Lesbian Women in Cuba Suffer Discrimination, Affecting Health

Stereotypes and homophobic prejudices affect the access and quality of health care of lesbian women in Cuba. “There are lesbian women who are afraid to go to the doctor and spend years without caring about their health,” says Isbrailda Ruiz Bell. “Doctors tell you terrible things when they see that you are not a classic prototype of a woman with a painted face and high heels, and that’s hard. As a result, a person completely stops going to the doctor.”

Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn Violates the Supreme Court

I have followed Anti-Abortion rants and people claiming that due to religion, they can deny abortions to women, no matter the reason that the woman is getting an abortion. Whether it be because of the woman:

  • Is having complications with their pregnancy
  • The child will have conditions that will lead to a struggle to live for the child
  • The pregnancy is from a rape
  • It was an unwanted pregnancy
  • Or the mother may die if they continue their pregnancy

Transphobic Radio Host Denies Attack on Gender Dysphoria

In a blast back to the article I wrote, Mr. Pratt hosted another podcast entitled “HD83: Democrat claims victimhood for criticism not levied.”

First, he claims I was not victimized because of the previous podcast entitled “Wiccan, male living as female in Snyder, running for Texas’ HD83.”

As I stated previously in my article, Gender Dysphoria is a real issue, and by him “attacking” me and misgendering, this is an attack on me and my rights.

After Lubbock Radio Host Slams Transgender Candidate, Local Preacher Gets Involved in the Fight

Earlier today A Lubbock transphobic radio show host blasted my campaign, not over policy, but my gender identity.

But that was just the start to a horrific day, A few hours later due to the post I made from one of my endorsers for my campaign Freethought Equality Fund PAC, the same Baptist Church Preacher from Odessa Pride and Lubbock Pride that has been bashing me and my campaign since my announcement on July 1st of 2019 started it up again.

A Transphobic Radio Host from Lubbock Attacks Transgender Candidate

On this PodCast, Mr. Pratt Blatanny shows his homophobic and transphobic nature, in his words that clearly are meant to hurt. Well, I wanted to confront this issue, and give you my side of all of this.

He states, “a man who pretends to be a woman.” Clearly a transphobic punch in the chest, but let’s talk about this issue, GENDER DYSPHORIA is real and is not a pretend fantasy. Gender dysphoria is a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there’s a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity. It’s sometimes known as gender incongruence. This mismatch between sex and gender identity can lead to distressing and uncomfortable feelings that are called gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is a recognized medical condition, for which treatment is sometimes appropriate. It’s not a mental illness. A twin study (based on seven people in a 314 sample) suggested that GID may be 62% heritable, indicating the possibility of a genetic influence as its origin. In these cases. Gender dysphoria occurs in one in 30,000 male-assigned births and one in 100,000 female-assigned births which now is leading to higher numbers. In recent studies it showed Gender dysphoria occurs in one in 7,000 male-assigned births and one in 50,000 female-assigned births.

8 Warning Signs that You Need to Consult a Hepatologist

An overview: Liver and related diseases (Liver Cancer)

Situated on the right side of the belly, the Liver is a very vital organ that carries out the crucial functions of converting the nutrients to chemicals that are required for various body functions, excreting the bile, detoxifying chemicals from the blood, metabolizing drugs and producing proteins required for blood clotting and other functions.

Things to Consider While Traveling with Your Homosexual Friend/GF/BF

Being a homosexual is a natural thing but for many people in the world it’s weird. You can say that they completely hate a homosexual person. They don’t want to see that person in their area and this is also natural because every person is different in this world and they have their own hate and love. Maybe you have not seen these crazy people in your area or country but you can meet these types of persons while traveling to other country or area alone or with your partner.

Be Boldly Bald

Balding is a sensitive topic. Once hair starts falling, quite a few men feel their attractiveness is lost and feel quite dismayed. With this self-destructing attitude, they search for a replacement, a full head of hair; spending lavishly on hair re-growth procedures or even opting for ludicrous wigs. For years men have turned to Rogaine, hair plugs, and even lock extensions to mask the ever so devastating tragedy that is hair loss.

