5 Easy Upgrades to Make to Your Home

Many of us have been spending more time at home recently. Whether you are working from home, taking care of a family, or returning after a long day, the home remains where we spend a huge proportion of our time.

That’s why it is important to make the space feel safe, secure, and inviting. Many people wish to make changes to their home or to refresh their space, but feel easily overwhelmed. That’s where our five easy upgrades come in!

5 Things to Consider in A 55+ Community

You’ve worked hard your entire life, but now the time has finally come; 55 is right around the corner and you’re looking to retire.  Perhaps you and your spouse are considering trading in the old family home for a new adventure, but don’t know where to start.  Finding a new home can be challenging, but finding a new home in the perfect community is even harder. Luckily, with the influx of retirees over the next decade, builders everywhere have begun solving this very problem with 55+ designer communities built specifically with retirement in mind.

45 People Killed in Stampede at Religious Celebration in Israel

On Thursday evening at the annual celebration at the Tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron Galilee, forty five people were trampled upon and hundreds were injured at what was called by the Paramedics a stampede. Last year this celebration was only watched on Live Video. Since Israel has now reduced Corona infection to a minimum the Health Department gave permission to have this gathering without any limitations.

10 Great Things to Do When Lockdown Ends

All over the world, many people have been confined to their homes due to national lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But as the restrictions start to lift, for many a sense of excitement is building!

There are so many options for what to do when lockdown ends, but where do you start? There are bound to be things you have missed, crave getting back to, and cannot wait to continue, but it is important to organise your time and energy to make the very most of it.

How to Start a Non-Profit Organization

A time comes, and you feel inspired to give back to the community by starting a non-profit organization. The fact that it is non-profit does not make the initiation process any easier. You will need to work hard, think critically, be patient, and commit to your work. The process of initiating and sustaining your non-profit may be tedious, intimidating, and overwhelming. To succeed, you will need so much determination. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to start a non-profit organization.

5 Things Anyone Can Do to Improve Your Look

When it comes to appearance, everyone loves to look the best they can. Due to hectic schedules, busy routines, taking care of the kids, and work, it can be difficult to keep up with looking good and many tend to put how they look off to the side. It’s important we always look good as this can portray how others think about us. Others may have the same look for years as they are afraid to change the way they look. It’s important at times to take that leap of faith and make some necessary changes to our appearance to feel good about ourselves. The following are five ways to improve your look and feel better about yourself.

7 Essential Items Men Must Pack While Traveling

Traveling for business or leisure is one way for men to get in touch with their masculine side. What’s more, traveling also gives men an opportunity to learn more about themselves, especially without their significant other. For instance, there are items that a man can’t do without when they are away from home. Traveling makes them aware of what those items are, and packing for every trip becomes a walk in the park.

Why are Animal Charities Important?

As of 2020, more than 35 million stray dogs live in the streets of India. The number is expected to increase as more households decided to abandon their pets due to the pandemic. These vulnerable pets require proper care and nourishment to survive comfortably.

These dogs can get the help and protection they need from animal charities, but people are encouraged to donate to dog shelters to help these organizations afloat. Animal shelters and rescue missions for abandoned and abused pets need regular donations from the community to continue their operations.

10 House Plants That Are Extremely Dangerous For Your Pets

Plants play an extremely important role not just in our lives but also in the lives of our beloved pets. They help in bringing more greenery in the world, help in reducing air pollutants, and enhance our overall standard of living. And due to this, most pet parents must be having house plants in your home. But unfortunately, not every house plant is safe. There are some that are toxic and extremely harmful for your pets. Which ones are they? Well, we will look at 10 of them!

6 Health Facts About Stevia the All-natural Sweetener

Stevia is considered zero calorie. It does not strictly contain no calories, but it has considerably fewer calories than sucrose and low enough to be classified as zero calories.

Sweeteners in Stevia occur naturally. This characteristic is beneficial for people who prefer foods and beverages that are naturally sourced, such as Nexba sugar free drinks. The low-calorie quality of Stevia is a healthful alternative for people who have diabetes and those aiming for weight loss.

Israel a Ray of Hope

Amidst the dilemma of this year Corona Pandemic the minds of most people in the world is on health. Many people have died from Corona virus. Many people have recovered from the illness. Corona virus has been difficult for humanity even though almost 98% of people contacting the virus live through it. In a subtle way Corona Covid -19 has been able to cripple the world.

