A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting Most Affordable Communities in Dubai

Dubai is synonymous with luxury and richness. And it can give you an impression that everything, including real estate properties, is costly and beyond your reach in the city. If you are under the influence of that impression, you are wrong. The fact is that you can get properties at an affordable price range in Dubai. And that is what we will precisely discuss here.

The World Art Dubai 2021

Happening once a year World Art Dubai is an event that shows art from all over the world. The World Art Dubai is the reason for the increasing art demand of the Middle East. From Fashion art disrupters to pop art, and from experimental expressionists to fine art, the World Art Fair Dubai has a lot to offer to art aficionados. Known to be one of the biggest art events in Dubai, World Art Dubai 2021 allows collectors, buyers, and art enthusiasts to admire artworks from all over the world. The prices start from $100 to buy artworks from solo artists and international galleries.

How Can Overnight Camping Boost Your Health?

The world has become quite fast-paced, but the lifestyle has become sedentary. Human beings are trapped with screens that keep them engaged all the time. Getting as much as ten minutes without having to look at some sort of screen seems impossible. Staying immersed in the screens causes several mental, physical and emotional health concerns, and a lot of them even go unnoticed.

Mohammed Ismail Jasem Alhosani: Maximum Number Of Goals, A True Professional Football Player

Born on 17th of July, 1999, Mohamed Ismail Jasem Alhosani is a resident of UAE, an original Emirati who currently lives in Mohamed Bin Zayed. He is a person who has won a lot of UAE leagues beginning from way back in 2012. He started training back then and was frequently coached by Jamal AlHasni. In 2017 he went on a training break from all the leagues and matches that he was playing well scoring the best, this is because it is important for every professional player in the sports criteria to train themselves from time to time and to give themselves a break too so that they can come back stronger. He is given the nickname of offensive rock.

Israel Elections in Three Weeks – Iran Considered a Threat to Middle Eastern Normalization

Israel elections arriving in three weeks. Benjamin Netanyahu is counting on his success in vaccinating the nation which has brought down the number of hospitalizations below one thousand to 700 to bring to him additional mandates for him to continue to be Prime Minister. His opponents are still fighting against the popularity of Netanyahu from both sides the left and right. The only solid supporters of Netanyahu are his Likud friends and the religious parties. The other right parties Yamina led by Naftali Bennet and Gidyon Saar of New Hope party want to be Prime Minister. There is a much greater majority of mandates of right wing parties than left wing parties including the Arabs. For a right-wing party to join with the left side including the Arabs is doubtful.

A Brief Guide on Basic Principles of Structured Cabling System

The cabling system in the world is fast evolving. The ever-changing technological changes are making the terms more advanced. The more advanced form of cabling is structured cabling. The structured cabling system is used in the IT world for many basic and advanced applications. Industries which are using structured cabling system are IT, data centers and telecommunication networks. Due to the versatility and reliability of the cable, it is becoming the top priority of businesses and households.

VAT Voluntary Disclosure in Dubai – Things to Know

Voluntary disclosure is filled in case where the taxpayer commits an error in the tax papers like tax assessment, tax returns, tax refunds, etc. The taxpayer should notify the authorities of the error as soon as he becomes aware of such omissions by submitting a voluntary disclosure.

Every error requires different considerations regarding voluntary closure. This article is helpful when there is only a ‘one-off’ error in VAT. However, in case of various errors, it may be worth-while to take professional help before making any voluntary disclosures. It will help you in making this process smooth, where all the potential questions will be addressed.

How to Find a Good Moving Company for Yourself in Dubai?

Did you buy a new house in the UAE and want to shift there? Did you find a new job there? We know that moving is a backbreaking job. Thus, you are thinking of asking somebody for their help. You can do this job yourself by packing all the belongings yourself. Then, relocating them to your destination. But, this could be hard if you have a bulk of heavy stuff with you. You call for a professional helping hand who can transfer your goods within a short time.

Moving to Another UAE Region Should Not Be Taken Lightly

Even if you are not moving abroad, moving to another UAE region should not be taken lightly. Whether you are moving professionally or by choice of life, you must not neglect the impact of your move on other members of your family!

The question arises in your mind:

  • How much does a moving company cost?
  • What moving companies offer you?
  • Why use a moving company in Dubai?
  • How to choose the right moving company in Dubai?

How Much Does a Moving Company Cost?

10 Best Things to Do in Dubai – 2020 Travel Guide

The Middle East’s capital, the most influential city in the Gulf region, or the city of gold – whatever sobriquet you would want to give this city, Dubai lives up to all and hence no refuting that it’s one of the world’s most amazing and visited places. With a pulsating multicultural environment, breathtaking architectures, exciting accommodation and culinary choices, and astonishing entertainment scene, there are many amazing things to do in Dubai. And we’ve mentioned here some of the most unmissable among them. After all, knowing where to go or what to do here let you better plan and make the most of your time in Dubai.

