Alert! Did China’s New Coronavirus Leak From Their Biological Warfare Weapons Lab?

Currently, the world is watching the news about the new virus from China, According to the World Health Organization it is labeled 2019-nCoV. it is a viral respiratory illness caused by a coronavirus that has not been found in people before. 2019-nCoV is not the same coronavirus that caused Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003.

BREAKING: China Fights Wuhan Coronavirus Against the Arrival of Chinese New Year

Barely one month since its outbreak, the new Wuhan coronavirus has already caused 644 confirmed infected patients, 422 suspicious cases, and 18 deaths in China. However, with the arrival of the Chinese New Year and all the inevitable celebration gatherings, these numbers will just get higher day by day.

To avoid further expansion of the epidemic, finally, Wuhan has been officially locked down. All buses, metros, trains and planes have been stopped pending further notice. Across China, many sites have been closed and lots of popular celebration activities have been canceled. In Beijing, the Forbidden City will stop receiving visitors from January 25, the first day of the year in Chinese New Year 2020. The premier of several long-expected movies has also been rescheduled.

Best Time to Rent an Apartment in 2020

When exactly is the best time to rent an apartment? Is it during the winter or during the summer? It is common to jump to the thought process that winter will be the least expensive time to find an apartment. This is because graduates as well as current students typically are seen moving during the summer months. Since leases are usually for 1 year, or sometimes 2 years, then these graduates and students would be on a summer cycle. It is also common that people are more inclined to look for apartments during the spring and summer time because the weather is warmer, life is usually less busy than it is during the holiday season and if the family has children then they will be out of school during the move. Is this always the case, though?

Deteriorating Doctor-Patient Relationship in China is Causing Imminent Shortages

Just 20 days into 2020, the coronavirus from Wuhan has already infected 319 people in China and has reached three countries outside China. It reminds everybody of the SARS outbreak in 2003, which caused 774 deaths in over 30 countries. Doctors and nurses are trying their best to treat the patients, whose expenses will be covered by the Chinese government. It is at times like this when you realize how important the doctors and nurses are. However, in China, a worsening relationship between the doctors/nurses and the patients is seeding a serious social problem. Over the past month, six cases have been reported where the patients beat up or even murder their life savers.

Transphobic Radio Host Denies Attack on Gender Dysphoria

In a blast back to the article I wrote, Mr. Pratt hosted another podcast entitled “HD83: Democrat claims victimhood for criticism not levied.”

First, he claims I was not victimized because of the previous podcast entitled “Wiccan, male living as female in Snyder, running for Texas’ HD83.”

As I stated previously in my article, Gender Dysphoria is a real issue, and by him “attacking” me and misgendering, this is an attack on me and my rights.

The Battle Between Conservative and Liberal Ideals in the World

Progressive liberal influences are affecting Orthodox Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Jews throughout the world. In the news is an article regarding the Catholic church Pope Benedict warns against relaxing priestly- celibacy rules. Pope Benedict resigned from his position and Pope Francis is his successor. Many people guess the reason for his resignation which was very unusual for a Pope to resign.  He may have seen that in the future there would be pressure on the Catholic Church to institute reforms and he was not willing to make these changes. One of the changes is being talked about by Pope Francis regarding priestly celibacy rules under the pressures of his opponents that have pressured the church on the issue of immunity of Priests to sexual abuse accusations. Pope Francis has opened the Catholic Church to gays, and has endorsed interfaith dialogue.

After Lubbock Radio Host Slams Transgender Candidate, Local Preacher Gets Involved in the Fight

Earlier today A Lubbock transphobic radio show host blasted my campaign, not over policy, but my gender identity.

But that was just the start to a horrific day, A few hours later due to the post I made from one of my endorsers for my campaign Freethought Equality Fund PAC, the same Baptist Church Preacher from Odessa Pride and Lubbock Pride that has been bashing me and my campaign since my announcement on July 1st of 2019 started it up again.

A Transphobic Radio Host from Lubbock Attacks Transgender Candidate

On this PodCast, Mr. Pratt Blatanny shows his homophobic and transphobic nature, in his words that clearly are meant to hurt. Well, I wanted to confront this issue, and give you my side of all of this.

