National Mask Exemption Awareness Day™ (MEADAY104)

It seems all we hear these days in #COVIDWORLD is mask this or mask that.  The CDC recommends them. Dr. Fauci recommends them. Governors and mayors have mandated them, and a large number of citizens are wearing them.  But amid all of this recommending and mandating, has anyone or entity really stopped to think and implement practical strategy for our most vulnerable and underserved population during this pandemic-the mask-exempt. 

Farm Safety and Environmental Factors

A farm or landholding of any size is going to have a significant number of responsibilities concerning environmental hazards that the nature of the farm may incur. Dealing with these environmental risks will be part of the management of the farm, but will also be subject to national and local laws and regulations.

Depending upon where the farm is, and what country it is situated in, the environmental laws will differ by name, and also to an extent what they cover, but there are a number of general principles that virtually all farms will need to be aware of, and at some level take into account when running a business.

Online TV Channels – Revolution in Streaming

It is not only a TV network that is being changed by the new revolution in online television. With the advancement of the internet, more people are using the internet to watch their favourite TV shows, movies and even news channels. What you see on TV today may not be the same as what will be there in the future.

Content + Concept= Channel As we all know, content is everything that you see on TV. With this, an increasing number of internet users are now watching TV online through websites. This concept also goes for the concept itself. What is the point of watching TV if your site offers no relevant and useful information or content?

How Growing Your Own Food Can Benefit the Planet

Gardening has always been one of the most popular hobbies, and you know what? The reasons for that are more than good, and the first one is that growing your own food will take you one step closer to saving the planet. That’s right, you heard us well! Growing fruits and veggies in your garden is a great way to embrace sustainability and live your life in a more environmentally-friendly way. If you’re interested in that, just keep on reading. Here’s how growing your own food can benefit the planet, so check them out and enjoy!

Slow Down, But Don’t Stop: Why This Part-Time Option for Physicians Outshines Early Retirement

Taking early retirement sounds good when you’re in the trenches every day. It means not having to deal with third-party payers, irritated practice managers, late nights, weekend or holiday calls or bureaucratic tasks that have stripped away the joy you once savored practicing medicine. After years of sacrificing your personal life and free time in favor of medical education, you realize that practicing is almost the same deal: lengthy shifts, little time to yourself, and a mountain of paperwork. Retiring might sound like freedom. You could get enough sleep, go out with friends, and slow down and savor each day.

Mobile Stash – We Have You Covered, On the Move, Right at Home, or at the Jobsite

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I would love a storage unit if I didn’t have to drive across town to get into it!” Maybe it would be nice to have a unit at your place of work, or what the heck, maybe even in the backyard!!!

Well the great news is – now you can! Mobile Stash is a new company coming to Salem, Oregon. They specialize in mobile storage options such as the following:

Ivory Coast — Ex-President Urges “Civil Disobedience”

The former president of Côte d’Ivoire, Henri Konan Bédié, on Sunday led the nation’s opposition in appealing for “civil disobedience” in the face of “loss,” in the context of President Alassane Ouattara’s controversial candidacy for a third presidential term in the country’s presidential elections. They are scheduled for 31 October this year.

New German Technology to Aid in the Crowd Numbers Calculations

Germany announced the creation of the new technology to assist in providing the accurate crowd numbers.  At the end of August, thousands took to the streets in the “anti-Corona protests”. There was an attempt to close Berlin by the law enforcement.  The government tried to stop the planned  demonstration due to the concern of the Coronavirus spread.

Malaysia – A Place That is Known for New Chances at Life for Expat Understudies

For families who are migrating globally, training is the main concern. Where children will go to class, what educational program they will use and what this implies for their future are altogether contemplations that guardians in these families have. Indeed, numerous families pick their new location based on what sort of instructive open doors are accessible for their kids.

When Real Estate Turns Deadly – A Call to Keep Real Estate Agents Safe

Beverly Carter sold homes in Little Rock, Arkansas. Ashley Oakland served as the sales person in a model townhome in DesMoines, Iowa. Meanwhile, Janice Tisdale is a realtor in San Antonio, Texas. Although they worked in different parts of the country,these three agents shared a common bond: they all were viciously attacked on the job. Of the three women, only one of them survived.

How to Balance your Daily Expenses when Paycheck is behind?

Your paycheck is meant to last for a month to help you meet your expenses and also save some money. Unfortunately, not everyone can manage this. For many people, the income earned may be lesser than the expenses. This leads to situation where they run out of money even before the month ends. The situation can become serious if a financial emergency arises where they need urgent money. This kind of a situation highlights the importance of balancing daily expenses to ensure that you don’t run out of money.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Finance Lenders

If you want your company to grow, the right commercial finance providers can take you places. With their seasoned understanding of your business and the commercial loan market, they would help you pick the funds you need to make your investment grow.