1. View Dubai from the world’s tallest building 

The most iconic structure not only in Dubai or UAE but also in the world itself, Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai is a must-visit on any Dubai vacation. With three observation decks on its diverse levels and several world-class dining and accommodation options, it’s easy to see why Burj Khalifa is well worth a visit. If you don’t want to try all, be sure to add its observation deck on your bucketlist – they leave you in awe with the most unparalleled and comprehensive views over Dubai’s skyline and naturescape covering desert, ocean and more.

2. Shop, Dine and Stroll at the Dubai Mall 

Situated next to Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall is a destination packed with the most fabulous in shopping, dining and leisure choices. But attention shoppers – you’ll need an average of 250 hours to check out its 1200 plus shops even if you plan to spend a maximum of 15 minutes in each of them. So it goes without saying prior planning is a must for hardcore shoppers.

If you’re here just to wander and click some cool pictures, it caters to you too; pose with the 155-million-year-old skeleton of Dubai Dino and capture some images against Human Waterfalls.  Moreover, attractions such as Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, KidZania Dubai, VR Park Dubai etc make it an absolute destination for individuals and groups alike. And the best thing is that you’ll never go hungry with 200 plus dining outlets across the mall to fuel your energy.

Post all action and fun, reserve some time to savor the final treat – the spectacularly choreographed water display of Dubai Fountain show at the Burj Lake outside the Dubai Mall. It’s a free attraction and a definite must-see whether it’s your debut spectacle or even you’ve already seen it.

3. Desert Safari 

Dune Bashing in Dubai Desert Safari

When you crave for a retreat from Dubai’s bustling noise and vibrant crowd, a perfect remedy is to take a desert safari. But, this is more than a substitute experience and a must-do in its own right. To get to Dubai’s desert, all it takes is a 30 to 40 minutes ride but you’ll feel a whole world away from Dubai’s glamorous side.  Surrounded by pristine golden sands on all sides, it’s isolated, untouched and you can best enjoy it through a reliable desert safari company.

Encompassed in a standard desert safari are 4X4 dune bash, camel ride, and sandboarding, together with a myriad of cultural experiences such as henna tattooing, Shisha smoking etc. Further, depending on whether it’s evening or overnight desert safari, you’ll be able to taste a flavorsome BBQ dinner supplemented by traditional live shows like belly dance or Tanura show.

4. Go back in time at Al Bastakiya Quarter 

Al Bastakiya Quarter

No list of activities or attractions in Dubai is complete without a mention about this ethnic quarter. Otherwise called Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, it lies in the heart of Old Dubai and a visit here is like stepping your foot into an altogether different era.  In this antiquated part of the city, you can look forward to see simple but charming structures which merchants from Bastak region built in the 19th century.

What makes these structures a quirky delight to watch is its subtle sand-color tone rounded out by wind towers which used to keep dwellers cool from the desert heat naturally (without the use of any air conditioners).  Most of them now serve as delightful museums, art galleries, traditional art cafes etc.

So don’t miss a stroll down this quarter and further make sure you that drop into Dubai Museum and Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding for a quick dose of the region’s history, culture, and traditional lifestyle.

5. Spend the day discovering Palm Jumeirah and surroundings 

Just like Dubai’s other neighborhoods such as Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah too is a dining, shopping and leisure hotspot, but with the perks of stunning water views and ultra-refined ambience topped off by all makings of an island retreat. Rightly so, this man-made island is one of the world’s greatest wonders, thanks to its intricate palm-tree shape finished by a crescent on its top.

It’s up to you whether you opt to discover it via a guided tour, a quick drive or a relaxed monorail ride. But if you wish to have the most unhindered, exact majesty of this island, take to skies on a helicopter ride or take it to next level with a sky dive session. That apart, you can check out its many popular attractions like Atlantis, The Palm and the Palm Fountain which is also the world’s biggest fountain show.

Along with this, pair your Palm Jumeirah expedition by extending your trip to legendary points of interest nearby, mainly the seven-star hotel of Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah.

6. Dine cuisines from all over the world 

Being in Dubai is not all about trying authentic or traditional Arabian dishes. The city is a safe second home for nationals of over 200 countries across the globe. Unsurprisingly, this gives you the rare chance to try the signature dishes of different parts of the world. So be it London’s iconic fish n’ chips, the Italian pizza, the spicy Indian Tandoor chicken or the French crepes, you’ll get to devour all and beyond here.

