Post-Brexit Alchemy – How the UK Seizes Opportunity

Brexit was prophesied as a disaster, but Britain is sitting rather comfortably in the new European order. The United Kingdom’s (UK) withdrawal negotiations with the European Union (EU) were arduous, to say the least. Talks were characterised by intransience from Brussels and sheer immovability from the UK’s unflappable chief negotiator, David Frost. But an eleventh-hour agreement now outlines future EU-UK relations and Britain has reason to be pleased.

45 People Killed in Stampede at Religious Celebration in Israel

On Thursday evening at the annual celebration at the Tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron Galilee, forty five people were trampled upon and hundreds were injured at what was called by the Paramedics a stampede. Last year this celebration was only watched on Live Video. Since Israel has now reduced Corona infection to a minimum the Health Department gave permission to have this gathering without any limitations.

Abdullah Al Imran – The Unstoppable Musical Artist

Abdullah Al Imran (Born 10 Oct 2000) is one of the most successful Bangladeshi musicians, musical artists, authors, and social media cybersecurity specialists. He is the founder of “Hackers Zone Bangladesh” and “Cyber City Bangladesh – CCB”. He already achieved the rearward of “Verified Artist” in google, Spotify, Deezer, amazon music, apple music, and so many other platforms. He is also recognized as a verified author in Amazon.

The Holiday of L”AG B’Omer in Israel – Rockets fired at Israel from Gaza

Jews throughout the world will be celebrating the holiday of L”Ag B”Omer this Friday in Israel and throughout the world. The holiday of L”Ag B’Omer falls in between the two Jewish festivals Passover and Shevuot (weeks). Between Passover and Shavuos are 49 days. During this period is counted 49 days which in the times of the Holy Temple was brought an offering of the new wheats called Omer.

Who is Shovon Ahmed?

Md Mehedi hasan professionally known as Shovon Ahmed is a Bangladeshi Music Artist and Entrepreneur, Gamer and Instagram Personality. Shovon Ahmed was born on 08 April. He was born in a Noakhali in the Chattogram division of Bangladesh. Shovon Ahmed has been declared as a Verified Artist by big international companies. Shovon Ahmed’s songs are now available on all platforms. Song lovers can listen to the songs if they want. Many popular music directors, artists have inspired and greeted him with status on Twitter, Facebook, and

Why Millennials Choose Digital Payment Methods Over Cash

As the first truly digital generation, it’s really not surprising that Millennials favor using digital payment methods over cash. This tech-savvy cohort will rather pay for their meals, clothes, and gadgets electronically.

This tendency has been a massive driver for the e-commerce industry and an increase in the variety of payment methods. At-hand payment systems like payment cards, Venmo, and even cryptocurrency is pushing cash payments to the wayside.

Why are Animal Charities Important?

As of 2020, more than 35 million stray dogs live in the streets of India. The number is expected to increase as more households decided to abandon their pets due to the pandemic. These vulnerable pets require proper care and nourishment to survive comfortably.

These dogs can get the help and protection they need from animal charities, but people are encouraged to donate to dog shelters to help these organizations afloat. Animal shelters and rescue missions for abandoned and abused pets need regular donations from the community to continue their operations.

6 Ways Studying Abroad Changes Your Life

You’re thinking of studying abroad, but you haven’t fully committed to the idea just yet. Well, if you need a few more reasons to go abroad, you came to the right place. The following are six ways studying in another country could change your life.

1. Genuine Independence

One thing you’ll experience studying in another country is independence. Knowing you’ve got no one else to depend on puts everything on your shoulders, and that kind of responsibility can be helpful. It teaches you to rely on yourself, and it fortifies your self-esteem. As you continue to depend on yourself, you’ll feel a sense of freedom. These lessons will help you for the rest of your life, and you can even share what you learn with others so that they can grow as well.

Modest Islamic Fashion From Arabicattire

Modesty has been the hallmark of Islam, and it is reflected in the Islamic dress code for both women and men. The modest dress code prescribed by the religion allows women within the community to live a dignified, modest, and dutiful life while earning the respect of Allah, the almighty.

