5 Tips to Protect Your Business from Liabilities

Managing a business isn’t a walk in the pack, as one mistake can lead to its downfall. But then, as you expand, be ready to experience various challenges and risks. As a business owner, there are different claims you’ll face from both your customers and other businesses. For this reason, you need to have proper measures to help out. If not, you can find yourself bankrupt with nowhere to turn to. Read on and understand five tips to protect your business from liabilities.

Exploratory Trip to Guatemala

Guatemala Ecosystem

Guatemala is regarded as one of the megadiverse countries of the world, being the second-highest-ranking country of Central America. The ecosystem of the country features a diverse range of species, including animals and plants of all kinds. There are more than 20 ecosystems in the country, with almost 36% area covered in forests. Additionally, the highest species endemism rate of 13% of the country contributes to the country’s biodiversity while adding to the abiotic conditions.

4 Persuasive Statements That Overcome Clients’ Objections

Clients’ objections are mainly experienced in sales, including in health-related industries. Objections feature statements or questions raised by a potential client that signals the client’s reduced interest or relative unwillingness to purchase a product or service. The ability to meritoriously resolve clients’ objections calls for critical skills among businesses.

Apple and Microsoft Drag Nasdaq Down

The Dow had reported 31440 points, down 95 points or 0.3%. Earlier, the decline reached 140 points, and it was temporarily low at 31,395 points. The S&P 500 index is currently reported at 3879 points, giving up 22 points or 0.57%. The Nasdaq reported 13,453 points, a fall of 135 points or 1%. Apple shares fell 1.58%, temporarily the worst-performing Dow component stock; Microsoft both fell 1.35%.

Texas — 86 People Die While Electricity Policy Gouges Residents During Horrific Snowstorm

Griddy, a Texas electricity supplier has blamed the Public Utility Commission (PUC) for raising the maximum capped rate for electricity, a decision that led to skyrocketing electricity bills for its customers since January. According to the company statement, the previous tariff was capped at $1,200 per megawatt-hour but was, later on, hiked to $9,000 per megawatt hour.

Boeing — “Suspend Flights and All 777-Type Aircraft”

The Boeing Company of the United States said that it is recommended that airlines suspend flights and all 777-type aircraft that use the same engine as the United Airlines aircraft that occurred recently. Previously, the Japanese aviation regulatory agency had requested domestic airlines to suspend the service of aircraft of the same model with the same engine.

Are Hospital Security Guards Necessary?

Hospitals are hailed for being a haven for the sick, afflicted, and dying. With these positive connotations, it can be difficult to imagine the need for security, but don’t be fooled, hospitals don’t get a pass on problems. Whether it is combative patient, an angry family member, a visitor attempting to breach into restricted areas, or simply a patient needing a calming presence, security guards are an essential part of day-to-day hospital operations.

Amazon Fail 2.0

The Coronavirus pandemic is one of the main factors driving the customers to shop online. The convenience, lockdowns, and safety measures make online platforms a necessity for items including pet products. Last month I placed an order for the Okokat cat litter. However, when I opened the box, a saw dust cloud covered the whole area and it made me cough.