He states, “a man who pretends to be a woman.” Clearly a transphobic punch in the chest, but let’s talk about this issue, GENDER DYSPHORIA is real and is not a pretend fantasy. Gender dysphoria is a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there’s a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity. It’s sometimes known as gender incongruence. This mismatch between sex and gender identity can lead to distressing and uncomfortable feelings that are called gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is a recognized medical condition, for which treatment is sometimes appropriate. It’s not a mental illness. A twin study (based on seven people in a 314 sample) suggested that GID may be 62% heritable, indicating the possibility of a genetic influence as its origin. In these cases. Gender dysphoria occurs in one in 30,000 male-assigned births and one in 100,000 female-assigned births which now is leading to higher numbers. In recent studies it showed Gender dysphoria occurs in one in 7,000 male-assigned births and one in 50,000 female-assigned births.

Breakthrough Research: Sestrins Can Supplement Exercise and Deliver Results

A new study has been published claiming that Sestrins are evolutionarily conserved mediators of exercise benefits. It could be possible to enjoy the benefits of exercise without actually doing it. However, exercise is important for cardiovascular health and even from a psychological prospective.

A lot of times people get injured during exercise, or due to aging, many types of sports activities become not possible. The researchers from Michigan university believe it may be possible to achieve the benefits of exercise without doing so. Is it far fetched? No, according to the researchers, while studying sestrins. The Sestrins constitute a family of evolutionarily-conserved stress-inducible proteins that suppress oxidative stress and regulate adenosine monophosphate-dependent protein kinase (AMPK)-mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling.

Top 7 Deodorant Ingredients to Avoid

As expected, each deodorant is a combination of different ingredients. However, some of these ingredients are not good for your health as they are capable of causing an array of health problems. So, before choosing any deodorant, you must check out its ingredients to be certain if it has any toxic ingredients that must be avoided.

Here are the top 7 deodorant ingredients to avoid:

Macrocosm and Microcosm – Faith and Religion

Democracy is the result of six thousand years in the development of civilization. Democracy is the macrocosm of the story of life and civilization from the first day of creation until today. The microcosm of creation and civilization are the religions in the world, the nations of the world with a law. The macrocosm democracy with the ideology of freedom is one, the aspect of unity. The microcosms are multiple nations each with their own law. The law of a democracy is like is written in the Declaration of Independence, One nation under God with liberty and justice forever. Within a democracy is a microcosm which is called its constitution. There is no nation without boundaries, without a constitution. In a democracy the macrocosm is freedom as an ideal. In a microcosm a theocracy or secular dictatorship there is no statute of freedom written in the law. The people are called subjects, servants of their nation. President Trump declared at the Evangelist rally, America worships God and not its nation.

Curved and Circular Design for the Child Daycare

Anxiety in children often comes from their early relationships with the environment. Taking the child’s minds into the environment can increase the comfort of the child and ultimately reducing anxiety. So, using familiar forms for children helps them build a second home for themselves and feel more secure. A child’s daycare design requires a thorough understanding of children, which will work well with the child’s mental and functional standards.

Best Numbing Products for Hemorrhoids – Start Carrying Today at Your Online Pharmacy

We’ve talked a lot about Numbify and its benefits in the fields of tattooing, piercing, waxing, and other topical needs, but it’s possible that we have not touched base enough on our Extra Strength Numbify products, and their primary purpose: Hemorrhoids.

Due to their anatomical location, hemorrhoids can be an uncomfortable subject matter (Although not quite as uncomfortable as actually having them). It is perfectly understandable that the discussion of anal fissures can make even the most disreputable scoundrel squirm in their seat, however it becomes a problem when proper medical care is avoided simply out of embarrassment.

Veterans New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are a waste of time. At least, that’s what a majority of psychologists maintain. After all, if there was something that could significantly improve your life, you’d have already done it right?  Indeed, New Year’s resolutions are almost useless. In fact, by some studies the percentage of Americans who keep their New Year’s resolutions are in the single digits.

From Sadness to Joy – The State of Israel

The 10th day of the month of Tevet which falls out this year on January 7, is a sad day in Jewish history and a Jewish fast day.  It commemorates the day that Nebuchadnezzer the Baylonian King began the siege of Jerusalem and the holy temple built by King Solomon. Through the conquest of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple the Jewish people were exiled from their land almost completely. However they continued their religion in other places in the world. Seventy years later they returned to their land and built the second holy temple in Jerusalem which lasted over four hundred years. At one point in Jewish history Israel had sovereignty over the land of Israel. Even in the time of the second temple they did not have sovereignty and were a satellite nation.

Mack Maine Says Lil Wayne Drug Bust Story is Bad for Business

Lil Wayne has been immersed in controversy in the past few weeks following a drug bust at the Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport, in which he was allegedly involved. A few major tabloids initially reported that a gold-plated gun and drugs, that included MDMA, cocaine, marijuana, and heroin, were found in Lil Wayne’s bag during a search of the private jet on which he was flying. The plane had just flown into Miami when federal authorities pounced.

