wants to change the times to make a better America.

Bob Dylan a Jew grew up in the Midwest. He had the opportunity to meet the Lubavitcher Rebbe in NY.  After his father passed away and feeling guilt for crippling a young boy while riding on his motorcycle, he looked toward Lubavitch for spiritual strengthening.  Lubavitch is a Chassidic Orthodox Jewish movement which encourages Jews from all backgrounds to seek out their heritage and study about Judaism.  Lubavitchers have long beards which they are forbidden to cut.  They have an open heart for all Jews but are closed to accepting changes which are against Jewish law.  Jews which have grown up in families which have assimilated find difficulty accepting many of the stringencies in Jewish law.  Reformed and Conservative Judaism have more or less changed their customs to meet the needs of their communities but they lack the holiness which is by the authentic Orthodox and Chassidic Jews who are much more devoted to their religion.  Many Jews come to Lubavitch like Bob Dylan but find it impossible to change their lives to be like Lubavitchers. Bob Dylan gave up the idea of being an Orthodox Jew when he released a new album which showed he became a born again Christian.

In a free world there are many people from Christian backgrounds that become Orthodox Jews like Ivanka Trump.  Many Jews find difficulty returning to their heritage and become Born Agains.  Judaism offers to Jews and to their converts religion which cannot be found in Christianity.   A Muslim is forbidden to leave Islam .  The conversion of a Jew is not accepted in Jewish law.  Bob Dylan is still Jewish and is welcome to visit Lubavitch 770 Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn, N.Y. or other Chabad institutions throughout the world.  Bob Dylan and the Lubavitcher Rebbe both agree “The Answer is blowing in the wind.” “The times they are changing.”  President Trump is also seeking to bring to America this message.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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