U.S. Dollar Suffered a Tragic Sell-Off

On Friday the dollar against a basket of currencies fell sharply,  investment experts had predicted the dollar will fall further. This week, the U.S. dollar index fell as much as 1.9%, the largest weekly decline since March. Joe Manimbo, senior market analyst at Western Union Business Solutions, said: “We still believe that the US economy is decelerating, which is reflected in the apparent weakening of the dollar.”

Bitcoin’s Rapid Rise Brings Back Controversy Over Virtual Currencies

The renewed rush to “Bitcoin”, which exceeded its value in trading last Friday, is reviving the debate about the nature of digital currencies : Are they “digital gold” or assets that involve risk? Bitcoin’s value rose more than 30% in two and a half weeks, approaching the highest level recorded in December 2017, which was close to $ 20,000.

European Jurists Advocate the Use of Cash

Is cash still relevant? What is the future of the euro, and more importantly, what is the future of cash in general? These past few months have been tough for advocates of cash, with unfounded insinuations that cash can be a source for the spread of COVID-19. The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice, Giovanni Pitruzzella, has published a timely advisory opinion on the use of cash within the European monetary system.