8 Warning Signs that You Need to Consult a Hepatologist

An overview: Liver and related diseases (Liver Cancer)

Situated on the right side of the belly, the Liver is a very vital organ that carries out the crucial functions of converting the nutrients to chemicals that are required for various body functions, excreting the bile, detoxifying chemicals from the blood, metabolizing drugs and producing proteins required for blood clotting and other functions.

Greshun De Bouse on Carley McCord: Louisianian to Louisianian

So it’s official! Greshun De Bouse is everything… everything we all want to be! She is a reigning queen, has countless awards and recognition nationwide for her positive global impact, she is powerful and strong, and she is beautiful inside and out.

Want another reason to love Greshun? Of course we absolutely do, and it’s no surprise that there is yet another reason to gush about Greshun De Bouse-her loving kindness. Now we all know and love Greshun as a positive global icon, but this powerfully persuasive young lady also incorporates love and tenderness in her daily life mantra.

Treasures for the World – Jewish Holy Books

The Supreme Court of New York decided in 1986 that the holy books in the Library of Agudas Chassidei Chabad on Eastern Parkway were their own treasures left to them by their Grand Rabbis and personal collections. The Grand Rabbi is part of his congregation and the Rebbe and his followers are one body with one divine interest the welfare of the Jewish people and the holiness of Judaism. The day of this decision was declared by their leader Rabbi Schneerson to be a Jewish holiday.

Health and Safety Tips for Moving

When it is time for you to move to a new home, there are several health and safety concerns about the process. Here some tips that experts recommend for remaining safe and healthy while you move.

Tip 1: Eat a Nutritious Daily Diet While You are Moving

Make sure to continue eating a nutritious diet while you are moving to avoid feeling lethargy or getting ill. This may seem difficult if you are trying to empty the refrigerator in your old home while transporting items to a different place, but it is vital when you want to remain healthy. If you must eat in restaurants while you are moving, then make good choices, such as buying salads or soups rather than only eating greasy french fries and hamburgers. Blending fruits and Veggies to create a smoothie with lots of nutrients is a healthy and tasty way to give you energy through the day without having to stop to eat.

We’re Sipping Greshun De Bouse Trump, and Triumph Tea

Awesome words about Greshun De Bouse to come as we recall why we all fell in love with Greshun in the first place– she is everything!

Greshun’s 2019 Recap: Winning

As 2019 comes to a close, global leader, app developer, Disabled Veterans Day founder, motivational speaker, living legend, history maker, and our powerful leader-Greshun De Bouse-reflects on Triumph in 2019, Trump, 2020, and the next decade. The year 2019 was a remarkable year for global icon Greshun De Bouse.

  1. She made history as the only resident of her state in 25 years or likely ever to found a national holiday included/seen in Chase’s Calendar in any library in all 50 U.S. states.
  2. Greshun was recognized by Mayor of New Orleans, LA-LaToya Cantrell-for her equality and bullying prevention/recovery efforts for kids and families in the world.
  3. Legendary celebrity actress, Bern Nadette Stanis (aka Thelma from Good Times) showed public support for Greshun in a moving FB post, wherein she praised Greshun for, and encouraged all to support Greshun in her efforts to further assist the disabled and bullied.
  4. Greshun was deemed reigning Queen-Miss Stuffed Shrimp Scholar 2019-and traveled the globe educating all on the origin and health benefits of stuffed shrimp-including making guest radio/news appearances, and searching for the healthiest stuffed shrimp dish. Malone’s Steak & Seafood-Atlanta, GA. ultimately was declared winner of the Stuffed Shrimp Scholars Taste Competition.
  5. Greshun De Bouse, founded Disabled Veterans Day, the first proclamation for which was issued to her in the home of Ft. Benning-Columbus, GA-by Mayor Skip Henderson.  The holiday now has received proclamations and recognition from mayors, governors, celebrities, and other dignitaries across the globe.
  6. Greshun De Bouse represented her state at Essence Fest 2019 during which time she interacted and posed for photos with, and was thanked for her positive local and global work by celebrities such as legendary actress Bern Nadette Stanis, Tia Mann-daughter of Tamela and David Mann, and Adrienne Joi Jones, from the iconic film Baby Boy.
  7. Powerful Greshun De Bouse miraculously survived a would-be fatal auto accident at the hands of a careless driver, while en route to city hall to receive another mayoral proclamation for Disabled Veterans Day.  Interestingly, pre-accident, Greshun had been working on developing an app for disabled veterans with PTSD, TBI, and other needs to improve relaxation-memory-cognition and streamline services connectivity.
  8. Greshun De Bouse was named Mover and Shaker of the Year by MAS Media and continued to receive proclamations and media coverage for Disabled Veterans Day. Eighth, Greshun received a text-vite (a word she popularized) to attend President Trump’s Keep America Great Rally-Dallas, TX.
  9. All during approximately the same timeframe, Greshun launched the aforementioned app for disabled veterans entitled “DVDAY630” on Google Play and Amazon, was invited to the Governor’s Mansion in Alabama to receive a proclamation from Governor Ivey for Disabled Veterans Day, gives back by donating her time to kids at St. Jude’s-Memphis, TN and is thanked by St. Jude’s CEO for all she does to prevent bullying in kids with cancer-especially during their hairless phase.
  10. Greshun De Bouse receives a proclamation from Mayor of Tupelo, MS for Disabled Veterans Day, and makes history as the sole American of Color in President Trump’s VIP section, seen just to the left of President Trump (facing the screen) during his speech at KAG Rally-Tupelo.  Greshun has made local and national news for her powerfully positive global impact.