Though one can observe slight differences in how women dress while moving from one culture to another, kaftans, hijabs, and abayas are widely preferred by Muslim women worldwide.

Sophisticated and Splendidly Indian

Sarees are undoubtedly Indian. They are without question a vital marker of Indian tradition and heritage. People of other nationalities and cultures would identify the saree as one of the authentic components of the Indian experience.

In that vast and complex world of sarees, the Banarasi silk saree does require special recognition. Banarasi sarees have evolved from traditional bridal sarees in Bengali weddings to an internationally recognized icon of Indian fashion.

Shovon Jaman Youngest Music Artist and Digital Marketer in Bangladesh

Shovon Jaman known professionally is a Bangladeshi Music Artist and Entrepreneur, Gamer and Instagram Personality. Shovon Jaman was born on 24 April. He was born in a Gazipur in the Dhaka division of Bangladesh. Shovon Jaman has been declared as a Verified Artist by big international companies. Shovon Jaman’s songs are now available on all platforms. Song lovers can listen to the songs if they want. Many popular music directors, artists have inspired and greeted him with status on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Sulaiman Ahmed Sami Bangladeshi – Artist Successful Influencer and Most Popular Digital Marketer

Born on 19th May 2001 in Sylhet Bangladesh, Sulaiman Ahmed sami had a keen interest in trying new things right from childhood. He always wanted to experiment with new things. From childhood, he is known among friends for coming up with out-of-the-box ideas. His style of thinking was very much and unique. This has helped him achieve great success at 19. He is multitalented and versatile. He is an entrepreneur, artist, and influencer revolutionizing the digital platform

India’s Most Reliable Online Hotel Booking Platforms

Summers are around the corner. It is the best time to plan a tour to a hill station or beaches. However, planning a vacation is never an easy job whether it’s a small or long vacation.

Nowadays, travelers don’t have to worry about planning vacations. Since there are many online hotel booking platforms. They do all the legwork from planning a tour to final execution. In this process, everything is included like outdoor recreation activities, airlines, car rentals, hotels, railways, package tours, travel, sightseeing, adventure activities, food, etc. Tourists simply have to backpack and move for a vacation.   

7 Critical Reasons a Hospitality Business Needs a Social Media Presence

Without a doubt, social media can be both a curse and a blessing. There are many examples of what can go wrong, such as bad reviews on social media platforms. It is also probable that an employee might post something inappropriate on the brand’s official accounts. It could be a post that misses the mark.

But all these minor errors are mightily outweighed by the critical benefits of utilising social media strategies for hospitality businesses. The following are several reasons why a hospitality business should utilise the services of a hospitality social media agency:

Israel a Ray of Hope

Amidst the dilemma of this year Corona Pandemic the minds of most people in the world is on health. Many people have died from Corona virus. Many people have recovered from the illness. Corona virus has been difficult for humanity even though almost 98% of people contacting the virus live through it. In a subtle way Corona Covid -19 has been able to cripple the world.

Israel News – Still No Government

Israel elections ended without the right side led by Likud or the left side opposing Netanyahu with a majority. Both sides are working to make a government. President Rivlin gave Netanyahu the mandate and 28 days to make a majority mandate coalition. Two of the candidates who are in the middle of the controversy between sides are Naftali Bennet of Yamina party who has behind him seven mandates and the Arab Ram party leader.

Rizvi Hasan – The Youngest Music Artist and Cinematographer of Bangladesh

Rizvi Hasan, known professionally is a Bangladeshi Music Artist and Cinematographer. Rizvi Hasan was born on 5 April. He was born in a Gazipur in the Dhaka division of Bangladesh. Rizvi Hasan has been declared as a Verified Artist by big international companies. Rizvi Hasan’s songs are now available on all platforms. Song lovers can listen to the songs if they want. Many popular music directors, artists have inspired and greeted him with status on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Here’s How You Can Get a Personal Loan in Delhi

Delhi, the land of dreams and infinite opportunities are known for many things. Starting all the way from the historic sites of the Mughal period all the way to testaments of how our country functions, one can truly discover a lot, just by wandering in the alleys of Delhi. Being the country’s capital city, Delhi is home to by far one of the most vibrant populations in the world. However, even among all these opportunities and the constant hustle, a lot of us might find ourselves amidst a financial crisis.

