2019 Strategies and Trends to Follow to Promote Instagram Email Marketing Efforts

2019 is the year for new trends in Instagram marketing that you should know and follow in order to gain the maximum leverage of your email marketing efforts. Over the years, email marketing has proven to be the most traditional and one of the most effective ways to promote a brand and reach out to the larger section of the audience. This will ensure that you get noticed by the users and enable them to take the desired actions as well.

Dogs of the S&P 500 Outperform Peers Across the Board

Durig benchmarks the performance of its Dogs of the S&P 500 Portfolio and explores how holding a diverse portfolio of blue chip dividend stocks can benefit investors in today’s markets.

Performance Highlights

  • Year-to-Date Return of 32.02%
  • Trailing 1 Year Return of 26.07%
  • Annualized Lifetime Return of 14.29%
  • Alpha of 4.52 (vs Benchmark*)
  • Beta of 0.73 (vs Benchmark*)
  • Average Dividend Yield of 4.29%

6 Ways to Keep Your Body Fit with Food

Are you planning to lose weight by ditching food? Give it a second thought.  According to a study, eating less or crash dieting may give you temporary results, but they also have permanent side-effects. The negatives of crash dieting include- dizziness, muscle aches, weak immune system and what not! But what if someone said that you didn’t have to compromise on food to achieve fitness? Eating right and adequate physical exercises go hand in hand. By combining both, you can keep your body fit and healthy and also avoid ailments such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.

5 Life-Changing Benefits of Completing Drug Rehab

One of the hardest things for a drug addict is to accept he or she needs help.  But then, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Things become tough when they start the recovery process. That is why you will always find people dropping out of rehab before completing the whole process. You can, however, focus on the bigger picture and use it to go through all the steps successfully. It is because the benefits that come with completing rehab are not mild but rather life-changing. If you were to have a little taste of life after rehab, you would find yourself striving to get clean again. In case you are thinking of quitting rehab due to various reasons, here are the five life-changing benefits of completing rehab that is going to make you abort the quitting mission.

Employee Appreciation: Awesome Methods to Use at Your Company

Employee Appreciation is a big method of winning for companies who adopt the distinct culture of an organization. It can positively impact interpersonal relationships, and also the dynamic of your core group.  If your employees feel valued and get recognized for their hard work it impacts their connectivity to the organization. A company who believes in thankfulness and appreciation breeds pure and simple happiness.

See Failure Differently

You may have heard or seen people demean/devalue others because they did poorly (academically or life tests generally). You may have experienced it yourself. We live in a world where everyone measures success using almost the same parameter, taking for instance a person who never made an “A” somehow may never be taken serious if he/she stands in front of the class to address other students on that subject.

Wholesale Prices Now Available for Strong, Effective, Low Cost Numbing Cream for Online Pharmacies

How do you decide which products to carry in your online pharmacy? One of the great things about running an online company (instead of having hundreds of brick and mortar locations all over the nation), is the ability to have a few large warehouses that can hold thousands of specialty items. So that when a product/medication is needed (even rarely), you can have room to keep it in stock, and buy it in larger quantities, thus saving money. The key though is to not only have those specialty items, but to use the rest of the warehouse wisely as well. Carrying the brands that sell the best, because they help the patient/customer the most is key.

Who Shot the Sheriff?

You do not have to grow up in the 70’s to know who Bob Marley is😁. So yesterday I decided it was time to rediscover the person of Bob Marley and what he stood for. Bob was a symbol of peace! A Rastafarian💕. Do you know what the religion of Rastafari is? Rastafari, also known as Rastafarianism, is an Abrahamic religion that developed in Jamaica during the 1930s. It is classified as both a new religious movement and a social movement by scholars of religion.

No More Lives Lost – Hold NJ Transit and Coach USA Accountable for Killing Pedestrians

Let’s Remember All The Lives Slain By an NJ Transit and Coach USA Reckless Bus Driver Video. The genocide on innocent lives will leave you shock by the statics of all the people killed and swept under the rug by New Jersey’s people who can stop this. In the 1990s, New Jersey Transit was riding high. It won a coveted award for outstanding public transportation three times. Even as recently as 2007, it won a leadership award from New York University. Those days are no more.

