New German Technology to Aid in the Crowd Numbers Calculations

Germany announced the creation of the new technology to assist in providing the accurate crowd numbers.  At the end of August, thousands took to the streets in the “anti-Corona protests”. There was an attempt to close Berlin by the law enforcement.  The government tried to stop the planned  demonstration due to the concern of the Coronavirus spread.

Trump Says US Will Look “Very Seriously” About Navalny Poisoning

US President Donald Trump on Friday while addressing a press conference announced that The United States intends to look “very seriously” at the case of the possible poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny. “It’s tragic. It’s terrible, it shouldn’t happen. We haven’t had any proof yet, but I will take a look,” Trump said.

Belarus Protest- 100 K Protest Lukashenko On His Birthday

More than 100,000 Belarusians took part in Sunday’s demonstrations in the capital Minsk in opposition to President Alexander Lukashenko’s continued stay in power. Lukashenko has been at the helm of the country’s leadership for 26 years and his recent reelection, on August 9, is the bone of contention as it is deemed as outright fraud by both the nation’s opposition as well as the international community.

Belarus Protest- Germany, US Condemns Belarusian Harassment Of Journalists

Germany and US Governments have condemned the harassment of journalists in Belarus. The AP whose journalists were also affected by the move equally condemned the Lukashenko led administration for autocracy. The condemnation follows Saturday’s move by the Belarusian authorities to withdraw accreditation from a section of both local and foreign journalists working in the country.

Online Gigs Going Global

With today’s global world, having an ongoing income, self created inside your home, is now more important than ever. If your kids are staying home or the business where you work is closed, what are some of your options? Most economists are not looking at a fast recovery from the global pandemic as it has been roughly six months and little with COVID-19 has changed.

Navalny in Germany – Questions Unanswered

The  Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been transported to Germany on Saturday. His diagnosis will not be known until the beginning of the next week. According to the doctors, Navalny continues to be in the serious condition. The German media already stated, that Germany does not believe in Putin or the Kremlin involvement in the poisoning of the Navalny.

Alexei Navalny, Well-known Putin Critic, Taken to Berlin for Treatment

Alexei Navalny, one of Vladimir Putin’s most famous politicians and critics, was transferred from a Siberian city to Berlin to continue his treatment. Navalny was taken to the hospital during a domestic flight due to complications from possible poisoning. According to Reuters, the plane carrying Alexei Navalny and his companions landed at Berlin Airport this Saturday morning (August 22nd).

How to Take Advantage of Free Time

Many people like to spend their free time relaxing at home or with friends. They do this to unwind from their 40-hour a week job.

However, you should consider sacrificing a portion of your free time to invest in your career, especially during the global COVID-19 outbreak. Many of you are working remotely during the pandemic, giving you the extra free time you can allocate towards learning a new skill.

Side Gigs – Sell Your Gigs 

One of the better ideas for your career is to become your own boss. Today, one of the simplest ways to achieve this goal has arrived: set up a side gig or a second at home gig while you still have a full time job, let your day job provide safety and security until you can make it on your own.

The most exciting part of starting a side gig is that it can create a new and better career with unlimited growth opportunities that you can only achieve by being the owner of your own online gig service. To succeed you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset; you will need a strong drive and see the side gigs as a way to find your future success.  If your goal is to be an entrepreneur, and in charge of your own career, then a side gig is a very good way to advance your career. The most immediate reward is making more money on top of your regular pay, especially in a volatile COVID-based economy.