Best Wedding Venue for Your Ceremony and Reception in Oregon

Most of the different aspects of a wedding are optional, from wearing a suit or a veil, to ditching the wedding favors, to an elaborate wedding cake. However, there’s one thing you can’t skip– a venue! After all, you’ve got to have somewhere for your friends and family to gather and celebrate!  To CELEBRATE the occasion of your wedding is so important because the details of your day are planned around where this event will be held. This is the place you will never forget and will refer back to for the next 50 years.

Finding the perfect venue isn’t easy.  There are so many options to choose from, from a countryside chapel to an elegant hotel.  Here are some tips to help you find your dream venue.

Affordable Dream Wedding. Voted: Mid-Valley Wedding Gold Medal Winner 3 Years in a Row.

1) Choose a wedding venue that aligns with your vision.

The venue you choose for your big day can really set the tone for your event, whether you choose a casual beach or a crystal ballroom. Choosing a venue that fits in with, and brings out, your theme will make your wedding feel more connected to the space.  It is likely you, as the bride, have been dreaming about where you will have your wedding with your dream partner.  It is OK to have visions in the past, but now it is time to try and find that right place. Settling on the basics of your wedding will help you and your spouse narrow down the many venues out there, and find the one that’s right for you.

2) Should you choose a traditional wedding chapel with a bell to ring after the vows or a non traditional place like a vineyard on a hillside?

Do you still dream of coming down the aisle of a church covered in rose petals in much the same setting as your grandmother was married?  The traditional wedding chapel/church holds a special spirit and reflects the tradition of how weddings were done going back hundreds of years. Whereas nontraditional places are becoming more popular today.  However, these types of weddings can be an expensive decision as it’s not cheap to prepare a vineyard or beachside location.

Notice the kaleidoscoping colors on the hardwood floor in the photo above caused by the many stained glass windows.

3) What is your guest list number that the couple came up with?

Remember the amount of people you invite is never the number of people whom will actually attend on your wedding day.  Sad to say, after all the bother you put into sending out an RSVP note along with your invite, and that your guest take the time to send back.  Always scale down on your attempted list of guests. You need to give your caterers the realistic number, not the dream number.  This is an expensive decision especially if you have a caterer that charges by the plate. You will pay for every plate you order whether the guest shows up or not. Expensive!!

This is one of the early items you must have planned out before you choose your venue…what is the expected count of who will attend?  Having a firm number and staying with it will save you a lot of headaches. Knowing your number of guests will help you break down your budget, as some costs are very dependent on the number of people you’re inviting.

Have your weddings, corporate events, funerals, church, conferences, and community functions at our low cost and convenient location. As you walk into our main entrance, as seen above, you will be treated to a high level of care that you and your party deserve when celebrating life.

4) Stay on your budget no matter what.

From the start of planning your wedding day until the day of the wedding itself, stay on your budget.  It is very hard to do and easy to lose track. If this all works out for you, it will amazingly control your stresses to the end. If your venue cost blows your budget out of the water, you’ll either need to scale back your design and extras, or look at more affordable spaces.  Some venues are unrealistically expensive, so be very careful.  You may think this is the one when you arrive but once you see the price you may need to move on.  This is a very common mistake. You need to keep your budget in the front of your mind until the end. Once you know the cost of your venue, you will be more comfortable taking the next step of planning your food and decor.  Remember you still have to budget for the honeymoon as well.

5) Think about what is included in the cost of your venue.

When you’re looking at venues that are full-service versus places where you can bring in your own vendors and decor, be sure to price everything out.  A venue with tables, chairs, and linens included might cost more upfront than a venue where you need to rent your own, but you should get an estimate from a rental company to see how they compare once you’ve added on the price of renting things for yourself.

Remember that the venue may have the basic items for rent (white linens, standard flatware, banquet chairs, round and rectangle tables etc.). You may still end up paying more to rent items that fit your vision, whereas if you find a venue that has those items for rent at their site, this could be the best choice because that will take away some of your stresses and cost less.