See the Judge in You, Note the Grudge in Others

Do you love to tell people how to live their life? There is no dearth of family, friends, colleagues, even magazines websites offering plenty of advice about what you should or shouldn’t do. How you should (or shouldn’t) eat, drink, dress, exercise, shop, vote, believe (or not believe). Shannon. L. Alder says, ”often those that criticize others reveal what he himself lacks.”

Important Tests Kits You Need To Know About

There is not a single person who is not suffering from unwanted diseases and conditions. Whenever you visit the doctor, it is obvious that he is going to prescribe a series of tests along with the necessary medicines. However, you need to understand that tests are a must for exactly detecting the condition that you are suffering from. Starting from Elisa to Clia to PCR, there are several tests that you need to know about.

Anti-Immigration Website Reborn as Anti-ICE/Border Patrol Site

The owner of a website that was known internationally for exposing the identities of people in countries illegally has re-launched one of his old anti-immigration websites as a resource for documenting the abuse of undocumented persons by law enforcement. This change of heart comes after BrokenBorderPatrol.com founder Cyrus Sullivan spent time living with illegal aliens in federal prisons and realized how unfairly they are treated by the government.

Be Boldly Bald

Balding is a sensitive topic. Once hair starts falling, quite a few men feel their attractiveness is lost and feel quite dismayed. With this self-destructing attitude, they search for a replacement, a full head of hair; spending lavishly on hair re-growth procedures or even opting for ludicrous wigs. For years men have turned to Rogaine, hair plugs, and even lock extensions to mask the ever so devastating tragedy that is hair loss.

How to Develop A Winning Social Media Content Strategy

It is a competitive age and in every sphere, there is immense competition. If there is no competition, there is no actually no business. To prosper in business and making an impression on the minds of the consumers, social media has a key role to play. Thus, to thrive in business, adopting the right business strategy is imperative and one such significant business strategy is Social media content strategy. When adopted rightly, it can make a business flourish. The power of social media is immense.

The Future of Nuclear Space Reactors and Missions

There is a global interest in space travel and the question experts are discussing is “what type of fuel should the space reactors run on?” Commercial projects, including Elon Musk’s SpaceX, desire the conquering of other planets and even creating space colonies on the moon. Last year, SpaceX announced fashion innovator and Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will be the first private passenger to fly around the Moon in 2023.

5 Websites that Help Screenwriters Sell Their Work

It has never been easier for screenwriters to connect to agents, managers, and producers in order to sell their film and television scripts.  The ever increasing demand for media fueled by giants like Disney, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu have opened many doors for writers in recent years.  If you are a screenwriter looking for help bringing your projects to big and small screens worldwide, check out the following resources.

Branding: The Vital Role It Plays In Uplifting Your Business

When you hear the word “Pepsi”, can you already imagine their red, white and blue sphere of a logo? When you hear the word “Garnier”, you instantly think of their easy yet catchy tagline “Take Care”. You also remember the color scheme of Dominos, because every time you walk in, all their employees are dressed alike and in that very color scheme. These are just a few out of the various examples of branding done right!

Top Certifications in Project Management

Have you ever wondered which Project Management certification course would be more appropriate for your career? In the current business environment, organizations rely on project managers to take up projects to increase productivity, reduce cost, eliminate waste, manage resources, and so on.

We bring you the top 10 Project Management certification in 2020. Make sure you select the right one for your career.

Is Russia’s Footprint on the Death of the White Helmets Founder James Le Mesurier in Turkey?

British national James Le Mesurier was found dead in Istanbul, Turkey.  He was known to be affiliated with the White Helmets, officially known as the Syria Civil Defense, a volunteer organization that operates in parts of opposition-controlled Syria and in Turkey, founded in the 2014. Le Mesurier was a former MI-6 officer, the foreign intelligence service of the government of the United Kingdom, tasked mainly with covert overseas collection and analysis of human intelligence (HUMINT) in support of the UK’s national security. NETFLIX has a documentary pertaining to The White Helmets.

