Breaking: The True Numbers of Infected by Coronavirus in China – Over 100,000 According to Leak

  • China' true numbers of the virus were not disclosed.
  • Clearly WHO is not doing nearly enough.
  • It seems biological warfare could be here.

The internal memo that was shared by the head of Cyberpol, Ricardo Zaretsky, paints a grim picture, The Image depicted with the data as of February 1, 2020 shows infected numbered over 154,023 people and the count of the dead at 24,589.

Hence, it is very clear China, in a true sense of Communism, does not provide true numbers. The same scenario occurred during the Soviet era and the Chernobyl disaster. So many innocent people were victims of the radiation exposure. The true tragedy was not reported and other areas got impacted. The numbers that are depicted on how many died and infected shows almost one of the most grim scenarios. Interestingly, it seems every 100 years mass deaths occur.

It paints a grim picture. The World Health Organization has declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern as a result of the outbreak of a novel coronavirus, what scientists are calling the 2019-nCoV virus. Nevertheless, why are the borders still open and why are there any flights from China?

Furthermore, an Indian Lab confirmed last week that the virus has all the signs of being a modified virus in the lab that classifies it to be biological warfare.

China also applied for the patent for the coronavirus vaccine. It is plausible to believe the virus was engineered in China in the first place.

A new type of coronavirus can live up to five days in a favorable environment on surfaces, said Jiang Rongmen, a member of the Advisory Council of experts on infectious diseases of the state health Committee of China.

“First, the virus is transmitted by airborne droplets during coughing or sneezing, as well as through touch, usually the virus can spread at a distance of 1-2 meters from the source and quickly settles on the human body, but it cannot remain in the air,” the expert told reporters at a press conference.

Another point, he pointed out, is when particles of infected saliva settle on the surface of objects around us, and the virus can get into a person’s hand when touched, sometimes even unconsciously, for example, from door handles and elevator buttons.

“Studies have shown that the virus can survive for several hours on smooth surfaces, and that it can survive for several days at suitable humidity and temperature. For example, in an environment with a humidity of 40% and a temperature of 20 degrees, a new coronavirus can exist for up to five days,” said Jiang.

Is the world ready for global pandemics? In 2017, an article in The Atlantic was asking the question, “is it possible to predict the pandemic?”  The global virome project that was depicted is not doing so well. The project prediction is not going strong. In reality, with communist countries, like China, who tend to hide information and not dispose the true numbers and risks involved– possibly even created the virus themselves– how is the world to react and how capable is WHO to come through?

Overall, a new approach is needed and the prompt closure of borders to insulate others in the world. Sadly, the world is not ready for a new pandemic.

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Christina Kitova

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