Can the Freelance Gigs Market Pull Mexico Out of Their Recession? 

Mexico has created a tough path for itself economically. On the job creation front, the government raised the minimum wage by 20% in the middle of a recession– the second major increase. The combination of a poor economy and low-end job losses can lead to tremendous strife among the poorest Mexicans.

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“It could create cost pressure, which could bring about unfavorable effects on jobs as well as price increases,” Central Bank Governor Alejandro Diaz de Leon said.

Mexico’s president recently conceded “that economic growth has fallen short of his expectations.”

Mexico’s GDP per capita is around $9,700– well below its North American neighbors (US = $54,500, Canada = $51,300), but well above Cuba ($6,700) and many Latin and South American countries.  Perhaps the most surprising element of Mexico’s economy is their interest rate of 7.25%, while rates are negative in Europe and very low in both Japan and America.

How does Mexico bring real wealth into the nation for its workers? The best and fastest way, with almost no cost, is to allow their young and skilled workforce to become involved in the Freelance Global Gig (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace. That’s not too hard for Mexico since over 59% of the households have internet access.

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Many people start their gig careers while working at a full time job or being a full time mother.  The average freelance gig worker in the US makes over $70,000 per year, or much more than almost all employers pay in Mexico.  It is very easy to get started (there are no upfront costs), but over time you need to become an expert globally in your field and also learn how to navigate the fast move freelance market.  It will take hard work and dedication, just like any important accomplishment.

That’s why FGG Low Cost Marketplace has developed a freelance guide for beginners in Spanish and in English, to help educate the next generation of workers.

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FGG Low Cost Marketplace Articles for Beginners

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