Can an Online Wholesale Supplier Solve Your Online Store Needs?

One of the first ideas to consider before you open an online wholesale website is to better understand how the wholesale supplier system works, and better yet a system that can work for your online store.

The issue with online store shoppers: 

Most wholesale systems are spotty at best; it’s an eclectic collection of very random unhelpful “register first” websites. Many are in the US but most are sprinkled everywhere in the world.  Most of these sites are OK, many are great, but quite a few just waste your time with a long registration process and fees.


Most wholesale sites just list the suppliers or manufacturers, making it very difficult for retailers to locate the best ones. After searching for awhile you realize a given website is often only good for a single category. Almost all fail, but the Chinese do sometimes provide a multi-category solution.

A Chinese company called Alibaba started offering Chinese products across all categories, but lately I have purchased a product that the vendor completely lied about and Alibaba did nothing– no refund, no penalty to the vendor, nothing.

It was a hand sanitizer that contained zero of its claimed core ingredients; it was a fake product. The other problem with Alibaba is they are in a Communist Party country selling mostly Chinese goods. Given the recent revelations with Tik-Tok and the Wahan COVID pandemic, you should not have too much inventory in just Chinese goods.

What Online Store Shoppers want:     

Online store shoppers like to filter products, see what they look like, find pictures, and look for detailed supplier information, and that has been missing everywhere else but China.

That’s why we are very excited to see a Communal News global partner arrive on the scene. Shop The Globe is 100% open with product reviews, online filters, and reputable wholesale suppliers that hopefully deliver on time, provide reliable contact, and give you some perks for working with them.


Some ecommerce stores can opt for big suppliers in places like China. However, sometimes a unique brand (like one that sells handmade items from Bangladesh or grows Tea from Africa) needs a niche local supplier.

Communal News, Freelance Global Gigs and Now Shop the Globe are open fast-growing platforms that translate and publish in all the major languages. This allows people from all over the world to communicate, and in this case show products, on a simple large, open global platform.

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