Celebrate your occasion in our 1892 original Affordable Dream Wedding Chapel and banquet facility for events of any kind.

6) Narrow down when to have your wedding date.

Booking a wedding venue means that you’ve officially “set the date” for your big day. You may already have a wedding date in mind, or you may be able to be a bit more flexible if your date is taken.  Either way, one of the first steps in choosing a wedding venue is to narrow down a few dates that you know will work for you. While saying that you’re getting married “next summer” is a good start, the best advice before you start looking at venues is to have a few dates in mind for your special day.  You will be surprised that many wedding venues get booked one year in advance.

7) Weigh the pros and cons.

If you fall in love at first sight with a particular venue, that is a great or special feeling.  However, don’t feel too much pressure to sign on the dotted line during your initial tour. It’s best to take a step back, tour a few venues, and discuss your options with your future spouse and family.  Think about the pros and cons of all of the venues you toured, and work together to come to a decision on your top choice. Every place has pros and cons.

8) Sign the contract for your venue.

When you and your future spouse have agreed on your desired venue it is time to sign the contract.  In most cases you have to pay half down on the venue to save the date and that portion is nonrefundable.  Those words “nonrefundable” are a bit scary, so make sure you are 100% satisfied with the venue and your date for the event.

Now you have made the most important decisions you’ll make during your wedding planning process. It is worth taking time to CELEBRATE this accomplishment. You picked the venue and the date!


Affordable Dream Wedding/Hubbard Chapel in Hubbard, Oregon is a great choice for your Wedding Venue Ceremony and Reception in Oregon.                                                                    

This venue is a great location for your reception along with the chapel for your ceremony– all under one roof for your wedding day. Many of the items listed above for selecting the right place for your ceremony and reception, you will find at Affordable Dream Wedding/Hubbard Chapel. This is a location you need to see and you can decide if it is a place that you can visualize for your special day.  Affordable Dream Weddings/Hubbard Chapel is a 127-year old “Pioneer Wedding Chapel” venue that caters to both the ceremony and reception venue needs in your planning.  We have been voted Best Wedding Venue in Oregon 3 years in a row. Our prices are very affordable when you compare us to other venues that are offered in the Portland and Salem neighboring areas.  Couples that come for a tour repeatedly remark that they can’t believe our prices compared to others.

Call or email for a tour by Carrie at Affordable Dream Wedding/Hubbard Chapel to see if this is your dream spot for your wedding venue.

Hubbard Oregon

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Capturing Millennial Attention for Oregon Fairs, Festivals and Events; Rent Large Screen LED Display Technology

Running a fair, festival, concert or other event can be a vexing job to say the least, and that’s if everything goes right. In a changing world where fewer of the younger generations value time honored traditions, and instead seek the instant gratification of screen time and technology, it can be hard to imagine ways to integrate the two, but it needs to happen if we don’t want to lose a valued part of our heritage and history.

Storage Salem Oregon – Salem’s Low Cost Highly Secure Mini-Storage Options

Security. Its quite possibly the most important thing to look for when you are deciding where to store your belongings. Heck, it’s half the reason you get a storage unit instead of storing it in your aunt Ida’s shed. As part of the Salem, Oregon Community, we can happily say that Salem is a great place to live. Its big enough to have plenty to do, but not so big that its overwhelming. Close to the beach, mountains, and countless hiking and camping spots, it’s no wonder that Salem’s inhabitants are so close to nature.

Finding the Right Wedding Reception Site for Your Special Day in Oregon

When you are thinking about where you would like to have your dream wedding reception there are factors to consider in making your selection.  Listed below are some things to consider in selecting the place to make your day a time to remember for many years ahead:


Finding a location that is compatible for both family and friends is the best, but remember in today’s world people like to go somewhere new that is away from their dwelling place.  This makes the occasion even more special for people to make the trip to come to your special day. Also having a location that is not far off a major highway makes it easy for people coming from many directions.

