Can the Russian Low Cost Global Freelance Market Grow Its Population and Wealth?  

The Russian population peaked 28 years ago at over 48 million, just after the USSR collapsed in 1991. Today the Russian population is about 144 million (the current population dos not include the annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol). Domestic GDP per capita is under $12,000 per year. The Russian GDP per capita is equivalent to only 93% of the world average.

Russian computer usage is remarkably high at 71% (in 2016) and the Russian Global Gig Economy Index is 8th in growth at a strong 20%.

Global Gig Economy Index

1 United States Freelance Gigs 78%
2 United Kingdom Freelance Gigs 59%
3 Brazil Freelance Gigs 48%
4 Ukraine FGG Low Cost Marketplace 36%
5 Philippines FGG Low Cost Marketplace 35%
6 India FGG Low Cost Marketplace 29%
7 Bangladesh FGG Low Cost Marketplace 27%
8 Russia Freelance Gigs
Our FGG Low Cost Marketplace translate into over 100 languages covering over 97% of the world’s communications, offering a truly worldwide open gig platform !

*Significant countries missing were Nigeria and China

How does Russia turn around a controlled economy and increase the wealth and prosperity of its countrymen and women while stemming the long term migration out of the country? The wealth and employment revolution is arriving in many counties in the form in Freelance Global Gig (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace revolution,  let’s understand why a freelance solution could be possible in Russia. Statistically speaking, Russian translations have exploded on the freelance market and become the seventh most desired gigs followed by English at 20th, Spanish at 21st and French at 24th.  (We put FGG News into each language mentioned).

FGG Low Cost Marketplace has possibly the lowest total cost per transaction in the entire professional freelance industry (where the buyer and seller combine to save over 40%).

With the increase in the desire for their language and Russia’s very high computer penetration, what is holding back the freelance market? Is it still the language? Because five of the top eight highest growth counties have English as the primary or secondary language in their education systems.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace have no upfront costs, and you can work part time, knowing that it’s easy to create a gig offering and work around your availability.  There is little that is stopping them, except possibly the desire not to be self earning entrepreneurs. You must realize that even though market entry is easy, it’s difficult to provide a proven skill that can be offered competitively on the global market from any other county. It always takes time, effort and skills.

Today, global freelance gig providers are translating Russian freely (FGG Low Cost Marketplace for example provides over 100 unique global languages), thus greatly reducing this barrier to entry.  The main problem with beginners is the large amount of information needed to be prolific in their markets and to be well versed in the fast changing market of the freelance world. To help solve this, FGG provides resources for beginners in the Russian language: Статьи для начинающих.

See our manyFGG Low Cost Marketplace articles published on Google News.

So as not to put their current income at risk, the beginner in the gig world could start to work online after completing a full time job. This also allows them to grow their skill and knowledge base while greatly improving their valuable future career.  Most beginners should look for high growth markets that are void of large amounts of competitors. When moving into the global freelance world, the cost of the platform should matter. Not only does a low transaction cost increase your share of the profits but it also displays a high level of respect for the professional providing the services.

That’s why you should review FGG Low Cost Marketplace Not only are they providing one of the lowest cost platforms in the global gig world, but again it works seamlessly with the Russian language and they are dedicated to helping beginners.

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