Top 5 Investments You Should Consider

Investing is one thing that everyone should consider if they want a peaceful retirement. The choice on whether to invest or not lies in how you have planned with your income. So you might be asking what the right time to invest is. With the investment, you can start at any age, but it is recommended to start early so that you will have attained your goal by the time you reach your retirement age.

3 AI Trends Revolutionizing the Banking Industry

The pace of digital transformation in banking has accelerated during the past year. Banks process a sizeable number of digital transactions and maintain a vast collection of customer data. Capable of analyzing massive data volumes, artificial intelligence has the power to revolutionize how banks use all this information. The following are three areas where AI trends are significantly impacting the financial banking industry in 2021.

Dividend Dogs of Canada Continue to Outperform

Given the history and long term success of what is commonly referred to as a “Dogs of the Dow” investment strategy, it is not surprising for us to see Durig’s modified Dogs of the Dow and Dogs of the S&P 500 strategies tracking a similar path towards long term success. In fact, it led us to initiate a similar strategy (in May of last year) utilizing Canadian companies that likewise had a long history of paying increasing dividends. 

The Growing Relevance for Decentralized Stablecoin Development

Some of the widely used Stablecoins are Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), DAI, Binance USD (BUSD), and HUSD. Stablecoins come in various types like fiat-collateralized, crypto-collateralized, commodity-collateralized, and seigniorage-share collateralized.

Just like the leading fiat currencies issued by central banks in various countries, Decentralized Stablecoins can be utilized either as a medium of exchange or as a unit of account. Now, the leading payment service providers and financial institutions have kept a close eye on the creation of Decentralized Stablecoins.

Alibaba’s Ant Group’s Valuation Estimated to Drop by 50 Percent

Alibaba’s Ant group valuation is likely to fall to $108 billion. This is according to Bloomberg Intelligence. The dip is attributed to the company’s currently ongoing anti-trust probe being undertaken by Chinese authorities. According to Bloomberg analyst Francis Chan, Ant Group is likely to see its valuation slashed in half due to the recently updated regulations.

Debt – The Good and the Bad

Most people think of debt as bad, something to be avoided. But, debt can be good or bad, for both lenders and borrowers.


For someone borrowing, good debt is debt that leads to increases in your net worth. This can happen in a variety of ways.  Debt can finance new investments in equipment, software, or people that enable you to save time to focus on other opportunities.  Student loans finance an education that can lead to higher earnings. Home improvement loans that will increase the value of your house and the quality of your life. Debt that helps you manage your finances, such as a consolidation loan, can also be considered good debt. It’s also good to just have some debt and pay it off timely, so you improve your credit score. This will help you be able to borrow when a future opportunity to take on good debt arises.

New Bitcoin Related Surge Detected in (altcoins) and BTCS Digital Assets

BTCS, digital asset and blockchain technology, is fast becoming a publicly-traded favorite.  As prices for bitcoin retreat from their recent highs, the strong performance of other cryptocurrencies indicates that investors are turning to alternative coins (altcoins) particularly those from the decentralized finance (DeFi) subsector and Bitcoin-related stocks such as (BTCS) for potentially high returns.

Sundial Growers – Their Impressive 2020 Performance Rolls Over Into A Promising 2021

2020 was a challenging year for Sundial Growers, as it was for most companies. They entered 2020 with C$220 million of debt and concerns of how Covid-19 might impact their business. However, unlike many companies, Sundial Growers came out of 2020 financially stronger and with increased optimism regarding building shareholder value in 2021.

Top 5 Prominent Token Development Platforms in 2021

In this modern time, many people are moving towards digitization. Because it reduces the work and makes the tedious tasks into easy ones. As of now, blockchain technology is prevailing across the world with many use cases and platforms. I hope you are aware of digital currencies and crypto tokens. These two made a huge impact in the marketplace. But many startups and entrepreneurs often prefer token development services to create a unique token for fundraising.

10 Ideal Lucrative Blockchain Business Ideas to start in 2021

Are you searching for the best business ideas with blockchain? Then you are in the correct place. The thirstiness for success made you reach this article right?. As we are at the end of 2020 and we all have constant prayers for the upcoming year to be the best and most addressable year. Let us make the year 2021 to be the most extraordinary in our blockchain business journey.