Wow! Greshun De Bouse is everything….literally! When asked how she has the energy to do it all, Greshun calmly smiles and says, “When you’re walking in your purpose, you are equipped with all you need to finish your course.  For me, it is always about others, acting in a manner that will positively impact all everywhere!”

Triumph and Trump

Throughout her 2019 journey, Greshun has definitely had some would-be challenges or even halters to her good work.  But when asked how she still thrives in the face of adversity, these dynamic words came from her mouth:

“I am truly grateful for All of my experiences.  You always have a choice.  All of the many challenges of 2019 amid my success intended as stumbling blocks, I chose to make them stepping stones to my next chapter.” 

Greshun is a true people-person who remains humble and steadfast in all things.  Everyone just loves her!  But what we all want to know is how if felt being at the Governor’s Mansion and being chosen to sit in President Trump’s VIP section.  Sweet Greshun says:

“I take it all in stride.  I do what I do for others, because of my love for all-irrespective of individual differences.  The Governor’s Mansion is divine and making history is important.  I viewed my historical moment in time in Trump’s VIP section as an inclusivity effort indicative of growth on his part at the time. Whether or not it was what I viewed it to be, the truth is, any opportunity is what you make it-so that is what it was for me.  I am grateful for all opportunities and experiences.”

How is President Trump?

“This is a broad, non-specific question.  Nonetheless, President Trump has seemed personable when I have seen him.  He definitely has a following, which is an indicator of how many persons feel about his mannerisms.  He can really draw a crowd from what I have observed,” Greshun says.

How do you feel about Trump Naysayers?

“I believe what makes America so great is that all are entitled to feel or think how they choose.  What I would like persons to know is speaking truth about observations and such of President Trump or anyone are not necessarily declarations of support or lack thereof.  It is simply speaking truth-no more or less.

For example, the legal age to purchase cigarettes and the like in the U.S. is now 21.  This is huge, and it is my understanding President Trump is/was the impetus for this occurrence.  This is simply speaking truth.  When I say President Trump knows how to draw a crowd, that is truth based on my observation/evidence of him doing so repeatedly.  That is all.  I neither desire to bash anyone, nor excuse any inecusable behavior.  I believe all have room for improvement, but there is a tactful way to do anything.  Decent and in order is key.”

2020 To Come

Greshun is so wise and powerful.  It is amazing that all of these extraordinary gifts and talents are contained in her petite frame.  Greshun says in response to what’s next for her in 2020 and the next decade in general, “Prosperity, Greater Greatness, More Than Conquering, and a Multitude of Foot Stools (some will catch this more readily than others)!”

Wow.  Prosper Greshun! So be it!

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Warning! Amazon Sells Products From China that Might Not Be Complying with FDA Rules

These days online shopping has become part of many regular shopping habits in many households around the globe. It is supposed to simplify and save time compounded with convenience. With the emerging of the virtual assistants like Alexa, it is even easier. Being an Amazon prime member, the convenience of free guaranteed delivery within 48 hours and in some instances 24 hours is an attractive shopping method.