The problem is there are manifold financial brokers out there. Since every broker or provider is competing for your business, it would be difficult for you to find the right one. It is a procedure that is tough for even the most experienced investors.

Plasma Fractionation Market Expecting Growth During Pandemic


The global plasma fractionation market is set for a staggering 7.1% CAGR between 2020 and 2026. The plasma fractionation market is anticipated to benefit from growing demand during the coronavirus pandemic. Demand for plasma fractionation production towards the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory disease patients during the crisis period will sustain growth.

6 Best Free Webcam Software for Windows 10

In recent times, we all are finding ourselves using video communication more than ever. Many of us are unaware of webcam softwares, bringing the best out of your in-built webcam. Webcam softwares can be used for video calling, clicking wide-angle pictures, recording videos, streaming calls, and live videos in high quality and content creation. A good camera only is enhanced by good webcam software.

2020 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe: Who Are the Bookies Favorites?

Despite the current ongoing, and ever-changing, coronavirus pandemic, the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe is set to go ahead at Longchamp in Paris. Organizers were hoping that they could accommodate more than 5,000 people at the event, but due to the French capital being “an area with elevated levels of the Covid-19 virus,” this was denied by the Paris police.

Christianity and the Need for Social Change Amidst of Globalization and Hunger: What’s Next!!

The present state of the Global Church.

For centuries, the world has continuously been on the struggle to confronting a well-known enemy that has grown so big in our presence, which, as a result, has cost the deaths of many globally, homelessness, fear, anxiety, insecurity, and notably crime. That enemy is poverty. Poverty has been the very topic on the lips of billions worldwide, people of all categories, including the Church. It is an enemy that has become a constant threat to our communities. Our coeval esoteric culture has tried to implement specific changes in people’s living expectancy around the world. There has never been a time that Christianity has gone through so much tyrannical persecution since the dawn of the 21st century over Social Issues, Economic Problems, Public Policy Problems, Racial Intolerance, and Poverty.

Lidocaine Numbing for Male Genital Desensitization

One of the more controversial, and fun, uses of lidocaine numbing products is to use it to enhance performance in bedroom activities. Whether you suffer from early discharge, or just want to give your significant other a little bit extra every once in a while, a little lidocaine can go a long way.

It is no secret that 1 in 3 men occasionally jump the gun at one point or another in their lives. For their partners this can be a source of frustration, or even conflict in their relationship. For men who have struggled with this male genital desensitization issue, it is certainly a relief to know that there is a solution, and it is easy to apply.

Peace Between Nations – Peace Between Religions

Peace is a universal goal of all mankind. Peace Shalom is the name of God. The True peace must also include the right to remain separate, separate nations and separate religions. The meaning of “God is One” means to include One God who is separate and One God united.  One means separate from his creation; one means united with his creation. Each person has the right to be an individual as well as being part of the whole, a part of his nation, a part of mankind, a part of the congregation of his religion.

Role of Data Intelligence in an Economic Downturn

When you want to start a business or wish to improve your business operations, you need to track the competition and state of industry your business belongs to. Data intelligence helps you to do the same. It provides information, data, facts of an organization to help it determine market opportunity, market penetration, existing market metrics, and market segments.  Data intelligence does not only help to understand the market, but it also helps to collect competitor intelligence to assist businesses in accentuating their profits.

USACPL and NJ Cricket Council Organized Season – 3 of T10 Night Cricket Bash and Champions Trophy 2020

USACPL (USA Cricket Premier League) T10 Night Cricket Bash Season – 3 was held in Tinton Falls New Jersey under the guidance of ICC qualified coach and certified umpire Mudassar Safdar who is also chief organizer of USACPL and New Jersey Cricket Council. This year twelve (12) Best Teams of the region from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and neighboring states participated in this league and played good competitive cricket for 10 weeks.

Guide to Choosing the Best Human Resource Software Technology

Human Resource Software, also known as a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) or Human Resources Management System (HRMS), helps organizations and businesses to manage employee records and information. The software mainly focuses on managing employee time and attendance, training and e-learning, recruiting, talent management, onboarding and offboarding, labor management payroll, benefits administration, analysis of data, performance management, and many more. It also offers a structured outline for HR professionals about process-oriented administrative tasks.

Europe To Dominate The Dental Bone Graft Substitute Market

In the European dental market, particularly in the countries of Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands, the growth factors for this industry are the increase in aging population and governmental expenditure on oral healthcare. The global Dental Bone Graft Substitute Market size is estimated to be $450 million in 2020 and projected to reach $659 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 7.9%.