Political Analyst – No Vaccine 4 Me Till Affects Recorded 2 Years – No Tracking

As we get closer to the possibility of a vaccine to combat against the coronavirus, COVID 19, with more than 7 billion people waiting for the vaccine, we find problems with the vaccine in the way of monitoring who has had the vaccine and those who haven’t.

This article will show, provide  proofs, of what is known about the virus, how it came to infiltrate the world’s population, who manufactured the virus, and how it will be monitored in the future. Everything here has been factchecked and is by all means considered to be absolute truth. Taking this from Bullet point to Bullet point, let us carefully discern what is and has been going on behind closed doors.

The Establishment of the Nation of Israel – Hanukah

The Nation of Israel has a Biblical history more than any other nation in the world. Like all nations it was established and survived through wars. The whole Bible from Genesis is the story of the establishment of the Biblical nation of Israel which began with Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Adam was created by God from the earth unlike all other human beings who come from the sexual union of male and female. The belief in the special creation of Adam is the foundation of faith in God the creator. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” are the first words of the Bible. The belief in the special creation of Adam refutes evolution.

Planning the Perfect at Home Movie Night

It’s safe to say that current events have made it quite difficult to enjoy family movie night at our local theaters. However, that does not mean you can’t find ways to provide your family with the same enjoyment of a movie theater. One of the most common things that parents tend to worry about in regards to movie night is the price tag of it all. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to host your own movie night without breaking the bank. The following includes just a few of the ways to ensure that your movie night goes off without a hitch.

Rabbi Lord Jonathon Saks Dies a Martyr for Peace

Rabbi Lord Jonathon Sacks passed away at the age of 72 in November. He devoted his life toward uniting the secular world with the religious world. He served as Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth the largest the largest synagogue body in the UK. He held this position from September 1991 until September 2013. He is known to be not only a Rabbi but also a philosopher, theologian, author and politician.

Five Weightlifting Belt Mistakes you Must Avoid

Speak to a few seasonal lifters and you will learn that they all have different answers to the same questions. For example, ask why is it important to wear the best weight lifting belt? This is the reason why they make mistakes with their weightlifting belts. Many of them use different belts for different lifts and situations. When it comes to choosing the best weightlifting belt, it is your personal preference. Just be aware of the things you need to know how to buy a leather weightlifting belt.

Finding Unity Amidst the Corona Pandemic and Making a Better Life

Search to find the Unity of God on earth and don’t give up. Each person living in this world is worried about himself. He is worried about his family. He may also worry about his nation. The world is made up of nations which are divided. Each nations has its own land and its own constitution. The nation exists for the sake of the people. Sometimes the people exist for the sake of the nation.

Delicious Recipes to Cook with Italian Chopped Tomatoes

Did you just succeed in securing a tin can of authentic Italian chopped tomatoes? Congratulations! You got an all-rounder of the food world that lets you try your hands on dozens of classic dishes. However, the confusion is: What to cook? What can be a recipe that can turn your experiment into a family feast? We’ve rounded up some easy yet sumptuous recipes to cook with chopped tomatoes. Learn about them and try!

Finding God in Corona Pandemic and US Elections

Democracy gives freedom for people to adapt their lives according to the times. People will choose the candidate most suitable to their needs. They connect to God in the way they choose.

Corona Pandemic has thrown a darkness on the world which may compel people to look for spiritual help. There are two types of people, closed minded and open minded. There are people who are set in their ways and refuse to change. People have already become atheists and only look at life as a natural phenomenon. They believe in evolution of the species, and that life is a combination of natural energies which always existed and will always exist.

Corona Pandemic Belongs to God Not to Biden or Trump

Before the final day when you decide to cast your ballot don’t make the mistake to judge Trump because of his handling of the Corona Pandemic. The Corona Pandemic came from God with powers from heaven which have baffled the greatest of scientists. There is not one leader of nations of the world that has successfully stopped the Pandemic. Those that succeeded in the first stage, failed in the second stage like Israel.