3 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is coming which brings heat that is often hard to escape especially when you are trying to enjoy some time outdoors. It is important to limit your time in the sun, stay hydrated, and regularly apply sunscreen if you will be in direct sunlight. Be mindful of these musts for children as well as yourself. With these precautionary measures in place, there are some other simple and cost-effective ways you can be prepared to beat the summer heat!

Passover – Easter Sunday

The Jewish people will be finishing their Passover seasonal celebrations this weekend. Easter Sunday begins when Passover ends. There is no doubt that Judaism and Christianity have the same roots. Both Judaism and Christianity give honor to the Five Books of Moses. The five books of Moses begin with the story of creation. God created the world in six days and on the seventh day he rested called the Sabbath. Adam the first man was the culmination of the six days of creations. The Sabbath the seventh day represents complete and total peace between God, man and his creation. The eternal Sabbath is a goal for all of mankind.

Business or Pleasure: Luxury Travel Ideas for 2021

With the world coming to a halt over the last year, many people have been itching to get back out there and travel. Because so many vacations or business trips were canceled in 2020, some travelers have money burning a hole in their pockets. Savvy travelers will consider using this cash to upgrade their travel experience to make the most out of the world opening back up for business. Luxury travel experiences are more accessible and affordable than ever, and everyone deserves to upgrade their experiences for their next vacation. Regardless of if you are traveling for business or pleasure, here are five of the best luxury travel ideas for 2021.

Music Mixing Mistakes That You Can Learn to Avoid by Undertaking Online Music Production Courses

If you have a passion for music production, you need to be competent in all its important aspects. Mixing music can be especially tricky unless you study the techniques because, otherwise, you will end up making some of the typical mistakes that will immediately mark you as a newbie without a formal education in music mixing. Some of the most common mistakes sound engineers can make if they don’t know about music production:

The Jewish People Prepare for the Holiday of Passover

The holiday of Passover is celebrated each year in the beginning of the spring season. The story of Exodus of the Jewish people from slavery to King Pharoah in Egypt is written in the second book of the five books of Moses, called the Old Testament. The bible begins with the story of the creation of the world by an Omnipotent God in six days and in the seventh day God rested from his work.

How Harmful Are Your Dirty Carpets?

Carpets are one of the most popular and common types of flooring in the UK. They are said to bring comfort to a room, provide warmth and insulation, and even add a feeling of luxury.

But what if you learned that your carpet could be harmful? What if you were to discover that, lurking within this common household feature, are a range of potential dangers to you and your home? There’s no need to worry though, in this article we’ll show you the solutions!

Evolution – Man and the Ape

The bible encourages mankind to prove in their lives that they are not homo sapiens evolved from the Ape. Religion came into the world to make this distinction. There is a great similarity between Man and the Ape. Both have similar physical stature. Both have hair on their bodies. Man the ape is also called Homo sapiens. Some say the main spiritual work of man and woman is to find how they are distinguished from the Ape.

4 Unexpected Ways to Save Money on Transport

These are challenging times, and many people are looking for ways to cut costs and save money. One of the most expensive outgoings in daily life can be our transport — whether that’s through commuting to work, visiting family, travelling for leisure, or more.

Luckily, there are many ways you can save money on transport, thereby significantly reducing your overall expenses. Some of the more tried-and-tested tips include simply travelling less, looking for discounts on car maintenance, shopping around for better fuel prices, and more.

How to Make Windows the Focal Point of a Room

It’s not easy redesigning and redecorating a home. Do you replace that carpet? Maybe you need a new coat of paint? Perhaps the furniture could use an update. Indeed, one of the biggest issues could be just figuring out where to start. We suggest you begin with the windows. A properly set up window can completely change how a room looks and feels. All that extra natural light just flowing right into your home can mean a world of difference. Having them as the focal point of your room is our topic of the day.

6 Ways You Might Be Harming the Environment and How to Stop!

Did you know that many people who are harming the environment don’t even realise they are doing it?

Environmental damage isn’t only caused on a vast scale by large corporations, harmful emissions, or global pollution. It is also caused in small but significant ways right in our homes or workplaces.

However, by knowing the subtle ways that you might be harming the environment on a daily basis, you can instead make changes to help it. With some small but mindful adjustments, you can transform your daily routine, home, and workspace in environmentally-friendly ways.

The 5 Electric Cars With The Longest Range

Imagine a car which has zero emissions, government subsidies of £3,500 off the purchase price, and is tax-free. Oh, and it requires less maintenance, has lower running costs, AND creates nearly no noise.