Using Humor to Resolve Conflict

So, this priest goes on safari, right? Yeah, I know. It’s a weird way to start an article. Stay with me though. The priest somehow gets lost and finds himself wandering the Serengeti. He’s walking and he’s walking, but he has no idea where he is. Suddenly, a huge lion bursts out from the overgrowth and begins to give chase. The priest runs as fast as his tired legs can carry him, but he doesn’t get far.

The Journeys and Tests of Abraham – A Bible Lesson

In synagogues throughout the world this week on the Sabbath will be read the story of Abraham in Genesis:12.  God appeared to Abraham and gave him instructions to leave his native country, the land of his father and go to Israel.  He said to Abraham I will make from you a great nation, I will bless you, and make your name great, you will be for the world a blessing, those that bless you will be blessed, those that curse you shall be cursed, in you all the families of the world will be blessed.

November, Thanksgiving and Mixed Feelings

November makes us think about Thanksgiving and the coming holiday season with all the mixed feelings that come with that realization. Thanksgiving is about family and gratitude. Many of us will be together with our families for the holidays and will experience all the joys and perhaps the stresses that this brings. Thanksgiving also reminds us of the positive things that we have in our lives. Although all during the year we may be thinking about how to make our lives more productive and happier, at Thanksgiving our thoughts also go to the many things in our lives that we already have for which we should be thankful, In America, many of us have much for which we can be grateful. Gratitude is an important and empowering emotion that helps us to appreciate the things that we already have that enrich our lives. I wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving full of family joys and gratitude.

The Dangers of Computer Viruses: Recognizing, Fixing and Preventing Them

A computer virus can be thought of as a digital virus that has similar effects like biological viruses have on humans. Humans get sick from viruses they catch. Similarly, your computer will get “sick” from any viruses it catches. The severity of the symptoms will differ from virus to virus. Computer viruses are designed to spread rapidly from one host to another and can often replicate itself perfectly when it has access to specific documents or files.

Veterans Day: Cost of Freedom

Veterans Day is difficult for me every year. This year, Veterans Day will be particularly challenging.  Normally, I either keep myself busy with mundane tasks or submerge myself in some monumental project. To be sure, I am never idle.  Some years I participated in Veterans Day ceremonies.  Sometimes, I have the honor as a keynote speaker or as a performer singing our national anthem. Some years, I have avoided all contact.

Bail Bonds – A Few Important Questions to Ask

Mishaps happen suddenly! And to your shock, someday you might find a dear one in prison despite being innocent. Perhaps your loved one did what he/she did in defense. But you can prove all this only when you can get your loved one out of jail and proceed with the legal case at hand. Here, the role of a bail bond company is essential.

Today, you can browse through various bail bond companies online. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Castle Bail Bonds Dayton Ohio.

Albertsons Bonds, Short Term, High Yield, Fixed Income Investment, Yielding 8% YTM

This week, Durig takes another look at the number two grocer in the United States. Albertsons has made a significant turnaround in the past few years after its purchase of Safeway stores in early 2015. With its most recent quarterly results, the company has now logged seven consecutive quarters of identical store sales growth. In addition, the company’s online grocery sales grew by 40% year-over-year, a massive win for this traditional brick and mortar retailer. (Other results from its Q2 results, see bullets above)

What You Must Know About Insufficient Sleep Syndrome

Most of the sleep disorders result from physiological issues, medical problems, neurological problems, psychiatric troubles, disturbance in one individual’s body clock, and environmental factors. Unlike such disorders, when it comes to insufficient sleep pattern (also called sleep restraint, sleep deficiency, and insufficient sleep), this is a behavioral stimulated sleep problem in which the patient merely falls short of making sufficient time for adequate sleep.

5 Gun Safety Tips Every Gun Owner Should Know

Whether it’s for sport or protection, the moment you become a gun owner, you become responsible for safely carrying and using a firearm. Below are safety tips that every gun owner should know before they make the purchase.

1. Always Assume Your Gun is Loaded While Handling It

Unless this is truly your first rodeo when it comes to gun safety, we can assume you’ve heard not to keep it loaded. A safe gun owner assumes the day will come when handling a weapon he or she just knew was unloaded – until, one day, it isn’t. That’s why it’s best to build the habit of handling a gun as if it were loaded, all the time.

