The Importance of Opening Schools During Corona Pandemic

The Talmud teaches the world only exists because of the pure breath of children without sin in elementary school that learn the Torah. It is even more important the learning of children in Elementary school than any other level of education.  The world was created for the sake of the learning of these children who are without sin. According to the Bible even if opening up schools in September may be dangerous for some people who are in the ages of danger from Corona, schools must open. The Talmud teaches, the learning of children whose breath is pure without sin, is greater than the learning of adults. Elementary schools in throughout the world, in America and Israel must open for the fall term. Opening the schools will bring the blessing that the Corona Pandemic will end soon.

Pandemic Hunger Pangs

The pandemic has completely upended lives across the planet, restricting movement, shutting schools and forcing millions to work from home.Being cooped up at home with an immense amount of downtime means tending to the bottomless pit called stomach.  Snacking and family meals increase; family members search for a new snack to devour every few hours. Eating food affects an individual’s levels of dopamine—a neurotransmitter in the brain that plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior. To put it simply, dopamine is the brain’s “desire” chemical associated with the feeling you get when achieving a goal.

Christianity and the Need for Social Change Amidst of Globalization and Hunger: What’s Next!!

The present state of the Global Church.

For centuries, the world has continuously been on the struggle to confronting a well-known enemy that has grown so big in our presence, which, as a result, has cost the deaths of many globally, homelessness, fear, anxiety, insecurity, and notably crime. That enemy is poverty. Poverty has been the very topic on the lips of billions worldwide, people of all categories, including the Church. It is an enemy that has become a constant threat to our communities. Our coeval esoteric culture has tried to implement specific changes in people’s living expectancy around the world. There has never been a time that Christianity has gone through so much tyrannical persecution since the dawn of the 21st century over Social Issues, Economic Problems, Public Policy Problems, Racial Intolerance, and Poverty.

Lidocaine Numbing for Male Genital Desensitization

One of the more controversial, and fun, uses of lidocaine numbing products is to use it to enhance performance in bedroom activities. Whether you suffer from early discharge, or just want to give your significant other a little bit extra every once in a while, a little lidocaine can go a long way.

It is no secret that 1 in 3 men occasionally jump the gun at one point or another in their lives. For their partners this can be a source of frustration, or even conflict in their relationship. For men who have struggled with this male genital desensitization issue, it is certainly a relief to know that there is a solution, and it is easy to apply.

Peace Between Nations – Peace Between Religions

Peace is a universal goal of all mankind. Peace Shalom is the name of God. The True peace must also include the right to remain separate, separate nations and separate religions. The meaning of “God is One” means to include One God who is separate and One God united.  One means separate from his creation; one means united with his creation. Each person has the right to be an individual as well as being part of the whole, a part of his nation, a part of mankind, a part of the congregation of his religion.

Do You Listen or Look the Other Way?

Listening, rather than simply half hearing what is said and giving a stock answer – how common is this scenario? “Right…” “Uh-huh…” “Eh…” These stock replies indicate people aren’t interested in listening. This is essentially how life goes. People don’t want to listen because they only care about themselves; hyper-selfishness, especially in current generation. The limits of the human attention span can interfere with listening, but listeners and speakers can use strategies to prevent this interference.

Holy Bible Teaches Against a Possible Biden/Harris Administration

Biden is Roman Catholic. A church that believes it’s ok to kill babies? Fondle children and women? Harris is said to be a Baptist. A church that believes it’s ok to kill babies? Fondle children and women? If we take a close look at just a few key issues the Democratic two are seeking to push through, then we can easily see how they are condemning themselves, and anyone else who believes in/follows their guidance.

The Perfect Fast Acting Numbing Agent for Shots – Numbify Spray

Numbify is known across the nation as a powerful topical anesthetic. It is used for all sorts of topical purposes, from tattoo pain, to hemorrhoid pain, to bug bite itch relief. But did you know that you can use Numbify as a pre-shot numbing agent?

Since we first started talking about using numbing products (Numbify in particular for its fast acting and particularly effective formula) for shot pain relief, we have heard positive responses from all over the nation. Numbify has been lauded time and time again for how well it works in relieving annoying pain and itch.

Why Take Vitamin C for Healthy Hair and Skin

Vitamin C, primarily made up of Ascorbic acid, is one of the most essential and useful nutrients required by our body to maintain good health and ensure the proper functioning of several body parts.