The Hardships of a Transgender Person in Texas

While the potential threat of violence in Texas against a transgender woman is significant, there are many other concerns for transgenders in the state of Texas that they inevitably face every day. I will explain some of these, and if you will bear with me. I would like the public to comprehend the hardships that the LGBT community, especially Transgenders face every day.

I will start with the most pressing issue of an LGBT or transgender person’s pain: acceptance.

Transgender Healthcare in Texas (or the lack thereof)

I have seen numerous Facebook posts, articles, and comments about allowing Medicaid or taxpayer insurance policies to pay for or to cover gender reassignment surgery for transgender individuals, and people stating they would not pay taxes to allow transgenders to get surgery.

As a transgender myself, I know firsthand how this affects these individuals. Texas Medicaid does indeed cover these sometimes life-saving surgeries. but no clinic in the state of Texas will accept Medicaid for these procedures.

Our Favorite Sinful Preacher Denied at Pride – Vietnam Veteran Saves the Event!

Our favorite self righteous preacher (name to be withheld so he will not get even more publicity) attended Lubbock Pride on September 1, 2017 and the attendees denied him!

He and two other protestors were carrying signs that read:

  • Jesus Said “… God made THEM male and female.”
  • It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
  • Will give you $5,000 cash today if….

Woman! Your Vagina Speaks to You – Please Listen to It

The Vagina speaks to it’s owner literally. Girls and Women in general, always learn to listen to your respective Vaginas. Yes, the p*ssy does speak, and when it does, it speaks loud enough. There are always telltale signs and symptoms when all isn’t alright down there, and that’s the vagina’s language telling you that something is after all in a mess. Outlined below are some of the signs that your Vagina will signal when all isn’t okay down south.

Vaginal Dryness: Causes, Symptoms, and Possible Solutions

Several women suffer from Vaginal dryness, a factor that significantly affects one’s sex life negatively. Vaginal dryness means insufficient lubrication to enhance that smooth, pleasurable sex that results in moans and groans thanks to the pleasure being exhibited.

Vaginal dryness rears it’s ugly face thanks to a decrease in the production of the hormone estrogen which plays a great role in as far as moistening the vagina is concerned. Many women suffer from the dryness mostly after menopause, but in some cases, young women whose bodies don’t produce enough estrogen also end up experiencing vaginal dryness.

The Hatred of LGBT by Certain Preachers – They Are Sinning by Judging!

Some pastors have a wicked and warped interpretation of scripture and religion. In my previous blog post Hatred Towards LGBT People By Those Who Are Not Knowledgeable About LGBT Issues, I talked about the misunderstanding of LGBT individuals by uneducated people, and the hatred that is shown. This post was quickly shared by LGBT individuals, Pride organizations, and several local activists and advocates. With this blog post being shared so rapidly and so broadly, this has drawn scrutiny from several groups, and anti-LGBT individuals.

Hatred Towards LGBT People By Those Who Are Not Knowledgeable About LGBT Issues

To begin with, I am not a medical doctor, or counselor, or teacher. I do not have a Ph.D. These are simply well-publicized and known reports on LGBT individuals, along with my opinions. This is merely an informational article to enable the people to know the struggles LGBT go through in their daily lives. What drives these people to be LGBT even though they endure hatred and hurt every day?

The Complexity of Sex – Act With Insight

First and foremost we need to understand that sexuality is a natural function of our bodies like eating or sleeping. As such, we need to treat it like any other bodily function with understanding and thought.

Just as our eating and sleeping habits become distorted by the pressures of society, our anxieties, and the lack of sensible control (which can ultimately become obesity or anorexia,) so can sex, this very elemental function, become manipulated and distorted by these same pressures — the values of society, our many anxieties and the lack of sensible control which still continue to shape human sexuality all over the world.

Embattled American Tycoon Jeffrey Epstein “Commits Suicide” in Prison

US tycoon Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of child sex trafficking, committed suicide in a New York prison where he was being held, according to local media reports. Epstein’s body was found on Saturday morning, per reports. Towards the end of July, the embattled Epstein was found with marks on his neck, which clearly pointed to an apparent suicide attempt, US media reported.

