BREAKING: China is Trying to Influence Russian Journalists Pertaining to Coronavirus Reporting

  • China aks a Russian journalist not mention Coronavirus coming from China.
  • China is attempting to influence international journalists.
  • It is a threat to the US and democracy.

An astonishing announcement was made on Russia Channel 1 on the evening of March 18 during a live show by the chief editor of Nazavisimaya Gazeta Konstantin Remchukov. He claimed to have directly received an email from China requesting a stop to any information related to coronavirus originating in China. Since the Russian government owns Russia Channel 1, it is an unprecedented comment that was made live. Especially, when Russia and China tend to collaborate on propaganda efforts against the US and the West.

Chief Editor of Nazavisimaya Gazeta Konstantin Remchukov says China emailed him and asked him not to report that coronavirus came from China.

China has stepped up its false propaganda efforts pertaining to coronavirus. The first official case of coronavirus occurred in November 2019. The initial case was in Wuhan, China. Since then the virus has spread around the world. The number of cases globally is registered at 218,000 with over 84,000 people already recovered. Unfortunately, the death toll is over 8,000 at this time. You can track coronavirus live utilizing this convenient John Hopkins designed interactive tool.

Russia and China teamed up on efforts to spread the false narrative of the US bringing the virus to China. We outlined the full time frame of this phony narrative.

It’s still an open question whether China is being transparent about the number of cases of coronavirus, or if the COVID19 pandemic is under control in China.

This is an unprecedented move when a foreign government is contacting a journalist in Russia requesting him to stop publishing commentary regarding the coronavirus in China. It is plausible to believe that this is not the only publication that was contacted by the Chinese government with such requests. How many nations that are aligned with China, including BRICS nations, have members of the media who received these type of requests?

This trajectory would seem to be also overstepping international boundaries and journalistic standards. Russian President Vladimir Putin positions himself as a strong leader and utilizes a dictatorship style of governance. Will he allow China to meddle in Russian media? Nezavisimaya Gazeta is one of the few newspapers in Russia that actually publishes independent content. Such a move could be interpreted as attempting to undermine Putin’s authority.

It is clear China has launched a full fledged attack on journalists around the world, including their latest demand for some US journalists to immediately leave China.

Nezavisimaya Gazeta was first published in 1990 right at the cusp of the Soviet Union collapse in the 1991.

History tends to repeat itself and Russia and China have always had a tumultuous history. Russia should look at China as a sleeper cell ready to be activated against them. Therefore, colluding with them on propaganda efforts to aid China might not be a wise move for the Kremlin.

It is clear China has launched a full fledged attack on journalists around the world, including their latest demand for some US journalists to immediately leave China.

From a security prospective it’s a tie between Russia and China as to who is more of a threat to the West. Attacks from both of them will only multiply. There are also groups online and bloggers being contacted by Chinese nationals to try to influence their content pertaining to the coronavirus, but until this week it was more of a suggestion. Now it is a full blown attempt to subvert the media, journalistic integrity and global journalistic standards.

This is becoming a very dangerous situation and the information and data released by China can’t be trusted. It is an attack on democracy and journalism and also a high security risk.

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