Being an antioxidant, it plays a pivotal role by enabling the production of collagen, an enzyme necessary for developing anti-aging chemicals. Regardless of gender or anatomy, Vitamin C helps form nutrients that are integral for skincare, development of hair, and other beauty-enhancing features. Vitamin C supplements are helpful in fulfilling their daily requirement for healthy hair and skin.

Numbify Numbing for Many Uses

Numbify is a wonderful product for a wide variety of numbing purposes. It is designed as a general topical anesthetic, and it also has a 5% Lidocaine version that was designed for Anorectal Hemorrhoids.

Normally a general use anesthetic is used for first aid situations where pain and/or itch relief is desired such as cuts, scrapes, minor burns, insect bites, and even tattoos. However in recent years many people have taken to using Lidocaine products for off label purposes, and we wanted to talk a bit today about some of the ones we thought were pretty great.

Labor Day Weekend – Is Covid-19 Worry Warranted?

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. California is again hit by a dangerous and potentially historic heat wave. Extreme heat will significantly increase the risk for heat related illnesses, and could become deadly, particularly for those working or participating in outdoor activities. But crowds packed beaches as California baked in the scorching sun. “Every heat wave could have that potential to be deadly,” said Eric Boldt of the National Weather Service. “And this one in particular because it is so hot. We’re talking about possibly all-time records and that goes back over 100 years.”

How Aromatherapy is Beneficial For Your Mind, Health and Soul

Nowadays, stress is so common that it has become a part of everyone’s life which disturbs inner peace. You cannot achieve happiness if you are struggling with your inner demons. However, it is a fact that the negative feelings like stress, anxiety and depression are only powerful when you allow them to control your mind.

When you lose your confidence and faith, these feelings drag you towards negativity. The best methods of controlling your body, mind and soul apart from meditation are by practicing aroma therapies. In this blog, I will share what is aromatherapy and how it is beneficial for your overall well-being.

Track Your Teen’s Online Activities by Installing Android Spyware

Want to monitor your teens & kids?

Well, this has become possible as technology has introduced multiple sets of innovations, including spy software.

The Internet is the best technology invention that is still on trending. Tracking online activities have become crucial with the rise of dangerous online surfing. The new generation does not take such cyber threats seriously, and they begin to trust every stranger online. Here, the online predating game begins. If you track their online activities by using android spyware, it can help to stop cyber threats and interaction with sexual predators.

Disguising the Truth – Corona Pandemic

A video from Dr. Simone Gold denounces the establishment about their covering up the truth about Corona Pandemic and the use of Hydrochloroquine.  18 million people saw this video until it was censored taken off the internet and face book.  Dr. Simone Gold is a Board Certified medical physician working in the emergency room in hospitals for over thirty years. Dr. Simone Gold in this video endorsed the use of HydroChloroquine and Zinc in treatment of Corona virus in its early stages. She claims when a doctor cannot talk about medicine already there is no free speech. She believes in HydroChloroquine treatment discovered by Dr. Zelenko.

Religion, Faith, Freedom, Democracy

Living in a democratic society until you understand the relationships between religion, faith and freedom you cannot appreciate democracy. All three factors religion, faith and freedom are in the center of life each one making its claims on modern society.  Before religion came into the world beginning with Abraham described in Genesis in the bible, there was freedom and there was chaos.

Strong Numbing for Hair Removal – Making Even the Most Painful Procedures Bearable

All across the country, beauty salons, laser hair removal clinics, and day spas are switching to Numbify for their hair removal procedures. The reason why? Numbify’s Strongest Numbing Challenge!!!

You see, Numbify is known nationwide for its three core principles of business integrity. Being a pharmaceutical company with the highest level of commitment to integrity, Numbify’s leadership believes that it is their duty to uphold these three principles.

Combating COVID – Survivor, Homeless, Agency Representative Perspectives

As a researcher, behaviorist among other things, our esteemed Greshun De Bouse is always observing, data-collecting, and compiling valid findings.  Greshun has been quite active in COVID research, and adamant about cause identification as key to COVID eradication. Most recently, Researcher Greshun has communicated with persons from various populations in various parts of the world concerning their views on, and/or personal experience with COVID, and what she learned is fascinating.

