Canada in Crisis Amid Coronavirus – What’s Next?

  • Thus far, Canada has 12 deaths from the coronavirus.
  • Canada is scrambling to set up manufacturing of emergency supplies.
  • It is highly likely this school year is finished.

Currently, Canada has 1,087 cases of Coronavirus. Sadly, there has been 12 deaths reported due to the virus. The first case of Coronavirus in Canada was a  56-year-old man presented to our Emergency Department in Toronto with fever and non-productive cough. He arrived in Canada one day earlier after returning from a 3-month visit to Wuhan, China. Wuhan was the epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Canada clearly is not ready for such a pandemic. The Prime Minister’s response was delayed on closing the Canadian borders. This week the City of Toronto fired the director of the Office of Emergency Management in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis in Toronto.

The Canadian federal government is in panic mode to establish the production of masks, ICU devices, disinfectants, etc. The reason for such a critical situation is the fact that manufacturing has been moved to China from the West by conglomerates. Hence, now Canada is struggling to create its own emergency manufacturing and supply chain. Due to shortages around the globe, China can no longer supply the world with such products at this time. It is plausible that car plants could be used as manufactures.

It is likely that public and catholic schools in Canada will not reopen to finish this school year. The schools will probably start back in the Fall. There are resources being set up online in order to have some sort of academic development during this tumultuous time.

According to the Canadian Ministry of Labor, over 500,000 Canadians have filed for unemployment benefits. To compare, last month in Canada there were 25,000 unemployment claims.

Canada also extended the tax filing deadline until June 1, 2020.

Airlines continue to lay off their staff. Thus far, Air Canada has laid off over 5,000 flight attendants.

Canada has finally closed its borders and is not accepting any asylum seekers, tourists or travelers, unless they are Canadian citizens.

Prime Minster of Canada Justin Trudeau promised aid to the poor in the sum of $400 Canadian dollars to a single person and $600 per couple, This injection is expected to be disbursed directly to the needy in May.

This week Toronto also experienced additional risk of Coronavirus when EB Games in downtown Toronto incentivized people to line up to score the latest release of their video game. There were huge line ups formed of young people who completely shrugged off and disregarded the possibility of spreading the Coronavirus. The actions of the store were careless. From a legal standpoint, if anyone gets infected from the event, the store should be sued for negligence and fined by the City of Toronto for their actions.

Canada continues to battle coronavirus and it seems as of now the numbers continue to rise. The neighborhoods are ghost towns and unfortunately it is not the start of Spring anyone expected in the West. The pandemic of this century continues.

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