More Vendors Prompt Sweeping Changes to Retail Environment

Late last month, sports equipment company Under Armour announced it was cutting ties with some 2,000 retailers over the next two years.  In doing so, Under Armour would focus on building up its direct-to-consumer business.  Promo Marketing reported a more than 50% growth in Under Armour’s e-commerce business during the third quarter, with a 17% increase in direct-to-consumer sales.

You Are Not Powerless in Your Job Search During Covid-19

You probably never dreamed you’d be in search of a job during a global pandemic. Talk about challenges, right? Okay, before you get down and think your chances just slid to the floor, let’s look at what you can do to make the most of your time, and how you can land that next job interview.

One of the first things to consider is how you present yourself to others. Have you evaluated your personal brand lately? What makes you a valuable candidate to prospective employers? How will you stand out in a crowded marketplace? What transferable skills do you have? What are your strengths and how can you amplify them? Consider what courses are available to help you stay competitive in your industry. By evaluating your personal brand, you’ll get an overarching view of how potential employers see you.

U.S. Dollar Suffered a Tragic Sell-Off

On Friday the dollar against a basket of currencies fell sharply,  investment experts had predicted the dollar will fall further. This week, the U.S. dollar index fell as much as 1.9%, the largest weekly decline since March. Joe Manimbo, senior market analyst at Western Union Business Solutions, said: “We still believe that the US economy is decelerating, which is reflected in the apparent weakening of the dollar.”

Bitcoin’s Rapid Rise Brings Back Controversy Over Virtual Currencies

The renewed rush to “Bitcoin”, which exceeded its value in trading last Friday, is reviving the debate about the nature of digital currencies : Are they “digital gold” or assets that involve risk? Bitcoin’s value rose more than 30% in two and a half weeks, approaching the highest level recorded in December 2017, which was close to $ 20,000.