Orthorexia – Unhealthy Obsession With Healthy Eating

People cultivate their minds and pay less attention to their stomachs. American Doctor Steven Bratman coined the term “Orthorexia nervosa” in 1997. In a commune in upstate New York he developed an ‘unhealthy obsession’ with eating ‘healthy food’.

“All I could think about was food. But even when I became aware that my scrabbling in the dirt after raw vegetables and wild plants had become an obsession, I found it terribly difficult to free myself. I had been seduced by righteous eating”

A Simple Way to Increase Efficacy in Wound Healing

Treatment of acute and chronic wounds is sometimes challenging. Patients with metabolic syndrome, including insulin resistance, obesity or high blood pressure, and malnutrition may find their bodies are unable to adequately heal without additional help. While it may seem counterintuitive, patient who are obese may also be malnourished, as many times they are gaining weight eating processed, junk food filled with empty calories.

Money Laundry Using Online Shops

For years, many online shops on Taobao and Tmall have hired people, especially students and housewives who have lots of free time and want to earn some extra money, to forge orders and good product reviews. It’s called “Shuadan” in Chinese. These hired “customers” browse and buy the products in exactly the same way that a normal customer would behave.

Controlling Love is not only a Jewish problem

Love is difficult to control. Love makes the world go around. Woman abuse is a problem in America and the whole world. The healthy way of controlling love is to get married to the one you love. Love in this way becomes productive through procreation. Family is the cradle of life.

The Jewish people are dependent on Jews marrying Jews. When Jews marry out of Judaism the nation loses important souls.  The survival of the Jewish nation depends on fighting intermarriage, interfaith marriage.

What Are the Most Dangerous Jobs in America?

There are countless ways to make a living in this country and some jobs are more dangerous than others. No matter what job someone takes, it is important to know about the risks. With this in mind, what are the most dangerous jobs in America?

LoggingLogging continues to be listed as one of the most dangerous jobs. In some cases, it is considered to be the most dangerous job in the country. There are countless reasons why this job is so dangerous. First, this job involves a lot of driving, which presents plenty of opportunities for accidents to happen. Then, workers are supposed to cut down trees. This involves heavy, sharp equipment that could lead to serious injuries. Finally, as the trees fall down, this could cause someone to get crushed, leading to bone fractures, chest injuries, crush syndrome, and other serious complications.

Will Conversion Therapy Be Banned?

There has been a lot of progress in the movement for LGBT+ rights but most people would also agree that there is a long way to go. Even though progress has been seen on the front regarding gay marriage, members of this community still face discrimination on a daily basis, as there are still plenty of people who believe that individuals of this community are somehow “less than” those who are not. One of the ways in which individuals in this community might be discriminated against is through something called conversion therapy. The vast majority of people agree that this is something that should be banned. Is it on the way to being banned?

Watch Your Wallet When You Shop During Pandemic

As I watched the evening news yesterday, I saw the Sheriff cautioning people to be wary of thieves. He said,

“As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with coronavirus, a difficult economy, a dangerous heatwave and out-of-control wildfires, we now have to deal with increasing numbers of thieves grabbing our wallets in grocery store”– Orange County Sheriff’s Department on 8/19/2020

Useful Tips for Couples Traveling for the First Time Together

You’ve found a romantic partner and the two of you want to go on a journey together. What are the steps that you have to take to be successful in this grand adventure? Well, the truth is a little more complex than most people would think. That is why we’re looking at the most useful tips for couples traveling for the first time together. Prepare to have the time of your life!

Universal Faith and Religion – Corona, Abraham Accords

Israel and UAE have made peace. UAE is the most liberal of all the Arab Republics in the Gulf. This year Pope Francis was invited by UAE to visit and pray in their land. He wrote a tweet: This visit to the UAE belongs to the surprises of God. So let us praise Him and his providence and pray that the seeds sown may bring forth fruits of peace.” His prayers have been partially answered through the Abraham Accords.

Best Plant Protein Powders For Vegans

If you are looking for the best vegan protein powder, there are so many options on the market to fit everyone’s individual needs. Some of the best options include protein derived from hemp, pea, brown rice, pumpkin seed, chia, soy and flax. There are various plant-based protein powders but not all of those are vegan as some plant-based proteins may have animal-derived products like honey.