This car is not a mere fantasy, it exists today in the form of an electric vehicle (EV). But despite all these benefits, electric cars only comprise 1-2% of UK annual car sales – so why aren’t more UK drivers buying EVs?

Development of the New Age – A Changing World

On the first day of creation God said Let there be light and there was light to begin the New Age. The New Age movement is a movement for World Unity and Peace. It is a movement to unite religions and nations. The goal of the New Age is to prevent war. Living today under the threat of a third nuclear war, New Age development becomes of utmost importance. Pope Francis representing Christianity is negotiating peace between Old Age and New Age. Today he is visiting Iraq.

A Missiologist, Miguel Torneire, who Believes in Holistic Community Development

“The Spirit of the Lord God is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor” (Isaiah 61:1 & Luke 4:18).

The Bible stresses upon the importance of helping others in need in various verses. Offering a helping hand to people who are deprived of basic facilities is a form of service. Regardless of what one’s religious beliefs are, giving into charity is in the basic code of conduct. For the world today, charity is nothing more than a nudge of conscience on holidays such as Christmas. People of faith call acts of charity as ‘almsgiving.” It is a common tradition in Christianity. What people do not understand is that charity is not enough to stabilize and strengthen weak communities. In addition to charity, the world needs philanthropists who can address the root causes of the problems a community faces.

Attraction and Repulsion – Uniting Opposites

Guru Janardan travelled America at the same time when there was a festival in Woodstock. At the time of Woodstock festival in 1969 he was in Chicago receiving people to learn Ajapa Yoga. The climax of his trip to Chicago was organized a convention of people from all faiths. Guru Janardan spoke at this convention encouraging unity between people as brothers to unite with the one uniting force of creation which he described in this way. Yoga teaches Meditation and breath moderation. Yoga means literally unity. Guru Janardan focused attention to the two opposite directions of the breath which are attraction and repulsion, inhalation and exhalation. He said, attraction – repulsion One. The goal of life is to unite these two opposites with the inner source of all creation from which they emanate. Attraction and repulsion energies interact in life. The Kabballa esoteric Judaism describes these two energies in reference to the creation of world.

Working With the Poor – The Church Practicing Poverty Alleviation

The church serves from the forefront when it comes to developing communities and the betterment of impoverished regions. The long-held legacy of support and care for the poor got the title of “Robin Hood” for the churches. However, such approaches have never provided consistently effective outcomes. To elaborate, these approaches are more of a forceful circulation of wealth than equal distribution. Despite the pure intentions and dedicated measures, the church’s efforts to alleviate poverty in monetary terms often yield momentary benefits. The short-term solutions and attempts to improve the conditions of the materially poor made them dependent on the church in monetary terms.

God Rules the World – God Wants Peace

God rules the world. God will not compromise on truth. Truth is one of the names of God. Peace is another name of God. Every day God displays his humility. In humility God gave to man free choice. God is the father; and mankind are his children. The father wants his children to enjoy the gift of life. The gift of life is in two worlds. It begins with this physical world and continues into another realm of existence, the existence of souls and spirit. The father watches over his children. He allows them to choose but works in the background to guide them to make the right decisions.

Will The Arrival of Five-Minute Charging Pave the Way For Mass Electric Vehicle Adoption?

Batteries that have the power to charge electric vehicles in five minutes have been produced in a factory for the first time. Could this technological leap pave the way for mass EV adoption?

Electric vehicles are a key part of the movement to tackle the climate crisis. However, one of the biggest hurdles to adoption stems from uncertainties surrounding battery life and the time it takes to recharge batteries. The new super-fast charging lithium-ion batteries have been developed by Israeli company StoreDot and manufactured by Eve Energy in China on standard production lines.

Fighting The Stigma Concerning Plant-Based Supplements

One of the most common misconceptions about plant-based protein is that they do not provide proteins as effectively as meat-based ones. Vegetarian diets among bodybuilders are highly misunderstood, and people who claim to be on a vegan diet are always laughed out of the gym.

Like the Nuzest Clean Lean Protein, many plant-based proteins were found to be just as effective as animal proteins, and people can thank modern medical research for that.

Working With the Poor – A Biblical Perspective on Poverty Alleviation

The typical perspective that crosses one’s mind when we talk about poverty alleviation is developing deprived areas and global regions. Providing necessary resources to the underprivileged people and ensuring the availability of basic necessities are general ideas for poverty eradication. While these developmental measures are the government’s responsibilities, the Bible presents a different definition and resolution for this rampant global problem.