Anti-Semites in America Are Also Anti-Trump

People want to blame President Trump for the constant anti-Semitic attacks on Jews like the attack in Jersey City and the attack in Monsey.  For sure during the four year term of President Trump has risen the amount of hate crimes.  Blaming President Trump for these crimes contradicts the truth. More than any other President of America President Trump fights against hate crimes.

Jazz Blues Guitarist Mike Armando Looks Back to His Days with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Mike Armando was born in New York City. Mike was the guitarist for Screamin’ Jay Hawkins during the 1970’s. In February 1976 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins suffered facial injuries when he was burned by one of his flaming props while performing with his guitarist Mike Armando at the Virginia Theater in Alexandria,Va. (Reference wikipedia Screamin’ Jay Hawkins). Guitarist Mike Armando’s years with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins can be read about in a new book written by author Steve Bergsman “I Put A Spell On You: The Bizarre Life of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins” The book is published by Feral House and is receiving rave reviews.

How to Decide on a Wedding Ring for a Man

There is a common belief that men’s wedding rings are an ancient tradition, while history indicates something else. In pre-historic age, men would slip ring-like object in the fingers of their chosen female partners to claim and solemnize their bond. Those were usually twisted reeds. Wedding rings are comparatively a modern phenomenon practiced since the 20th century when even men started wearing one as a symbol of their marital status.

Hanukah, Christmas, New Year Blessings

The holiday season has arrived. This week the Jewish people celebrate the holiday of Hanukah at the same time is celebrated Christmas and also New Year’s Day.  Not every year does it all come in one bundle for Judaism goes according to the Lunar Calendar and the Western world goes according to the Solar Calendar. Jews adjust the Lunar Calendar in springtime by making a leap year that it should always be connected to the Solar Calendar. Therefore Hanukah and Christmas if they don’t fall exactly during the same week always are in the same season. Holidays are meant to be a blessing for all mankind. Christians and Jews are in the holiday season. Muslims go strictly according to the Lunar Calendar and even though Islam was born from Judaism and Christianity; it functions as a separate unit without connection to Hanukah and Christmas.

10 Ways to Reuse Wastewater in Buildings

With the gradual increase in population and drought-related issues, water has become scarce. These issues are overpowering, but the solutions behind it are user-friendly ones. In recent times, engineers are coming up with new ideas to fix the water scarcity. Reuse the wastewater methodically with the help of various techniques. The issues related to water scarcity have shaken the nations to the core. These multiple methods implied by the engineers focus on the regular requirements in household activities and commercial buildings. Water covers 70% of Earth, but only a small amount is useful in the real sense.

Best Apps That Will Facilitate Your Daily Life

#1 Hours Keeper

This app is probably the best one for those who are self-employed. Hours Keeper is specifically designed for those who are not always able to keep track of the hours they spend working and how much they earn during those hours. You will be able to keep track of every minute you spend on and every penny you earn for it.

Hours Keeper allows you to either enter your time manually or use the clock-in/out feature. It lets you organize the time you spend on each client, sort hours by pay period, create invoices quickly with the built-in function, and so much more.

Best / Strongest Numbing Spray Gels and Creams for Shops, Salons, Spas and Pharmacies All Across the Nation!!

One of the great things in the business world is that when you have a great product, it pretty much sells itself. Never has that been more true than it is with Numbify, a product line specializing in Lidocaine based pain and itch relief, with very strong acceptance nationwide and at the wholesale level. One by one, two by two, tattoo shops, pharmacies, salons, day spas, and even adult shops (shhh!) are taking advantage of the Numbify challenge, and finding out for themselves in side by side testing how much better Numbify really is for pain relief.

India Passes Citizenship Bill Discriminating Against Muslims

India, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narenda Modi, passed a bill called the Citizenship Amendment Bill which gave citizen rights to Hindus and other minorities but not to Muslims. Two hundred thousand Muslims live in India and have citizenship but they are only 20% of the population. They want equal rights and are demonstrating against this bill. Through this bill India controls immigration to prevent the nation from becoming Muslim.

A Modern Treatment for the Age-Old Problem that is Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of those things that can be incredibly detrimental to numerous parts of a person’s life. This problem is not one that only affects people aesthetically; it’s often something that can be really detrimental to a person’s confidence to the point it can lead to social isolation and difficulties in the workplace. While some people are quite happy to get out the clippers and call it a day, for a lot of people their hair is extremely important to them and a huge part of how they express and represent themselves to others, and when this is taken away from them it can be a significant shock.

10 Most Beautiful Capitals of the World

Often the capital of every country worldwide is more beautiful than its other cities since the capital city is that particular country’s very face.