Learning from Corona Pandemic

Corona virus is still with us even though there are some improvements. There have already been 22 million people infected and 780 thousands deaths from the disease. In America alone more than 5.5 million cases and 173 thousand deaths. Russia is the first to produce a vaccine and there are many companies in the world on the way to producing an accepted vaccine. Including all the people infected in the world with those that will be eventually vaccinated hopefully will be reached Herd Immunity. In case that will come another similar virus, medical science is doing research the use of anti-viral drugs like Hydrochloroquine and Remdesvir to prepare for the next plague God Forbid.

Numbify Low Cost Pricing – Even in the Pandemic

With shortages in almost every industry, prices for almost everything (except maybe gas) continue to rise around the globe. Materials that used to be plentiful and easy to find, are not available due to rising risks centered around this pandemic.

Because of shortages, prices on even the little things are rising, and the longer manufacturing companies stay closed, the more expensive they will get. Because of the increase of raw materials, many companies are raising their prices, and it’s easy to see why.

Abraham Accords

The agreement made between Israel and UAE was given the name Abraham Accords. The agreement was reached through the work of President Trump negotiating between the ministers of UAE and Netanyahu-Gantz.  It is called Abraham Accords because both nations UAE and Israel are related to religions which are connected to Abraham called the father of nations in the Bible, Genesis.  God appeared to Abraham Genesis 12, And God said to Abraham go out from your homeland to the land which I will show you. I will make from you a great nation, and glorify your name to be blessed. Calling the peace treaty Abraham Accords is a fulfillment of this prophecy to glorify the name Abraham and to call the peace agreement Abraham Accords.

Wait on COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccines are in spotlight because of the latest outbreak of the new disease Covid-19. The need of the hour, therefore, is timely production of vaccines, fast execution and enhanced follow-up to reduce failure rates. Vaccines are made from the same germs (or parts of them) that cause disease; for instance, polio vaccine is made from polio virus. But the germs in the vaccines are either killed or weakened so that they won’t make you sick. Vaccines containing these weakened or killed germs are introduced into your body, usually by injection.

Top Projects to Do With Your Home Remodel

We’ve all been cooped up in our houses a little too long, so it’s only natural to want to change some things up. You’ve seen the same walls, the same rooms and the same floors for months, isn’t it time for a remodel? It doesn’t have to break the bank, either.

It’s easy to renovate a small part of your house and live life in the best of both worlds. You’ve escaped the boredom with your house, but you haven’t spent your life savings on a full remodel. Here are some things in your home that you can renovate that won’t break the bank.

The Land of Israel and Peace

The right of the Jews to live in the Land of Israel was certified by the United Nations in 1948 after the war of Independence. The Jewish people have always had an historical connection to the land of Israel from Biblical times. After World War II and the holocaust came the opportunity for the Jewish people to establish in the land of Israel a sovereign nation. The Jewish people have always been a nation and the land of Israel has always been its homeland. The Land of Israel is an important part of Judaism, the Jewish religion.

7 Best Home Remedies For Your Dry Cough

Sometimes medicines are not the primary solution for your dry cough and you can treat it by yourself. Dry Coughs are normal and almost everyone gets it, specially during winters. Instead of taking medicines, you can treat your dry cough at home with the following 7 remedies.

But before we get into this, we advise every reader to take medical advice from your doctor in case your cough lasts more than a week.

America, Israel and Religious Political Conflicts

America in the world is the spokesman for freedom. The goal of America is that the world should be united by freedom. The Statue of Liberty stands in NY a symbol of freedom. America was found as a nation under One God with liberty and justice forever. The religion of America is freedom. Freedom accepts the major monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam even though they are fundamentally against freedom.

How to Find the Right Alteration Specialist for Your Wedding Dress

When it is time for you to start getting ready for your wedding, you need to make sure that the wedding dress that you have picked out hugs your body just right. You need to make sure that the dress will help you feel confident and that it will show off your body in the best way. Your wedding dress is going to be in all of the pictures and memories that you have from your special day, and you need to find the right person to alter that dress for you.

Top 10 Best Types of Vegan Supplements in 2020

A lot of people around the world are shifting towards a vegan diet. According to the Vegan Society, the number of vegans in the UK has increased over three times within 2014-2018. We also see this trend worldwide.

This diet allows people to make food choices that show compassion to animals and help save mother earth. Since this kind of diet is highly restrictive, some have wondered what the best vegan supplements today are.