Use A BAS Agent And Stress Less

BAS Agent “Doing the BAS” (Business Activity Statement) is one of the real lows of corporate ownership for many people. Corporate activity statements are complicated and time consuming to prepare, getting you away from more important business tasks – or in your personal time! Unless you’re an expert, you’re probably going to pay more than you need to. Worse, you could screw up and under-pay your taxes. The Australian tax authorities do not take false returns lightly and you may be liable to pay fines in addition to outstanding taxes.

Impact of Technologies on Real Estate Industry in 2021

The introduction of modern-day advances in real estate guarantees to alter the way trade is conducted in this ancient industry until the end of time. The real estate Pakistan market is a massive part of the country’s economy. Similarly, the real estate business contributes a worldwide value of over trillions of dollars. It could be a trade that interacts with most of the world’s populace counting everybody who possesses a house, contributes to a bit of property, or rents a flat or office building.

Passover – Easter Sunday

The Jewish people will be finishing their Passover seasonal celebrations this weekend. Easter Sunday begins when Passover ends. There is no doubt that Judaism and Christianity have the same roots. Both Judaism and Christianity give honor to the Five Books of Moses. The five books of Moses begin with the story of creation. God created the world in six days and on the seventh day he rested called the Sabbath. Adam the first man was the culmination of the six days of creations. The Sabbath the seventh day represents complete and total peace between God, man and his creation. The eternal Sabbath is a goal for all of mankind.

Is There Such a Thing as Bad Business?

Most companies view customer satisfaction as an important indicator of their success. Customers who are satisfied with the service your business provides are more likely to be retained, which translates into future earnings. They also generate more positive word of mouth that can encourage other customers. This has led many service-oriented companies to adopt the idea that ‘the customer is always right’.

What is Alopecia Areata?

Are you new to this term and don’t know what it exactly is? Alopecia areata is the term used to refer to the autoimmune skin disease that causes hair loss in small round patches on the scalp and could lead to generalized baldness.

This is one of the non-scarring types of skin disease, so you cannot find any scar on the scalp. For some, new hair grows given some period of time. On average, it would take about one year to recover from this disease and might vary from person to person.

5 Tips to Protect Your Business from Liabilities

Managing a business isn’t a walk in the pack, as one mistake can lead to its downfall. But then, as you expand, be ready to experience various challenges and risks. As a business owner, there are different claims you’ll face from both your customers and other businesses. For this reason, you need to have proper measures to help out. If not, you can find yourself bankrupt with nowhere to turn to. Read on and understand five tips to protect your business from liabilities.

Ways That Familiarity with Technology Can Help You Prepare for Your Career

Technology rules almost everything around us, so it should come as no surprise that it plays a role in nearly every career path you can imagine. If you’re not already tech-savvy, then this might be a daunting realization, but you don’t necessarily have to look at it as a drawback. This is a chance to improve your skills and make yourself even more of an asset for employers.

Are You Curious About the Longevity of a Hair Replacement System?

Everyone desires to purchase a hair system that lasts long and remains physically intact for plenty of time. With several dissonant ideas, it is difficult to make a decision regarding the lifespan of hair systems.

There are numerous ways to make your hair systems last long. In this article, we will hold forth all the possibilities and techniques that you can implement and make your hairpiece last longer. You can check hair wigs price in Karachi, Pakistan for affordable and reliable products.

Best Strategic Tips to Reduce Cart Abandonment for E-commerce

The objective of an E-commerce store is to sell products. However, many customers abandon the cart while reaching the bottom line.

The average abandon cart rate is 69.57% for all industries. There are a number of strategies you can apply to reduce cart abandonment for your E-commerce store. Besides that, Magento store owners can remind their customers about shopping cart abandonments by notifying them via Email, WhatsApp, or SMS using an Abandoned Cart Suite for Magento 2.