7. Visit a Theme Park  

For theme park lovers, there is no place in the Middle East like Dubai. Yes, it’s a true haven for those with an itch for Hollywood, cartoon and super hero inspired rides and attractions. There is IMG Worlds of Adventure, the world’s largest indoor theme park, and even a snow theme park in the form of Ski Dubai where you can try all your beloved snow or winter activities.  But of all, the ultimate can’t miss for theme park fanatics is Dubai Parks and Resorts; it’s the region’s first integrated resort complete with four theme parks: Bollywood Parks Dubai, Motiongate Dubai, LEGOLAND Dubai, and LEGOLAND Water Park.

8. Enjoy dhow cruise 

Dhow Dinner Cruise in Dubai

Mixing classic with classy, this is one of the most popular things to do on your Dubai holiday.  More than a sightseeing cruise offering the most astonishing views over Dubai’s lit up skyline (from water), there is a lot of character and history behind the dhow or traditional wooden vessel used for this cruise. It was once staple (in the pre-oil phase) for then prime occupations of the region, such as pearl farming, fishing etc. So be it for a slice of Dubai’s past or a relaxed cruise, go on a dhow cruise which mostly comes with amazing dining and breathtaking traditional entertainment onboard.

9. Explore Dubai’s Latest Neighborhoods and Newest Attractions

Have you already been to Dubai and seen or enjoyed almost all above attractions or experiences? Let’s not forget that Dubai is a destination that looks ahead with its uncompromising vision to surprise the world. So even if you’ve visited here a year or six months before, you can expect to see a fresh band of landmarks, hotels, and dining choices. What’s more; you can further look forward to check out brand-new neighborhoods and the latest to join this league are the uber trendy City Walk Dubai with attractions like Green Planet Dubai, and Bluewaters Island which alternatively hosts the world’s largest observation wheel and first Madame Tussauds Museum in the Middle East, among others.

10. Be part of exclusive festivals and watch Live Entertainment Shows

From an ever-changing list of shows to the iconic permanent shows, live entertainment is everywhere in Dubai no matter when you plan to visit here. You’ll find it in malls, parks (like Dubai Creek Park with Dubai Dolphinarium show), and in the city’s swankiest of spots such as Al Habtoor’s Atrium where the jaw-dropping La Perle by Dragone show. Moreover, a Dubai trip during winter months, particularly Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Dubai Shopping Festival or DSF, allows you to be a part of an exciting repertoire of events including live performances at Global Village, streets etc.


There is just something about the charm and vibrancy of Dubai that it’s not easy to express them in a few words and so isn’t to condense or narrow down the things to do in Dubai to a list of 10 or 15. But we’ve still managed to do it and we hope that this would serve as a source of inspiration to get you ready for your upcoming Dubai holiday.

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Social Media Marketing Is More Powerful Than Ever

When it was first introduced to the world, social media was a foundational motion that was introduced as a means for individuals around the globe to connect and communicate on a more consistent and easy basis. In the year since, social media has well and truly proven its value as a leading connection and communication tool that spans the globe. So much so, in fact, that social media has today ballooned and flourished into what is a leading modern marketing strategy as well as a foundational epicentre for not only connection but also communicating across oceans in terms of world news.

Two Steps Taken, More Steps Needed

Kudos to President Donald Trump, Jared Kushner and their diplomatic team.  They have added the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to the list of Arab countries that recognize Israel as a legal entity and via the “Abraham Accords” agree to normalize diplomatic and other relations.

In recognition of President Trump’s brokerage of the Accords, a Norwegian official has nominated him for a Nobel Peace Prize, seemingly totally oblivious of the fact that the peace deals between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain represent only two small steps in a complicated and lengthy process toward Middle East peace.  Agreements between Arabs and Palestinians, Sunnis and Shia, Arabs and Iranians must be achieved before a lasting Middle East peace becomes a reality.

Peace Between Nations – Peace Between Religions

Peace is a universal goal of all mankind. Peace Shalom is the name of God. The True peace must also include the right to remain separate, separate nations and separate religions. The meaning of “God is One” means to include One God who is separate and One God united.  One means separate from his creation; one means united with his creation. Each person has the right to be an individual as well as being part of the whole, a part of his nation, a part of mankind, a part of the congregation of his religion.

Religion, Faith, Freedom, Democracy

Living in a democratic society until you understand the relationships between religion, faith and freedom you cannot appreciate democracy. All three factors religion, faith and freedom are in the center of life each one making its claims on modern society.  Before religion came into the world beginning with Abraham described in Genesis in the bible, there was freedom and there was chaos.