7 Essential Steps to Protect Your Family and Your Future

If there is one thing that this year has taught us, it is that there is no way to foresee the future. You never know when a global or personal emergency will arise, messing up all your plans and putting your or your family’s future at risk. Since everyone’s number one priority is the health and safety of their loved ones, it is of the utmost importance, to be as prepared as possible for unfortunate events. This way, you will be able to rest assured that even when the worst thing happens, your family is taken care of. Here are a few essential steps you should take in order to protect your family and your future.

Step-By-Step Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Multi cryptocurrency wallet development refers to those wallets that support more than one cryptocurrency. It is equipped with features like two-factor authentication, auto denial of duplicate payments, decentralized trading, and an exclusive QR code scanner for the users. Overall, multi-currency wallets are universally compatible, non-custodial, easy to access, safe, and secure.

Optimize Your Revenue Through DEFI Staking Platform Development

Staking is a technique where investors can earn passive income from their funds. A certain amount of crypto coins or tokens will be staked on a wallet or an exchange platform. It works on the Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism and the validators have the power to create and vote on the blockchain blocks based on the assets they stake.

They will be rewarded with an interest rate paid regularly to their wallets. Many popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, WazirX, Kucoin, Coinbase, Huobi, and Poloniex facilitate DeFi staking on their platforms.

Balancing Income Generation and Equity Growth with Capital Preservation and Reinvestment Risk

One of the most difficult and common challenges that both average investors and financial advisors are all faced with, is how to achieve above average returns with below average risks.  It’s an age-old dilemma, where the quickest and easiest solutions often come up short of what otherwise seemed to be rather reasonable expectations. Granted, sometimes they work great.  But, other times, not so much (if at all.) 

Durig Dogs of the S&P on Track for 6.01% Dividends  

It’s show time for the elections, and the volatility in the markets are as unpredictable as trying to predict who is going to be president for the next 4 years, or whether it will be possible to determine a winner any time soon after the polls close on Tuesday.  Without a clear-cut victor, we think these market gyrations are likely to increase, and continue showing no clear sign of direction. 

European Jurists Advocate the Use of Cash

Is cash still relevant? What is the future of the euro, and more importantly, what is the future of cash in general? These past few months have been tough for advocates of cash, with unfounded insinuations that cash can be a source for the spread of COVID-19. The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice, Giovanni Pitruzzella, has published a timely advisory opinion on the use of cash within the European monetary system.

What Are The Best Practices to Implement For Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

In the current digitally evolving era, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology together are disrupting businesses and bringing in a paradigm shift in the way they operate and manage transactions. They are gaining rapid momentum with every passing day and the craze keeps growing that at least one in ten people aspires to be associated with cryptocurrencies, mainly creating their own crypto exchange software.

Innovative Business Ideas You Can Generate with Cryptocurrency in 2020

What comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘cryptocurrency’? Some people will think it is a weird word and some may think it is one of the types of currency. But it is not a type of currency or a weird word. cryptocurrency is digital money and it is completely developed using complex technology, which is known as the blockchain. The first crypto coin in this digital world was Bitcoin.

It’s Time for Both a Quarterly and Dow Rebalancing                             

On unique advantage to Durig’s Dogs of the Dow is our quarterly rebalance, but even more important is the Dow Jones Industrial Average is going to remove both Exxon Mobil and Pfizer from the Dow. We also have already removed those two companies from our Dogs portfolio. Even though we are still down year-to-date, our three year and lifetime numbers are pretty good at 6.83 for 3 years and lifetime of 7.03.  These numbers, even though in a little disappointing, still greatly outperform the static Elements Dogs of the Dow.

Why TRON is Invaluable to the Process of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

Though there is an innumerable number of cryptocurrencies available in today’s world, TRON has acquired a special place among the community interested in Cryptocurrency exchange development. TRON refers to an open-source blockchain-based protocol powered by decentralization spearheading the digital entertainment industry. It harnesses the power of peer-to-peer networks. TRON was introduced as an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) almost three years ago. It has an associated currency named Tronix (TRX). It is acquiring huge popularity as a well-performing digital currency in the market.

How Has Bitcoin Reacted to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone. This pandemic has created a public health crisis that has also led to an economic crisis. Because of the serious nature of the virus, there are countless small businesses that have been forced to close, drying up their revenue streams. In an effort to cut costs, they have also had to lay off employees, leaving numerous individuals and families wondering how they are going to make ends meet.

