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The best gigs are the gigs posted for unique and highly skilled tasks, work you can provide and receive a premium for what you offer.  So we ranked the top ten gigs Buyers have paid high prices for, and that have growing gig market demand.

In today’s internet it takes a lot of time to learn accomplished skills. Those running companies (big and small) often do not have the time to learn every skill,  and often choose to contract our for specialized needs. The best example is buying gigs for targeted advertisements on Facebook, Google and Instagram.

This takes a lot of time and the ad vendors seem to call you constantly trying to convince you to increase the prices.  But you learn rather soon that the telephone soliciting often does not really help and the so called experts have only one goal– to charge you more. This becomes extremely transparent over time.

That’s where someone– a third party working for you and running gig advertising campaigns for you and for many others– could be of high value for only a fraction of their time. Specialists can provide an advertising solution in little time that it would take months for the Buyer to master.

Each and every thing connected with the internet seems to be expanding, not just in volume but also in complexity. At some point most small successful businesses will start needing to build an online gig team, or hire a full time coder. Building that team, utilizing the global Gig markets is often very easy, flexible and much more affordable.

Now for the top 10 gig markets:

  1.  AI Artificial Intelligence. Coders that can provide AI programming, or better yet for gig posters providing experience with specific software programming, say to deploy AI software through a website. This is the real cutting edge of the gig market.
  2. Blockchain – Blockchain has been a very fast growing field with many companies changing their entire business model to incorporate some or all of their enterprise into blockchain.  It will change accounting and inventory as we know it.
  3. Robotics and Drones – The field of robotics and drones is exploding. Soon only robots will be mowing your lawn, watering your yard, cleaning your pool, vacuuming your house, and driving your car.  All of that needs specialized coders.
  4. Bitcoin – his is a sub-unit of blockchain, and it’s crypto currencies where many are trying to compete with Bitcoin. The world has not moved from the US dollar as of yet, but with the internet lowering borders and global markets expanding everyday, digital settlements will become mandatory.
  5. Virtual Reality – This has been touted for years. The growth in gaming has been robust but the two markets have not crossed yet. Someday killer games might have very real visual reality aspects to them.
  6. Coder – A very basic need for almost everyone’s website.  This is possibly the best bread and butter field. Always in demand. Always able to find a highly qualified niche to grow into.
  7. The surprise – Instagram Marketing – That shows the success of Instagram.
  8. Online PR influencers/social media marketing – This is the same as Instagram but covers all other platforms.
  9. Video & Multimedia Editing – Marketing on the internet is going to video, it is a fast growing field with Amazon incorporating video presentations into Amazon’s marketplace. This alone could make this market jump.
  10. Possibly the most fun job of all – software testing – “White Hat Style” where you’re paid to break into a company’s software. Would that be fun– breaking down software that they say you can not break, and being paid well for it? That would be a job I would like if I was young.

We hope you can post your gigs and soon make a killing on the fast growing global gig markets.

The best way is to start your first gig. Make sure there is Buyer demand. We at Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace have made it as easy as possible.

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