The Big Lie – Covering Up the Truth About Corona

In Israel has been produced a video endorsing the use of Hydrochloroquine with Zinc for treatment of Corona virus in the early stages.  In the beginning of the Corona outbreak in March a technique of treatment was discovered by a doctor practicing in Upstate New York. The physician Dr. Zelenko risked his job by using a creative treatment without FDA approval. In his community where lived exclusively Chassidic Jews through this treatment, he was able to prevent hospitalizations and deaths.

King Nebuchadnezzar and President Donald Trump

An ancient king. A modern president. Nebuchadnezzar vs Trump.  Nebuchadnezzar restored Babylon to its former glory and metamorphosed it “into a city of light.”  In 2016, President Trump promised to make America great again and transform it into a national beacon of equal rights and racial justice.  Economic progress was being made until the onslaught of COVID-19; advancement toward greater social justice remains a subject of contention.

Which Colour To Wear On Each Day of Navratri?

The festive season is near. Navratri and the Hindu devotees are readying to celebrate it in full enthusiasm. All of Navratri’s nine days are devoted to the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga — the Goddess of power. Each of the nine colors of Navratri signifies the nature of the Devi. Every year, although the colors stay the same, the sequence changes depending on the day Navratri falls.

A Miracle in Israel – Don’t Fear Corona

The words “Don’t fear Corona” is a motto well known today. Nevertheless, the fake news media and the governments of the world, the FDA and WHO also preach Fear Corona, Quarantine, Wait for Bill Gates to save the world with a vaccine. Against the words wait for the vaccine, King David wrote in Psalms 27, Wait for God, be strong and courageous, Wait for God.” Rabbi Nachman of Breslov a Chassidic master living in Ukraine 200 years ago taught, “There is no such thing as without hope. If you believe that it is possible to destroy, believe also that it is possible to correct. The story of life is about crossing a narrow bridge. Most important is not to fear. It is a great achievement to be always happy.”

How to Improve Workplace Hygiene During Covid 19

During the Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene in a workplace and other spaces where large numbers of people gather has become of high importance. The pandemic has shown us what can be improved in hygiene practices, even for the spaces where hygiene was on a high standard. Many employees have started working from their homes and will continue to do so when the pandemic is over. For the companies that are still working from offices, hygiene has become one of the most important everyday tasks, in order to protect their employees and customers. If you are looking for ways how to further improve hygiene in your workplace, we have created a list to help you. Read on to see how to improve workplace hygiene.

Protect the Free World – Boycott the China Vaccine for Corona

The Free World believes in democracy. The Free World believes in freedom. Corona virus has crippled the free world. The free world has gone into quarantine. Until comes the vaccine for Corona the future of the free world is to go into quarantine return to normalcy and return to quarantine again. Israel went into quarantine and returned to normalcy only to return again to quarantine. The same is true for the whole world. Quarantine is bondage to the free world much more than to China and communist nations.

Nutritious Foods that are Cheap and Healthy – Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

It’s happening more and more often across the country: people are putting down their fast food meals and getting off their couches. That’s right, adults nationwide are starting to eat healthier and get a bit of exercise. The only problem that they see shortly afterward is that they’re not sure where to begin! Eating healthier can also mean higher grocery bills.

Air Purifiers – All You Need to Know

Indoor pollution is listed by the WHO World Health Organization as one of the menacing threats to our health. At room temperature these threats which are Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC’s such as  carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, benzene, xylene and formaldehyde evaporate from some solids and liquids and influence the indoor air. Not only can this cause minor problems like sinus irritation, headache, asthma or eye irritation, difficulty in breathing but also can lead to permanent liver damage, kidney damage or cancer.