Vaginal Odor: It’s Possible Causes and Simple Home Remedies

Does your vagina stink? Or worse: Has anyone ever told you that your vagina smells? Whatever the case, relax, because it’s not strange all. However, there may be something wrong if your vagina has a different odor than usual, and it may only be serving as an alert to you. Your vagina may stink because of various reasons. Well, you may have worn an underwear that does not allow it to breathe completely, perhaps your hormones are out of balance, or maybe you have contracted a fungal infection. Observing the following tips to keeping such embarrassments at bay.

New French Law to Enable Lesbians, Single Women Access to In Vitro Fertilization

France’s government under the stewardship of president Emmanuel Macron has drafted a law on bioethics. The law includes broadening the list of people who can have access to treatments such as artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization. Single women of any sexual orientation will no longer have to travel abroad to have children. The proposed law if passed would give them access for the first time to assisted reproduction medical techniques.

11 Reasons Why Men Like Younger Women – It’s Not Always About Money

The question of the age…is it just an unimportant number or is it a little more complex than that? It’s difficult to answer this question, since many couples form without taking into account the possible age difference. The stories of couples where partners have an age difference are legion: in our own circle, in the media or among celebrities.

But is it really normal? For the people concerned, it is without a doubt. But note that most often, the man is older, while the woman is younger. Why is it always in this sense? Why do we see more couples where the man is older than the woman and not the opposite? What are the reasons? You might wonder why women aspire to be in a relationship with older men. And why men aspire, for their part, to be in a relationship with women younger than them. And the question arises all the more because age disparities are often extremely important.

Recent research has identified 11 reasons why men tend to choose younger women:

Large-Scale HIV Vaccine Trial Launch Date Confirmed

A team of researchers said Monday that “no later than 2023” they will circulate the first vaccine against Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which will stop “at least 65%” the spread of the pandemic. They confirmed it in the framework of the 10th World Scientific Conference on HIV in Mexico. A human study will be carried out, involving 3,800 people and is estimated to begin in the coming months in the United States.

Women Veterans: Proud Part of Our Military History

Women have played an important role in our nation’s military history. They set the stage for future generations who wanted to serve their country, and  proved that women could be as resilient and inspiring as men in times of conflict.

Women have actually been in every crisis and every war the United States has ever been in.  But only recently have their contributions been  recognized and appreciated.

Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem

June 6 saw an organized Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem.

The Orthodox Rabbis of Israel have called for Jews to demonstrate against the Gay Parade.  Gay parades have become the custom almost throughout the whole world.  There was recently a Gay parade in Tel Aviv.  Homosexuality is not new. It always existed but was kept quiet and restricted to locations which were designated as places where Gays gathered such as Gay beaches, Gay clubs.  The Gay community respected and recognized that there was opposition to them and conducted their interaction in public places designated for them.

LGBT+ Victory in India: A Final Win or Still a Long Way to Go?

A historic verdict was given by the India Supreme Court on September 6, 2018 in favor of the LGBTQ+ community, giving them freedom of privacy and the right to live their lives with dignity. People across the nation celebrated with huge enthusiasm and relief. But is it the final win? It took 157 years to reach this point and is it going to take again a long period of time for the society to realize and accept the situation?

According to the figures submitted to the SC in 2012, there were about 2.5 million gays in India which proves that there were not just a handful of people fighting for freedom of self acceptance. In spite of it, they faced bullying, experienced physical violence, being ignored and much more.

Marital Rape: Rape Under Veil

The 21st century, a modern era of humanity, still fails in understanding women’s right position in society and for a country’s development. And in this patriarchal society, women are still being objectified and are expected to follow men’s wishes even if it’s against her consent.

Here, I am talking about marital rape cases in India, where women’s consent is being suppressed, which is proved by Section 375, the provision of rape in the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which states – “Sexual intercourse by a man with his own wife, the wife not being under 15 years of age, is not rape.” Here, it clearly shows the neglected importance of women in a marriage, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the government itself is encouraging marital rape under the veil of society, culture and tradition.

Separation of Sexes

It is still preserved today in Religious day schools Catholic School, Muslim Schools and Jewish Day Schools the custom of separation of sexes, girls school and boys school. Sometimes they may be in the same building but the classes are separate. Even in the secular world until thirty years ago there were also secular schools for boys only like Stuyvesant High School and Brooklyn Tech.