How to Find the Perfect Furniture

Buying new furniture for a home is very exciting, especially for those who love to go out shopping. Furniture stores in Houston TX, are very famous worldwide for finding the perfect furniture for your home and business. You can find many beautiful furniture pieces to decorate the room. It can be not easy to find perfect furniture because there are many beautiful furniture pieces in Houston, TX furniture stores.

5 Simple Tips to Help Your Car Last For Longer

Experts say that a typical passenger car should last for 200,000 miles or more. But the truth for most of us is that it starts to feel old and worn a lot sooner than that!

You may have noticed some unusual noises, grinding, or shuddering, that your car is less comfortable overall, or that it struggles in certain weather. If you are thousands of miles shy of the two hundred thousand mark, this can be demoralising.

Holiday of Purim Celebrated in Israel and the Jewish World

Judaism is the biblical religion of the Jewish people which is based on the teachings of the Bible the Old Testament which were given by God to Moses at Mount Sinai. In Jewish tradition there are three major holidays Passover, Sukkot and Shevuot. Passover commemorates the Exodus of the Jewish people from slavery to King Pharoah in Egypt. Sukkot commemorates the period of forty years after Passover in which the Jews lived in the Wilderness of Sinai on the way to the land of Israel. Shavuot which means weeks commemorates the period of time of seven weeks between Passover and the giving of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai.

How to Help Your Preschool Child Learn More Effectively

From the moment of birth to entering school, a child goes through a rather difficult, but interesting path of getting to know the world. What is possible and what is not, what it tastes, smells, feels like. He takes the first steps and says his first words. He learns to use the pot and carry out simple assignments. The School becomes a new stage of development, on the readiness for which, however, the success of its passage depends.

How Swimming Lessons Reduce the Risk of Drowning?

These days, people are very much aware of aquatic safety and want to learn all the things to stay safe when around the water. Everyone wants to enjoy in the pools, do water sports, and keep safe when in and near the rivers, seas, lakes, and other water places. But the fear and the phobia of water always stay in the way. That is why, when water safety and the risk of drowning strike your mind, the first thing that might hit you is the swimming lessons. And mind you, swimming lessons are something which helps you to stay safe! The swimming lessons would work as a layer of protection when you are in a drowning or a difficult situation in the water.

What are the Methods to Maintain a Good Oral Hygiene

Achieving good oral health takes lifetime care. Brushing your teeth is not enough. You need to develop healthy dental hygiene habits and use the right oral care products. Here are seven tips to help you.

1. Floss Regularly

While a toothbrush is vital for maintaining good oral health, it cannot remove the food particles in between your teeth. That is why flossing is one of the most significant dental hygiene habits.

Best Money Saving Tips in 2021

In 2020, the entire world suffered from lockdown. Due to lockdown, a lot of people lost their jobs which made it tougher to manage the regular expenses. In order to avoid such situations, you should always save money. In this years, you might have prepared a list of resolutions, but don’t forget to focus on money-saving. In order to help you save more money this year, we have compiled a list of the best money-saving tips. So let’s not waste time and save more money with these expert tips.

Connecting to God and Freedom

God placed the desire for freedom in the world. The desire for freedom is called by some an enemy and by others the secret of God.

Adam and Eve were created from the dust and placed in the Garden of Eden. In the Garden of Eden there was peace and tranquility. Adam and Eve had a free hand to choose to eat from the fruits of all the trees on the earth. Only one tree in the Garden was called for them the forbidden fruit like it says in Genesis 1 : And God commanded to Adam from all the trees of the garden you can eat, but from the tree of knowledge of good and evil you should not eat from it that in the day that you eat from it you will die.

5 Unique Gift Ideas Your Family Will Love

No matter what the holiday, there is nothing like getting a great gift for your family. Seeing the joy and excitement on their face is often better than getting a gift yourself. Even though you know your family and know what they like or what they may be interested in, there still may be times when you are uncertain of exactly which gift to choose. With all of the fantastic gifts available, it can be hard to decide what might be the perfect one. Try not to overthink it. Avoid using those top 10 lists or videos that do more selling than they actually do to help. This article explores five unique gifts that your family will absolutely love.

Depression and Suicide in Difficult Times

The main cause of suicide is depression. Depression can come to people in many ways. One of the ways it may come to people is through poverty. When a person is accustomed to a life of wealth, and for many reasons he has lost his riches, this may be the cause of depression even suicide. Poor people can be happy even living under the stresses of poverty when they have the minimum life requirements food, shelter and friendship. Poor people work hard to maintain themselves and their families which gives them satisfaction even if they have not more than low income life.