US Lifted Arms Embargo in Cyprus – What Does It Mean for Turkey?

Cyprus is celebrating the lifting of the arms embargo by the United States. The motivation behind lifting the  embargo is to prevent Turkey’s expansion in the Mediterranean. It is not a surprise, since Turkey escalated the conflict in one of the Syrian regions. Additionally, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan can not be trusted by the West. Even though Turkey is a part of NATO, it is a wild card.

Japan Moving Manufacturing Out Of China – Will Domino Effect Occur Around the Globe?

The world is not going to be the same after the COVID-19 pandemic. The US Government is working on quantifying the damages coronavirus caused to the economy and China’s liability. The projected number is over $10 trillion. Also, there is a discussion of US defaulting on debt to China. Even though many nations are slowly starting to reopen their economies and providing plans in phases to reopen, the virus is still here.

Angels, Man and Corona

Man suffers in the Pandemic of Corona. Angels and souls come down into the world accepting the sufferings of life as part of their purpose. God gives us a promise that we will be rewarded in the afterlife in two ways which are the reward for the soul and the reward for the body.  Both portions in the afterlife are eternal. The reward for the body is resurrection.  The reward for the soul is triumph and a temporary home in the Garden of Eden. Souls are angels. Man unites heaven and earth, a physical earthly body ignited by a spiritual spark called its soul, like it says, God breathed into the nostrils of Adam the breath of life.”

Trump Under Fire for “Inciting” Anti-Lockdown Protesters

US President Donald Trump has come under fire from Democratic governors for trying to incite citizens residing in their states that are protesting against current lockdown measures. Trump is looking to have the country reopen by May in order to save the economy. In supporting the protests, the president seems to be sticking to his “We Can’t Have the Cure Be Worse Than the Problem” mantra.

Coronavirus: Ukraine Records 343 New Cases from Sunday

In Ukraine, as of Monday morning, at least 5,710 cases of coronavirus infection-causing COVID-19 disease were officially confirmed. Ukraine logged 343 new cases on Sunday and eight new deaths. Since the beginning of the epidemic in Ukraine, most cases of infection have been recorded in the Chernivtsi region (906), Kiev (850), Ivano-Frankivsk region (512) and Ternopil region (414).

Coronavirus: Merkel, Others Urge Transparency from China

German Chancellor Angela Merkel today called on the Chinese government to be transparent about the origin story of the new coronavirus. This comes after three other countries have, on their part, already expressed suspicion about the information made available by China. “I believe the more transparent China is about the origin story of the virus, the better it is for everyone in the world in order to learn from it,” Merkel said at a press conference. 

Key Considerations to Supporting Work-at-Home Directives for Business Continuity

Extraordinary events have the potential to change company culture faster than any other action. A natural disaster or pandemic, for example, prompts organizations to quickly review or put in place new, out-of-office work processes and technologies to reduce employee productivity losses when self-, executive-, or government mandated employee isolation is necessary.

Coronavirus: Orthodox Easter Celebrated at Home

Since necessity is the mother of innovation, many Orthodox Christians followed Easter resurrection services on the Internet or television. Others ignored the dangers of the virus and attended church ceremonies on the most important day on the Orthodox calendar. In Georgia, a few hundred people took part in the midnight mass at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi, after the government allowed public attendance, despite measures to ban a night walkthrough to contain the virus.

VECTOR in Russia Developed Coronavirus Test To Test Almost 100 People At The Same Time

The numbers continue to increase in US and it is predicted that in many US states the peak of the coronavirus will not hit fully until May. Hence, it could mean the shut down of all non essential businesses can continue into May. In Canada, it seems the closures will last until at least June 30th. However, the situation is being accessed daily.

Coronavirus: Duque Announces “Ten Commandments” of Intelligent Isolation

Yesterday, Colombian President Ivan Duque announced the “ten commandments” for what will be “Joint and Intelligent Preventive Isolation” that will allow the country to return to productivity, but still without a social life, as part of a pandemic emergency. The President stated that the Coronavirus will not leave the country or the world on April 27, and recalled that according to experts, COVID-19 will remain for a year and a half.