The Best Sports for Kids – and How to Find the Right One

Encouraging your children to stay active is beneficial for their physical and mental health. Research shows that only six out of ten children aged five to fourteen participate in sports during their free time. That is because younger generations tend to spend a lot of time in front of their computer, which leaves little to no time for physical activity. That doesn’t mean that technology is bad for your children. On the contrary, you should encourage your kids to learn about technology and how to benefit from it.

How to Maintain Communication During Addiction Recovery

When you begin your rehabilitation process, you may experience challenges when trying to communicate with your loved ones. However, the decision to join such a program is incredible because it will help you recover from the misuse of alcohol or other toxic substances. During this period, you will be able to remember the good memories you used to share with your family members. Joining a rehab is a personal decision, and you should try your best to complete the treatment. After a successful process, you will be able to continue with your normal activities. You will also mend your relationship with your friends and family members.

Spiritual Healing – Mind Power – Corona

On the holiday of Sukkot are built temporary dwellings called Sukkot booths with the prayer that God should place all mankind under one roof called Sukka. Moses the giver of the Torah compares the Universal faith to a Sukka in contrast to a permanent dwelling place which is the holy temple which was built in Jerusalem, the National home of the Jewish people. The Torah is both Universal and National.

Spiritual Healing, Corona, and Resurrection

Corona is with us already for six months, growing in some parts of the world, resting temporarily in other parts of the world. Israel is in a new spike of infections. In New York which was the worst hit in America Corona has been resting temporarily but there is already signs of spikes in religious neighborhoods in Metropolitan New York. President Trump has tested positive and is being treated in the hospital. Several of the leaders of religious Jewish community in Israel have recently become infected including Rabbi Chaim Kinevsky called The Prince of the Torah World. Rabbi Chaim is over 90 years old.

Equality Issue Alert – Can a Woman Be the Provider Without Looking Like She’s Being Made a Fool Of?

The belief that all men and women should be equal is something (I assume I speak for most) that most of us nowadays want.  Men can do a so-called ‘woman’s job’ (except giving birth) and women can do a so-called (mans jobs). Both can aspire to choose a chosen role without thinking about whether it suits their gender or not. However, in terms of homely roles at this time, it’s not uncommon to hear of the female being the provider; A role that most men take on naturally. Others do not.

How to Confirm You Are Suffering From Sleep Disorder

Sleep is our basic need and it is essential to stay fit physically and mentally. A night of good sleep helps the brain to work efficiently. Not getting sufficient sleep or deep and long hours sleep not only affects physically and mentally but it disturbs your daily routine and lifestyle as well. In today’s stressful lifestyle that we live, sleep disorder is a common term among the majority of people.

Temporary Dwellings – The Jewish Holiday of Sukot (Booths)

After the high holidays Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur starting the New Year, the Jewish people begin to build on their porches and in the streets temporary dwellings called Sukot or booths.  These booths are symbolic of the housing quarters in which the Jewish people lived in for forty years wandering in the wilderness of Sinai. The generation of the wilderness has the possibility to cross over into Israel in a short time since the distance between the Sinai Peninsula and Israel is not long only requiring to cross over the Jordan River to reach Israel. However God had for them other plans and they were ordered by God to wait forty years with Moses their leader before entering Israel. Moses did not enter Israel but he sent his disciple Joshua to lead the people into Israel.

Masitinib: Potential Breakthrough Treatment Presented at MS Conference

The ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS international conference, the largest gathering of specialists and researchers in the world focused on multiple sclerosis (MS), was recently held between 11th and 13th of September. Given the complications of the current sanitary crisis, the event was made virtual in order to maintain its schedule. For the conference, medical and scientific experts and innovators met online to discuss the most cutting-edge advances in the fight against MS.

Preparing for Hep C Treatment

Hepatitis C contamination has been controlled somewhat, but there are still people who get infected with it. You have been infected with hep C or someone you love has been diagnosed with it, you will feel overwhelmed and a little scared.