Wedding Venue and Reception Planning on a Very Affordable Budget in Oregon

You can have a very special dream wedding at affordable prices. To make the most of your wedding, start with an affordable budget, then work within it to make your wedding the best for you and your future spouse. Next, decide on your venue and add as many do it yourself ideas (DIY) that you can to make it a pleasant environment for you and your guests.

Planning a Holiday at Your Wedding Venue Could Provide for Never Ending Enjoyment

How do you feel about having your wedding during major holidays? Very soon, many holidays will be upon us. Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel has over the years entertained a number of weddings for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s holidays. We have often seen the Pioneer Chapel decorated to suit the time of the occasion. Consider this time period for your special day and make it fun for everyone, but most of all memorable for the two of you.

White Pioneer Wedding Chapel & Belfrey – Voted Oregon Best Wedding Venue

A complete wedding venue with an authentic pioneer history with modern ambiances: As you walk towards a simplistic wooden white wedding chapel, the smells of oak wood waft through the chapel and a 127-year-old bell rings through your ears. This is Hubbard Chapel where the strong sound of the bell can be heard from large distances, marking the important event of the day. Pioneer chapels are very scarce in Oregon, especially ones that still hold the past in their image. Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel is located in the pioneer town of Hubbard, planted between the two largest cities in Oregon: Portland and Salem. Many guests find this location to be very convenient because the distance is not too long.

Salem Mini-Storage: High Security and Low Cost – The Best of Both Worlds

What do you look for when searching for a storage facility? This is a question that we asked ourselves when evaluating the storage facilities in the Salem and Keizer, Oregon area. Storage can be a personal experience. Certainly what you are storing is very personal, and you want to find the right facility to not only protect your property, but also to fit your personal needs. Do you need climate control for expensive instruments? Dual layer security? Onsite management? What type of access hours do you require? All of these questions and more are things you should ask yourself before deciding on a place to store your treasured keepsakes and valuables.

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This week, Durig Capital look again at the parent company of a long-time, beloved family entertainment restaurant. Chuck E. Cheese, whose parent company is CEC Entertainment, has long been a beloved rite of passage for children’s birthday celebrations. CEC has spent the past few years updating the venue’s image, mainly in an effort to appeal to the parents as well as their kids. The new image seems to be working. With the release of its second quarter and year-to-date results, CEC has now logged five consecutive quarters of same-store growth. Other highlights from CEC’s latest results (see above).

Comparing 9 Low-priced Wedding Venues to See Which is the Most Affordable in Greater Portland, Oregon Area

Hands down the Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel is by far the lowest-priced. The most surprising thing to us– they have won the most awards as Best Wedding Venue three times in a row, where we could not find any awards for the local competitors.

We completed the survey based on the following factors:

  1. Accommodations
  2. Locations
  3. 100 Guests Prices
  4. Awards

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Police Keep it (Mostly) Peaceful in Portland Protests

Thirteen people were arrested and six people were injured, with one requiring hospitalization, after a day of protests in Portland Saturday.  The Portland Police Bureau, several other local and national law enforcement agencies, and civic organizations and leaders throughout the city had spent weeks preparing for much worse.  It was their stated mission to protect members of the right-wing group, Proud Boys, and left-wing Antifa protesters, from each other by keeping them separate.  For the most part, they succeeded.  However, the Proud Boys have already warned they’ll be back.

Portland Leaders Nervously Prepare for Dueling Protests Saturday

A cursory glance at the extended weather forecast— and the local news— suggest that Portlanders might be advised to spend this weekend somewhere calm, like the Oregon coast.  Or, for that matter, perhaps Syria.  To be sure, there are plenty of events happening in and around the city.  The Portland Police want you to know that.  The main event, of course, is an expected right-wing rally, and left-wing counter-protest, at Tom McCall Waterfront Park.  To those expected to attend, including many from out of town (or out of state), Portland’s political and business leaders had a simple message: stay home.