Here are the 10 most beautiful capitals of the world:

London, England and the United Kingdom – Possessing a deep-rooted history, the world’s artistic capital London is the British Empire’s leading economic city. Located on the banks of the Thames, the city of London is famous for its exquisite architectural buildings such as the London Eye, Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.

Pope Ends Pontifical Secrecy on Sexual Abuse Cases in the Church

Pope Francis has, with immediate effect, abolished the pontifical secrecy in cases of sexual violence, child abuse, and child pornography. The decision was made on the 4th of this month and announced this Tuesday. Thanks to the declaration by the Pope, complaints, testimonies, and procedural documents on such cases, kept in the archives and departments of the Holy See and the dioceses, may be provided to magistrates of the respective countries, upon request, per their respective legal systems.

African Migrant to the US Held in Louisiana Hospital with Possible Ebola Infection

(Monroe, LA.) — An emergency room at Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport-Monroe Medical Center was shutdown out of an abundance of caution. A patient, who had recently arrived from Africa showed up sick with EBOLA symptoms. The hospital tells us they informed the Louisiana Office of Public Health, and the hospital quickly sounded the EBOLA alarm throughout the hospital.

Things to Consider While Traveling with Your Homosexual Friend/GF/BF

Being a homosexual is a natural thing but for many people in the world it’s weird. You can say that they completely hate a homosexual person. They don’t want to see that person in their area and this is also natural because every person is different in this world and they have their own hate and love. Maybe you have not seen these crazy people in your area or country but you can meet these types of persons while traveling to other country or area alone or with your partner.

Holiday of Redemption and Miracles – 19th of Kislev and Hanukah

The whole Jewish world is preparing to celebrate the Holiday of Hanukah that arrives this year on December 23 and is celebrated for eight days. About the same time comes Christmas which until January 1 is eight days also called the holiday season.

Like all Jewish holidays there are laws which govern over its observance. Hanukah is not a holiday which is mentioned in the Torah the five books of Moses but was established later in the times of the second temple at about 167 BCE. The first temple in Jerusalem was built by King Solomon after his son David had completed the conquest of the Biblical land of Israel.

The Soldier’s Night Before Christmas

It’s now time for a Christmas Tradition. Here’s an unedited reprint of The Soldier’s Night Before Christmas.

Before I do, I like to take a moment for reflection. I am always amazed at how important a veteran’s military service is to an individual, long after his or her discharge or retirement from Active Duty, Reserves or the National Guard. It doesn’t matter what age we are or how long we served, it’s the fact that we served that binds us.  We proudly wear our affiliations on jackets, hats, shirts, bumper stickers and license plates.

The College Student’s Guide to Renting an Apartment Safely

Congratulations – you’ve made it into university. It’s indisputably a pivotal moment in your life. You’ll learn essential life lessons, meet friends for life and, hopefully, leave with countless career opportunities. However, finding the perfect apartment can be a difficult task – and is very often something you’re thrown into immediately.

Furthermore, knowing how to rent an apartment safely, in a new city, or even a new country, can be terrifying. Understanding the basics, and being aware of the things to look out for can help a lot. 

Anti-Semitism in Disguise – Trump Impeachment Hearings

On December 10, a deadly shooting took place at a grocery store located in the Greenville section of Jersey City in which five people including the two attackers and three civilians were killed while another civilian and two policemen were injured. The motive of this attack has been established to be anti-Semitism. The two terrorists, who were members of the Black Hebrew Israelites, posted their intentions to attack the Kosher Supermarket as a hate crime and also stated that they intended to kill and injure policemen.

3 Alternatives to Epoxy for Your Garage Floor

When it comes to garage flooring, the first thing that often comes in most people’s minds is epoxy. The good news is that you have options and so you don’t have to go with epoxy in case you find it too ordinary or too dull for your taste. You should, however, be watchful on the type of garage flooring you pick. Remember, this section of the house is different from other parts. That means if you go for an alternative that cannot handle heavy usage, you are bound to repair your floor more often. The three options to epoxy for your garage floor include:

The Smart Ways to Provide Affordable Health Care by Home Health Care Agencies

The rise of 4G data and use of the ubiquitous smartphones has facilitated the health care industry providing it with a more dedicated and low-cost platform to deliver more efficient medical services faster.

If you consider the US healthcare market, there is a constant shortage of primary care physicians and specialists, especially in the rural areas. As far the other countries, they experience extreme shortage for decades for specialists. However, such a per capita gap is sure to narrow over time when health care services are provided to them in their homes.