Exploratory Trip to Guatemala

Guatemala Ecosystem

Guatemala is regarded as one of the megadiverse countries of the world, being the second-highest-ranking country of Central America. The ecosystem of the country features a diverse range of species, including animals and plants of all kinds. There are more than 20 ecosystems in the country, with almost 36% area covered in forests. Additionally, the highest species endemism rate of 13% of the country contributes to the country’s biodiversity while adding to the abiotic conditions.

Israel Elections – A Picture of the World

Israel went to the polls Tuesday and still has not established a majority of 61 mandates. Likud and his right-side supporting parties reached a total of 59 mandates. The opposition parties to Netanyahu without the Arab parties have 50 mandates. The two Arab parties have 11 votes divided into two coalitions 6 Arab Unity party and 5 Arab democratic party. If the Arab party with five mandates will join in with Netanyahu, Likud will reach a majority of 64 mandates to become again Prime Minister. If the two Arab parties will join opposition to Netanyahu the Left will have 61 mandates. The Arab parties will decide if Israel will have a new government.

4 Persuasive Statements That Overcome Clients’ Objections

Clients’ objections are mainly experienced in sales, including in health-related industries. Objections feature statements or questions raised by a potential client that signals the client’s reduced interest or relative unwillingness to purchase a product or service. The ability to meritoriously resolve clients’ objections calls for critical skills among businesses.

The Jewish People Prepare for the Holiday of Passover

The holiday of Passover is celebrated each year in the beginning of the spring season. The story of Exodus of the Jewish people from slavery to King Pharoah in Egypt is written in the second book of the five books of Moses, called the Old Testament. The bible begins with the story of the creation of the world by an Omnipotent God in six days and in the seventh day God rested from his work.

What to Know About Scholarships in America for International Students

Now that you know that you want to play sports throughout your education years and you’ve found an institution you’d like to attend, it’s time to start thinking about your admission. The most direct way to gain access to your high school, university or college of choice is to secure a sports scholarship. However, that’s easier said than done since there are many technicalities and differences between scholarships and divisions, so you need to do your homework. Luckily, there are consulting agencies like EDU Sports which offer sports and education help for young talents who want to improve their education or sports performance all over the world. EDU SPORTS can help you find sports and academic scholarships at educational institutions all over the States.

Ravi Kumar Thakur, a Young Entrepreneur and All Rounder Captain

Ravi Kumar Thakur is a young entrepreneur from Darbhanga Bihar. He is the person who is leading the digital marketing and The managing director of Kaamchaalu global. Ravi was born on 27th January, 2001, in Bihar itself. He studied at MahindrasDarbhanga and completed his education from Lalit Narayan Mithila University, and now leads the Kaamchalu Global as an efficient director.

Elections in Less Than One Week – Nation Returns to Normalcy

Elections are coming next week. Polls show that there is a possibility that Netanyahu may gather enough mandates to make a government all on the right side. This will include Likud, Yamina headed by Naftali Bennet, Shas religious Sephardic Jewish party, United Torah Judaism party, and the religious Zionist party. Gidyon Saar who broke off from Likud to make the New Hope Party  could gather 10 mandates.

How to Reach Your Customers Through Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when companies used to depend only on traditional marketing techniques to reach out to potential customers. Since the digital space is evolving like crazy, marketing techniques have also taken a shift! Nowadays if you don’t opt for digital marketing services then you are probably never going to get success in your business. Digital presence is one of the most important things a business should take care of no matter what.

The World Art Dubai 2021

Happening once a year World Art Dubai is an event that shows art from all over the world. The World Art Dubai is the reason for the increasing art demand of the Middle East. From Fashion art disrupters to pop art, and from experimental expressionists to fine art, the World Art Fair Dubai has a lot to offer to art aficionados. Known to be one of the biggest art events in Dubai, World Art Dubai 2021 allows collectors, buyers, and art enthusiasts to admire artworks from all over the world. The prices start from $100 to buy artworks from solo artists and international galleries.

13 Reasons a Website for Your Restaurant is Essential

A cold winter morning with the urge to sip your favorite coffee. Those morning pancakes and the dripping syrup – doesn’t that get your heart excited.


But the only problem here is that the restaurant you want to order from doesn’t have a website and is nowhere on the web. Let’s switch roles – you are that restaurant owner and you just lost a customer just because you had no web presence for the product you are selling.