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Ready to Rumble: Portland Police Call for Backup

Two weeks before the next scheduled outdoor MMA fight downtown, Portland police are taking no chances.  Dueling protests, between right-wing and left-wing groups, have been arranged at Tom McCall Waterfront Park on August 17.  Neither side has bothered to ask for a permit.  The police, tasked with keeping these groups apart, have frequently been outnumbered by Antifa demonstrators, and thus unable to complete their mission.  This time, they’re apparently calling in backup, and lots of it.

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Communal News has made it easy and painless to publish news. The cost is only a little of your time. It takes just a few minutes to set up your contributor account and then you can published at will! We encourage you to write a real, detailed biography, because often after a couple of articles, the biography is published on Google News too! So when we say “set up your bio as if your mother might read it,” well, your mother really might read it.

“Oregon’s Eleven” Senator Sues Over Fines, Capitol Access

A month ago, eleven Republican members of the Oregon State Senate walked out of the State Capitol, denying the chamber a quorum and bringing all legislative business to a halt.  At issue was a controversial cap-and-trade bill, which was eventually pulled for insufficient Democratic support.  Now, one of the Oregon 11 is suing the Democratic leadership and legislative officials.  Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas) is challenging a $500-a-day fine imposed by the rump senate, and the requirement he provide at least 12 hours notice for showing up to work.

What Matt Drudge Predicted is Now Becoming a Reality After 20 years

Matt Drudge gave a speech before the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in 1998. He was already deemed an internet leader in both news and aggregated news distribution. His Drudge Report challenged the ethos of the newspaper society, which was just the beginning of dynamic revolutionary change in the news world order. The Drudge Report made friends, added enemies, created new futures and helped forced everyone in the industry to change many times over in order just to stay relevant.

Portland Mayor Criticized From the Right; Receives Challenger from the Left

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler did a lot of talking on Monday, but didn’t end up saying very much in his first press conference following an overseas vacation.  He said the dueling protests between far-left and far-right demonstrators, which frequently devolve in to violent street brawls, are a black mark against Portland’s reputation, yet offered no ideas on how to repair it.  He said he plans to discuss ways to better control future protests, yet offered no ideas of his own.  He offered no timetable for any solutions or ideas he might have alluded to, yet the city’s next outdoor MMA fight is scheduled for next Saturday.  While Wheeler has withstood a barrage of criticism, much of it from the out-of-state right, his battle for re-election was joined this week from the left.

Portland Police Chief Wants Anti-Mask Laws; Oregon ACLU Has “A Lot of Concerns”

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw has had enough.  In a news conference Wednesday, Outlaw called for “a better way” to address dueling protest groups in the city, and to give police more legal tools to combat and prevent the violence that frequently accompanies these events.  Just one day after Communal News called for it, Outlaw asked for new laws that would ban the wearing of masks by demonstrators in the commission of crimes and permit the continual recording of protests.  The legal director of the ACLU of Oregon responded, “we have a lot of concerns.”

The Best & Lowest Cost Mini Self Storage in Salem/Keizer, Oregon – 8 Side by Side Comparisons Might Help

There are a lot of criteria to choose from when selecting a mini self storage unit: price, location, amenities, security, customer service, move in specials, and access/availability. We will be looking at the top storage places in Salem, Oregon and comparing them across several top criteria, and giving you our best recommendation for mini self storage in Salem. We are taking the top eight contenders from a Google search and ranking them in order of our recommendation.

Eight Injured in Portland Street Brawl; Police Can’t Keep the Peace

Portland’s street-brawling season began with a bang on Saturday.  Dueling right- and left-wing protesters took to downtown this past weekend, and the usual carnage ensued.  Portland police, tasked with keeping the two belligerents separated, were unsuccessful in doing so.  When the tear gas cleared, three people were arrested, eight were injured, and the right blasted the police, and the city, for allowing the violence to occur.  Spray, rinse, repeat.