Choose Professional Website Design for Seamless Service and Layout

Web design has an important role to play for every online-based business. For powerful and effective website design, you need to take a few things into consideration. The most important thing is the visual appeal. When a website is developed or designed, it must look visually appealing. If a business website is visually appealing, it can potentially fetch more customers or website visitors. The second most important thing is to make the website simplistic so that visitors can find the options easily. When visitors struggle to find the various website options or features or menus, it gets extremely difficult for the website owner to make money through such a website.

Wholesale Lidocaine Pain Relief for Tattoo Removal Facilities

For all the laser powered mistake removers out there, we have a great way for you to increase your customer satisfaction, and boost profits as well! You all have patients that come into your laser removal location with a tattoo that they may regret or it no longer really pertains to the type of image or person they are now. Obviously you know a laser tattoo removal is one of the best options to get that misspelled ex’s name or unwanted fiery skull off their neck. To ease some of your customers pain in the process of the removal there is a powerful wholesale product called Numbify that can greatly help with the tenderness involved with getting that tattoo laser removed from their body. As people may have fear involved with the laser removal process, this allows you to provide a reassuring option to lessen the pain for your clients, and as you know when you make the experience that much better, as a wholesaler you will bring in customers that may have been too afraid before.

Speak Again

It was Dr. Maya Angelou who said that at age 7 she believed her voice will kill people. Why would Maya say this? When she was 7, her moms lover raped her (such a painful memory). She was so scared to report or give a name because he said “I will kill anyone you tell”… thankfully Maya’s older brother convinced her to talk. She did and he was arrested but released the next day or so.

Greshun De Bouse Commands Thousands at Louisiana Trump Rally

Monroe, LA – It’s official! Greshun De Bouse is God, or so close to it she might as well be! Her regal presence and calm, commanding demeanor had crowds at Keep America Great Trump Rally 2019-Monroe, LA eagerly compliant and under her spell. Everyone from media to vendors to volunteers commented on how they had never seen such a petite little lady have thousands of people absolutely orderly and under her control-literally begging to do what she says.  When asked what the key thing is to keeping them [the crowd] all in order by KTBS News 3 Reporter, Patrick Dennis, Greshun replied “I travel light, and I carry a big stick! It’s all love.”

The Right Approach for Getting a Mortgage Loan Early in Your Life

With mortgage loans being readily available, home buying has become quite easy for all. If you are in your early 20s and dream of owning a home, it is now within your reach, courtesy of mortgage loans. Instead of staying in a rented home that simply drains your money, using the monthly rent for making the loan payment is always a good idea. Indeed, you must arrange for cash to make the down payment, but that is all that you must spend to own a home that costs many more times than what you pay. Be ready to pay 10% -20% of the property value as a down payment with the rest coming from the loan.  If you are eligible for FHA loans, the down payment would be as little as 3.5% only.

The Real Culprits in the Trump Saga

I’ve tried really long and hard to figure it out. How did we get here? How did, we as a nation, arrive at this point of divisiveness, corruption, ineptitude, and toxicity at our highest and most prestigious office in the land—the office of The President of the United States?

Three years into Trump’s presidency, we have seen plenty to be concerned about. We have seen lies, hypocrisy, ineptness, coercion, bullying, obstruction, slander, racism, divisiveness, and abuses of power among others. Most disturbingly, we have seen signs of mental illness. We have also seen the very fabric of our democracy and the Constitution under attack from the executive branch. We have seen attacks on the free press. We have seen Congress threatened and controlled. We have seen abuses of the use of executive orders. We have even seen threats of riots. We have seen enough drama to make us sick as a nation. I’ve found myself going to emedihealth.com to find cures for nausea and stress headaches. I’ve often said that I understand people who are mentally ill, evil, lost, corrupt etc., but I’ve never understood the people that surround these individuals for allowing their behavior. Make no mistake, President Trump should be held accountable and is responsible for the current Constitutional crisis. But he alone should not shoulder the entire blame. It takes a system of enabling to allow one individual to bring so much chaos. So just who is responsible for our current crisis?