Both of these feelings are normal. As hep C doesn’t have many alarming symptoms, it is harder for the patient to prepare themselves mentally before they are diagnosed. All the new precautions and treatment options will be making you feel a little out of depth. While medications like sovaldi generic are proven to have good results on the infection, a patient still not feel comfortable and need time to prepare their mind and their body for the treatment.

CDC is Coronavirus Testing Your Dog and Cat

Department of health teams are visiting homes to test your dogs and cats for coronavirus. Texas scientists have reported finding two pet cats with the coronavirus — the first in the state. Cats were swabbed as part of a study being conducted at Texas A&M University to understand how pets living in “high-risk” households may be impacted by COVID-19.

The Prominent Rise of Vegan Skincare

Health is without a doubt not only one of the most important aspects of well-being and quality of life but one of the most innovative industries that the world has ever seen. Over the years, there have been many learning innovations within the health industry that have all had their own impact on how that industry continues to bloom, flourish, thrive, and unfold well into the future and beyond. Whether it is a passing trend or a lasting staple in the industry, each and every innovation that is introduced into the health industry is an innovation that further -shapes the future of that industry tenfold.

If You’re Not Carrying Numbify in Your Tattoo Shop, You’re Losing Money!!!

One of the greatest realizations of the modern world of marketing is the potential of point of sale purchases. Having a variety of different options and upgrades are an important way of maximizing your profit margins. Today we want to talk to you a bit about how Numbify can help boost profits at your tattoo shop, and help you help more customers.

RangeMe – A Great Way to Connect? Or Buyer Beware?

RangeMe is a service that specializes in helping connect wholesalers to buyers. They offer their services with two different perspectives: sServices for the buyers, and services for the wholesalers.

Buyers are of course offered accounts for free. It’s a great way to browse products and find connections to new providers you may not have had dealings with before, all at your fingertips. The wholesaler side of the business is a bit darker though.

CPAP Machines Rise in Popularity Around the Globe

Health and wellbeing are two of the most important core fundamentals of any individual’s life. This is true regardless of who an individual is, where in the world they live, or what their individual circumstances happened to be at any given time throughout their life. And while this is of course undeniably true, what is really important to acknowledge and to understand is that this is an aspect of life that has not been given nearly enough attention to detail over the years.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Reflect Your Unique Style

Your home is like a little extension of its owner’s personality and lets visitors peek into the person you really are. Each piece of the furniture and other décor elements tell stories about the people who are important in your life and your beliefs and thought processes. You may have bought some of the things that adorn the interior, others you’ll make by hand, giving free rein to your creative spirit and the hidden artist inside. Here are some fascinating ideas that will make your home truly as unique as the person living in it.

8 Ways Massage Can Benefit You

  • Massage started in India thousands of years ago, and today remains a useful practice to treat ailments, injuries, and stress across the globe
  • Massage offers physical benefits that not only encourage healing and recovery, but also promotes flexibility and better sleep
  • It also provides mental health benefits, especially in reducing anxiety, relieving stress, and fighting fatigue

Massage is more than 5,000 years old. Hindus in India practiced it as part of Ayurvedic medicine. Since then, practitioners worldwide use it to treat injuries and pain, heal sickness, and relieve stress.

These days, the therapy is not only available in expensive health clubs and spas. You can get a session at clinics, malls, beauty salons, and even at airports.

The Challenges of Senior Care During a Pandemic

When it comes to caring for the elderly, There is a lot to be said about the fact that elderly patient care is not even close to the same thing as general patient care. In fact, there is a distinct and unwavering difference between the patient care of a young individual and patient care of an elderly individual. There are many challenges that go hand in hand with senior care that an individual that works inpatient care for younger individuals does not have to deal with throughout the day.