An Analysis of How to Create an ICO

Sharing the idea – The business idea is the key to the success of the ICO. It would be the basis behind the development of a token. Make sure you finalize the intricacies of your idea before kickstarting the development process. It should be better than the offers provided by competitors. Announce it in popular cryptocurrency communities to get the initial feedback from investors. This will help you to determine if your idea will generate high interest among the target audience. Then, the firm can prepare its business model for executing its project.

Canada Dividend Dogs are Having a Breakout Year        

To our surprise, the most successful principle growth and highest income investing in stocks is not coming from the US. It’s surprising but we are seeing the best returns, hands down, out of Canada. The Dogs of the S&P 500, that we launched on 5-8-2020 is now up over 35%.   In our last article we said it  was up 17% in two months and claimed, “this story is just too good to be true.” Well it double from there.

Durig’s S&P Dividend Aristocrat Portfolio Targets Both Principle Growth and Diversified Dividend Income

Durig has developed the S&P Dividend Aristocrat Portfolio targeting both Aristocracy principle growth and very good diversified dividend income.  The history of Dividend Aristocrats has been very rewarding over time as they have outperformed their peers.  One constant issue that investors and clients love is that to be an Aristocratic the company must raise their dividend each and every year. It is our opinion that these companies have mandated that the shareholders come first, instead of overcompensation in the C suit of CFO, CEO, COO and so on.  Currently the S&P Dividend Aristocrat rate is 4.42% and even though this has been a very tough year the portfolio has outperformed most income vehicles with the same income.

A Brief History on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Over the past 15 years, we have seen the term ‘ crypto ‘ transit from sorcery to biology, and finally coming to the world of decentralized finance. Little rude people have imagined that a piece of technology that was once considered obscure might go on to change the landscape of global finance.

In January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto sent ten units of digital currency to another person named Hal Finney across a digital ledger. This sparked off a revolution in the field of finance.  In essence, it was a counterculture that challenged the notion of finance and currency that had been in practice for centuries together.

Discovering the Changes That Are Driving Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Though cryptocurrency has been viewed as a disruptive tool that challenges the traditional financial markets, we have witnessed a changing trend in recent times where exchanges are attempting to work with the stock and asset market.

Generally, the business of cryptocurrency exchange development is viewed as being more open to different parties and focussed on communities who drive the interest in the platform. However, blockchain technology is changing the game as it is striving to improve the operations in traditional stock exchanges.

Dogs of the S&P – 5.5% Dividend Income and Strong Fundamentals – Is It Right for You? 

After completing a very nice 2019 and 2018, the Dogs of the S&P seem to be more challenged in this year, 2020. Even with the positive effects of dynamic weighting, quarterly reballancing and no cost trading, it is still a tougher year than most. Compared to most income based investments that are yielding in the range of 5.5%, Dogs of the S&P have done comparably very well.

The Beginner that Beat the Bitcoin Market

Last year, I published “The Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Bitcoin (including $10 free Bitcoin as you get started)”.  Unlike so-called “get-rich quick” schemes, the “Beginner’s Guide” didn’t require handing over hard-earned money to a likely scammer.  After all, how can a novice investor learn and improve, unless they remain in full control of their investment at all times? 

Dividend Dogs of Europe – If Europe is Improving Now Might Be the Time?

We wanted to update you on the Dogs of Europe.  This is a condensed Aristocratic portfolio that is delivering high dividend income and good growth.  The portfolio is paying just slightly over 6% and has done well in its short life, but nothing compared to the Dividend Dogs of Canada.

This is a solid income and diversification strategy and design to be an outstanding way for American investors to own high dividend paying European companies. Europe is in many ways having significant COVID-19 related economic stress, and we believe this is possibly a very good alternative when investing outside the United States.

Discovering the Most Effective ICO Marketing Strategies

Some of the key aspects behind the success of ICO marketing lies in creating strong brand awareness and offering handsome benefits to potential investors.

Popular Methods to Effectively Market Your ICO

Public relations – Well-known media outlets must be hired for giving out exclusive interviews and press releases frequently. Transparency regarding the offerings of the company must be ensured. Since there is a greater reach involved, it is essential to hire a team for curating well-crafted content. This will lead to higher exposure among the target audience.

Top 5 White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform in 2020

Powered by digitization and the need for profitable returns, the development of White-label Cryptocurrency exchange platforms has become the hottest business opportunity in a globalized world. With the improvement in ease of operations and flexibility in regulations, there has been a substantial increase in the number of exchanges. This has created the need for uniqueness to stand out superior in the competitive market. Hence, business firms are in constant search for possessing all core functions in their exchange and simultaneously minimizing costs.