Coronavirus: Uganda to Bring Home Infected Tanzanian

The Ministry of Health in Uganda has confirmed that it is in the process of searching for a Tanzanian citizen who was infected with the coronavirus with the intention of returning him home. The 34-year-old truck driver from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, arrived at Mutukula border station on April 16, 2020. According to a statement issued by the Uganda Ministry of Health, the man did not show any signs of COVID-19.

5 Helpful Tips on Making an Earthquake Resistant Building

It may seem that there has been a sudden increase in the number of earthquakes occurring all over the world, but this might not be entirely true.  Various factors are responsible for this apparent increase. Including an improvement in the earthquake detection mechanism and an increase in population. A larger population implies that there is greater damage after an earthquake, due to people living in close proximity.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer to Protect Your Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property (IP) means the ownership of certain intangible assets created by the human intellect. This can comprise of literature, scientific formulas, artwork, and even logos which can be used as a viable business instrument by companies. There are many types of intellectual property, which can range from patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and many others. Therefore, the need for intellectual property lawyer Perth is now more than ever.

Everything You Need to Know About Life Insurance Coverage and Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 or coronavirus has affected almost every corner of the world, infecting and causing the death of innumerable people. Governments, health establishments and various industries across the globe are working day and night to safeguard their people from its effect. Here insurance companies have a significant role to play, as people invest in insurances to secure themselves and during a crisis like this, people seek their support.

Things To Know About Whey Protein Powder?

Whey supplements are made from premium quality protein with the goodness of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The high-quality ingredients that are used for manufacturing whey protein powders are extremely beneficial for our body.

Protein is the building block of our body and plays an important role in various body functions. People who work hard at the gym or undergo intense training would always require more protein in comparison to people in general. While performing heavy-duty workouts, our muscles undergo rigorous stress, and therefore it requires a good dose of nutritional supplements for a power-packed performance in the. Whey supplements are readily absorbed by our muscles and are also easy to digest.

Bolsonaro Fires, Replaces Popular Health Minister

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has fired his health minister, Luiz Henrique Mandetta. The outgoing minister had tried unsuccessfully to convince the president about the seriousness of the covid-19 pandemic. Speaking shortly after firing the health minister, Bolsonaro openly showed dissatisfaction with his former minister’s position on the economic impact of coronavirus.

The Impact of CoronaVirus on Black Owned Restaurants

Small businesses like restaurants, bars, coffee shops, bakeries, diners and more have been closing their doors everyday since the Covid-19 pandemic has started.  Due to current laws put in place by state governments to encourage social distancing, these businesses have been forced to close their doors, and only offer carryout or delivery.  On 3/27/20, the US Government signed into law a coronavirus relief bill, called the CARES ACT.  The the CARES Act is a stimulus plan to help corporations, small business, and American citizens.  However, most of the smaller “mom & pop shops” will not see any of this relief.  Black-owned businesses have historically suffered from underinvestment and government assistance even when the economy is booming.

China’s New Digital Cryptocurrency and Anti-US Propaganda

China is rolling out its own state owned digital cryptocurrency DCEP (which stands for the /electronic payment system). It is otherwise known as China’s central bank digital currency project. The digital yuan is expected to function more like a counterpart to paper money than a cryptocurrency. Unlike Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrencies, the DCEP value is expected to remain stable. Of course, it is China, therefore there would be no chance of privacy and China’s Central Bank will be able to monitor every transaction.

Coronavirus: Japan’s Abe Declares Nationwide State of Emergency

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe extended the state of emergency from several major cities to the whole country on Thursday, local media reported. Gоvеrnmеnt оffісіаlѕ ѕаіd that Prіmе Mіnіѕtеr Abe wіll аdjuѕt a draft ѕuррlеmеntаrу budget to іnсludе cash fоr all. The Japanese gоvеrnmеnt hаd рrеvіоuѕlу declared a ѕtаtе of еmеrgеnсу іn Tоkуо and ѕіx other regions.