National Mask Exemption Awareness Day™ (MEADAY104)

It seems all we hear these days in #COVIDWORLD is mask this or mask that.  The CDC recommends them. Dr. Fauci recommends them. Governors and mayors have mandated them, and a large number of citizens are wearing them.  But amid all of this recommending and mandating, has anyone or entity really stopped to think and implement practical strategy for our most vulnerable and underserved population during this pandemic-the mask-exempt. 

The Importance of Opening Schools During Corona Pandemic

The Talmud teaches the world only exists because of the pure breath of children without sin in elementary school that learn the Torah. It is even more important the learning of children in Elementary school than any other level of education.  The world was created for the sake of the learning of these children who are without sin. According to the Bible even if opening up schools in September may be dangerous for some people who are in the ages of danger from Corona, schools must open. The Talmud teaches, the learning of children whose breath is pure without sin, is greater than the learning of adults. Elementary schools in throughout the world, in America and Israel must open for the fall term. Opening the schools will bring the blessing that the Corona Pandemic will end soon.

Pandemic Hunger Pangs

The pandemic has completely upended lives across the planet, restricting movement, shutting schools and forcing millions to work from home.Being cooped up at home with an immense amount of downtime means tending to the bottomless pit called stomach.  Snacking and family meals increase; family members search for a new snack to devour every few hours. Eating food affects an individual’s levels of dopamine—a neurotransmitter in the brain that plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior. To put it simply, dopamine is the brain’s “desire” chemical associated with the feeling you get when achieving a goal.

Christianity and the Need for Social Change Amidst of Globalization and Hunger: What’s Next!!

The present state of the Global Church.

For centuries, the world has continuously been on the struggle to confronting a well-known enemy that has grown so big in our presence, which, as a result, has cost the deaths of many globally, homelessness, fear, anxiety, insecurity, and notably crime. That enemy is poverty. Poverty has been the very topic on the lips of billions worldwide, people of all categories, including the Church. It is an enemy that has become a constant threat to our communities. Our coeval esoteric culture has tried to implement specific changes in people’s living expectancy around the world. There has never been a time that Christianity has gone through so much tyrannical persecution since the dawn of the 21st century over Social Issues, Economic Problems, Public Policy Problems, Racial Intolerance, and Poverty.

Lidocaine Numbing for Male Genital Desensitization

One of the more controversial, and fun, uses of lidocaine numbing products is to use it to enhance performance in bedroom activities. Whether you suffer from early discharge, or just want to give your significant other a little bit extra every once in a while, a little lidocaine can go a long way.

It is no secret that 1 in 3 men occasionally jump the gun at one point or another in their lives. For their partners this can be a source of frustration, or even conflict in their relationship. For men who have struggled with this male genital desensitization issue, it is certainly a relief to know that there is a solution, and it is easy to apply.

Peace Between Nations – Peace Between Religions

Peace is a universal goal of all mankind. Peace Shalom is the name of God. The True peace must also include the right to remain separate, separate nations and separate religions. The meaning of “God is One” means to include One God who is separate and One God united.  One means separate from his creation; one means united with his creation. Each person has the right to be an individual as well as being part of the whole, a part of his nation, a part of mankind, a part of the congregation of his religion.

Do You Listen or Look the Other Way?

Listening, rather than simply half hearing what is said and giving a stock answer – how common is this scenario? “Right…” “Uh-huh…” “Eh…” These stock replies indicate people aren’t interested in listening. This is essentially how life goes. People don’t want to listen because they only care about themselves; hyper-selfishness, especially in current generation. The limits of the human attention span can interfere with listening, but listeners and speakers can use strategies to prevent this interference.

Holy Bible Teaches Against a Possible Biden/Harris Administration

Biden is Roman Catholic. A church that believes it’s ok to kill babies? Fondle children and women? Harris is said to be a Baptist. A church that believes it’s ok to kill babies? Fondle children and women? If we take a close look at just a few key issues the Democratic two are seeking to push through, then we can easily see how they are condemning themselves, and anyone else who believes in/follows their guidance.