Oregon is Radically Changing Single Family Neighborhoods – Banning Family Zoning as We Know It

Oregon House Bill 2001 passed the Senate and is expected to be the first law of its kind in the United States or Canada: A state-level legalization of so-called “missing middle housing.”

The Oregon legislation applies to any citiy over 25,000 in population and on any and every single family home. The law will allow any home to become a duplex, triplex, four-plex or “cottage clusters.” This bill  would effectively eliminate single-family zoning in Oregon’s larger cities and change most land uses that were “areas zoned for residential use” into low density multi-family uses.

“Oregon’s Eleven” Flee the State; Stops Cap & Trade in Senate

It’s been kind of a crazy weekend in Oregon.  The flight from the state capitol, of what’s become known as Oregon’s Eleven (all the Oregon Senate Republicans), has attracted national and international news. By Monday night, there was no end in sight to the standoff with the Democratic supermajority trifecta and no sight of the Republican senators’ either.  As for endgames, Gov. Kate Brown is widely expected to call a special session in July, if and when he current session expires on June 30.  One senator told the Wall Street Journal he was prepared to stay away for months.

What Makes a Wedding Special? How Does a Bride Plan for Such an Event? Making Your Wedding an Affordable Dream Wedding.

What makes a wedding special? Is it money?  No.

Is it doing what your friends did ?  No.

It’s about making it your special day. We have won “Wedding Venue of the Year” three times in a row and what we believe brides really want is their own special day. A day that bring their family and friends in from the present and past to meet and enjoy the time with their spouses family and old friends.  A wedding should feel very warm inside and be a joyous occasion.

From the venue to the bride’s dress, everything should be welcoming, open and fun. Even though it is not as important as the ceremony itself, this might just be the most important day of your life. Our best advice is to simply try to enjoy the entire journey, the time with family, because this great event will pass rather fast and the memories will be significant and long lasting.

Best Low Cost Wedding Ideas: DIY Themed at an Award Winning Venue

Affordable Dream Wedding – Winner of Best Wedding Venue three years in a row.

Oregon’s Best Wedding and Venue Idea’s

The wedding industry is facing many challenges including lower marriage rates and brides wanting to reduce their costs that average around $33,900.  No wonder the wedding industry is seeing very little, to no, growth. One slice of the wedding industry is doing very well and that’s the lower cost Do It Yourself (DIY) wedding industry.

We believe if you live in Oregon we can provide ideas that could bring a great/dream  wedding for well under $15,000.

Best Wedding Venue in Oregon – Affordable Dream Wedding

  • Voted the Best Wedding Venue (Gold) for 2019 by Salem’s Oregon Statesman Journal  
  • Voted the Best Wedding Venue (Gold) 3 years in a row by the Statesman Journal

Affordable Dream Wedding is very proud to win the gold medal for the best wedding venue, for three years in a row, if helps when you have a historic pioneer church built 1892 or a 127 years ago.  We believe this is the oldest continuously run wedding and church in Oregon. For 127 years strait years the chapel has had some type of services at the same location. On many clear evenings it almost appears the belfry is touched by God.

Salem’s Affordable Mini Self Units & RV Storage – What Makes Storage Oregon Different?

Every once in awhile in the business world, you come across a business that takes an innovative new approach to its industry. Nowhere is that more true than at Storage Oregon. Founded 8 years ago in Salem, Oregon – a growing city that struggles to keep up with the demand for more storage facilities, Storage Oregon has taken a very different approach to its marketing and business strategies.

In a market that is increasingly likely to gouge its customers (as often happens when demand exceeds supply), Storage Oregon has held fast with low cost options for RV, Semi, vehicle, and boat storage.