6 Common Skin Problems You Could Face This Winter

Winter is a season that everyone waits for throughout the year. It is also the time of the year of all the festivals and celebrations. For people, these months are perfect for getting trendy as they can wear multiple layered clothes and boots. However, winter is not just about beautiful things. Along with unforgiving weather conditions, winter brings a ton of skin problems that are pesky as well as troublesome. With all the celebrations and holidays around, you wouldn’t want to be a victim of such skin issues. But every problem has a solution. Here is a list of common skin problems that you might face this winter along with answers to avoid these problems:

Russia Declassified Partial Specs of Space Program Weapons from Soviet Era

Russia declassified additional information about weapons in space the Soviets who had a keen interest in defense projects in space.  The Cold War and the arms race were projected to take place in the space. Hence, the development of the weapons for such war. In the early 1970s, the Soviets launched a space station for defense purposes– Almaz, which contained the artillery system Chit-1. The system was one of a kind. The Almaz program was a highly secret Soviet military space station program begun in the early 1960s. Three crewed military reconnaissance stations were launched between 1973 and 1976: Salyut 2, Salyut 3 and Salyut 5.

Does Your Business Need an eCommerce Mobile App?

According to studies, the total population of the world is around 7.676 billion and the number of mobile users is more than 5 billion. The storm of smartphone has taken the eCommerce world completely. There is no such region left where mobile apps haven’t made their impact. From online shopping to using social media apps for hours the users are spending more time on mobile apps. That’s why majority of enterprises started investing their money in mobile app development.

5 Benefits of Teamwork in Your Company

Teamwork has the potential to keep your organization strong and competitive. It helps your business to stay focused on delivering mission-critical projects to your global clients and enjoy a win-win situation, overcoming all business challenges.

According to an article published on Inc.com, collaboration helps in achieving a common goal for growth and expansion. When the teammates in your company identify a common and focused business objective, such as acquiring leads converting them into loyal customers, enhancing profits, or taking an initiative in a new product launch, there is nothing like it. All team members work hard to achieve that goal.

Probe the Features and Tax Benefits of Taking a Loan for Home Renovation

You must look into the rate of interest as well as the tax benefits apart from your eligibility when you intend to take out a personal loan to upgrade your house from a bank or from any other sources.

  • If you are planning to renovate your home to make it look more contemporary or make it bigger you must apply for a home renovation loan; and on the other hand
  • If you want to improve the flooring, tiling, painting, and plastering of your home you can choose a personal loan for that matter.

Where to Find Jobs in Argentina? Try the Freelance Gigs Profession selling your Services in the United States and Don’t Leave Your House

With the Argentina economy in a tailspin, we’ve seen the second largest one day stock drop combined with a 25% collapse of the Argentinian peso.  So where will the good jobs be for the future of Argentina? The unemployment rate was 9.48% in 2018, and that was before the big currency and stock market crash.  To make matter worse, the GDP per capita is only $14,401.97.

8 Lowest Cost / Cheapest Press Release – Top / Best Rated PR Services (Prices Included)

We wanted to know the lowest prices press release with the easiest to use services.

We looked through and prices them per release as many want to sell you a monthly package not a single service all a cart.

So based on price here is the lowest 8 press release location that we could find on the internet including privacy per single release.

What is a Simple Home Remedy for Knee Pain?

Knee pain is becoming a very common condition in today’s date. Owing to the kind of lifestyle that we lead being on a chair for hours on end, the same is becoming a primary contributing factor behind the condition and a knee joint pain treatment is required. While massage therapy and physiotherapy are some common treatment options, not everyone wants to invest their money on that. And fair enough, it is not necessary that you have to spend your coins on something that could be cured with some simple home remedies.

Why is the Burrows Role Forgotten in this Texas Scandal?

Here it is, a little over two weeks after the recording was released by Michael Quinn Sullivan, and yet all anyone is talking about is Dennis Bonnen and how he should resign his seat, even after announcing he would not run for reelection in 2020 for HD25. A recent poll has suggested many Texans do not even know about this quid pro quo, or even about the recording. The main thing is that the ones that do know about it, they seem to have forgotten HD 83 Representative Dustin Burrows’ (R-Lubbock) role in this scandal.