Can a Global Freelance Gig Revolution Save the Expected Nigeria Extreme Poverty Explosion ?

Nigeria is working hard to transform itself from one of the world’s poorest commodity-based economies, where the per capita GDP is just above $2,000 per year, into a high skilled information-based economy.  Nigeria, unlike Ukraine and other Asia countries, does not have a bordering country where the young and highly educated can easily migrate and dramatically improve their financial situation. Nigeria has more of its population in poverty (by definition under $1.90 a day) than even India. It is estimated that over 87 million people, about half of Nigeria, currently live in poverty.

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The World Bank forecasts that Nigeria will contain a “quarter of the world’s destitute people in a decade unless policymakers act to revive economic growth and lift employment.” Population is growing faster than the Nigerian economy, meaning if Nigeria maintains the current pace of economic and population growth and current employment levels, by 2030 the number of Nigerians living in extreme poverty will increase by more than 30 million.  Unless something dramatic happens, Nigeria’s poverty level will explode.

Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, Minister of Science and Technology, says:

We are moving our economy away from commodity based to make sure that it no longer depends entirely on this but on knowledge and innovation. This is a very important transition and will need the very best in the nation to happen.”

Nigeria is competing with Kenya to become the African continent’s best and most dynamic technology hub.  Nigeria also ranks 3rd in the number online freelancers in Africa behind first rated Kenya and then South Africa.  The advancement freelance technology is seen as an economic enabler and (in a pleasant surprise) accounted for 11% of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product in 2018. The news for freelance world is not as good as Nigeria has only 1,317 active freelancers out of a population of over 200 million people.  Even though Nigeria has an attraction to technology, they are missing key elements for a nationwide robust and highly compensated employment improvements.  With the urgent need for a complete wealth transformation, combined with the freelance technologies advantages of easy of entry, no upfront cost and global market access, this is the perfect backdrop for a Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace Nigerian revolution.

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What is a freelance gig?

A freelance gig is where Nigeria, through the global freelance marketplace, can have its citizens compete equally for jobs, at high paying global scales; where single bids could easily surpass the yearly historical per capita GDP.  Where average freelance income the US is over $70,000, or 35 times higher than the average GDP per capita.  The global freelance revolution will have the most profound affect on some of the poorest counties such as Nigeria and FGG Low Cost Marketplace can help to level and equal the global freelance market .  Anyone with advanced computer skills can post an online gig (for no cost!), and with real effort can transform themselves over time from a low wage earner into a world class technology entrepreneur.  With a simple transformation they can be marketing their gig services globally in hours, not days.  The though that this easy is wrong the global world is very competitive and the best way for beginners to compete is learn a strong skill, in growing market where global employment  has a constant void in trying to keep up the the fast industry growth. The Nigerian population are natural entrepreneurs, it surprisingly easy to start a possible bright future, you can even start your own freelance gig service in the evenings, after working a full time job, or when your children are sleeping,  Over  time you can develop the skills and knowledge so you can migrate into a global career with consummate pay.

To help increase the Nigerian Market, FGG Low Cost Marketplace provides research about both specialized fields and the fast changing freelance marketplace in both in English and Hausa.

Freelance Global Gig News in English – FGG Low Cost Marketplace News

Freelance Global Gig News in Nigerian Hausa – Labaran Freelance Global Gigs News

The three most important elements in selecting a platform to post your services are: low cost, high traffic to your specific gigs, and information support. Because FGG Low Cost Marketplace is powered buy Communal News, it generates fast growth in traffic. FGG is also running one of the lowest cost platforms and is integrated with a would class news network providing industry updates. Freelance and global recognition is their strong point.

We hope you can joining the Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace it’s free, easy and fast to post a freelance gig, and you will soon see your gig service published n 100 different languages around the globe.

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