Portland’s Best Mobile Advertising – Low Cost Large Video Wall Display Rentals with LED Trailers

Advertising. Even to those of us with decades of experience, and intimate knowledge of its complex and inner workings, it can still be both overwhelming and at times surprising. It never ceases to amaze how advertising has evolved through time. From carved wooden signs, to painted ones, radio ads to television, billboards to internet ads. Even the clothes we wear advertise companies, political opinions, and even our intentions.

Hold Storage Companies Accountable for the Epidemic of Storage Robberies

There is a big epidemic going on in Sacramento, California and other outlying cities. I have had all three of my storages burglarized and the storage companies aren’t being held accountable for this, when they should be. The robberies are either due to an employee doing it (the company is corrupt), or due to irresponsibility and negligence or their walls in units are able to be opened up to access another persons belongings (the walls have unscrewable bolts to undo to get in).

The Best Bathroom in Canada is Made in Portland, Oregon

You may know that The Portland Loo isn’t just in Portland; there are several cities around the globe that host the unique standalone public restroom. In fact, the Portland Loo has been so popular in Canada, it was voted Best Bathroom in Canada several years ago! The win of the restroom that is sometimes referred to as “Langley Street Loo” in Victoria BC, was a victory over other celebrated washrooms all over the country.

Things You Might See on the Sidewalks of Portland

We’re proud that we were able to work with Portland City staff and officials to develop The Portland Loo, which is the name of the freestanding restrooms you can see on some of Portland’s busiest sidewalks. Of course our sustainably-minded city loves the off-grid solar-powered components! These and other features helped the city get their first patent for the design, which was devised to discourage crime with graffiti-proof wall panels and open grating. They look pretty sleek and modern too, even though the first one was installed over 10 years ago! Since then, Portland has become pretty famous for many more things you’ll likely find on its sidewalks:

The Portland Loo’s 5 Favorite Potty Training Songs

You may have heard about Portland’s famous stand-alone bathroom, The Portland Loo, which was designed in cooperation with city staff and volunteers. No other city’s bathroom is as celebrated as The Portland Loo, for it’s sleek modern look and unique blend of function and security. And one of the most famous celebrations was almost exactly seven years ago in 2012, in collaboration with Emerson School for the city’s fifth Loo installation at Northwest 8th & Couch Street in the Pearl District.

Renting a Jumbo LED Screen / Video Wall in Portland?

Oregon Best Low Cost Large Screen Rental Service

It was a hot summer day in Portland Oregon. The cool breeze wicking away the sweat as I sat cross legged in the shade of the jumbotron at the country music festival. People were pouring in excited to hear a mixture of local and Nashville artists playing for the next 3 days, while we gorged ourselves on curly fries, turkey legs, sausages on sticks, and tried to keep cool.

The Hubbard Pioneer Chapel & Wedding Venue Celebrates the Church Building’s Historic 125th Year.

The Affordable Dream Wedding Pioneer Church/Chapel in Hubbard, Oregon, just celebrated the building’s 125 birthday of continuous operation, making this one of Oregon oldest churches still located at its original location, and we believe, Oregon’s oldest pioneer church that has continuously served its community around Portland.

Congressman Forges Road for Federal Cannabis

Exciting news may be on the horizon for legal cannabis. It seems the legislative trend making way state by state has found a direct line to federal legality, according to Oregon Congressman, Earl Blumenauer, in a memo sent to House Democratic Leadership.

Using polling statistics to affirm his point that Congress sits behind a forward-moving country, Blumenauer points out that 69% of registered voters support legalizing marijuana, and even more believe previously criminalized consumers deserve expunged records. He urges Democrats to “seize the moment,” should they retake the House of Representatives. The subsequent timeline serves as a map for the Democratic Majority to grab the reins on marijuana and other cannabis products by 2019’s end. If this path forward is enacted by the House, combined with support from senators, such as Cory Gardner who recently took action to eradicate federal interference with states that allow legal consumption, cannabis could descheduled, by 2020.

Let’s take a look at the timeline drafted by Blumenauer:

Nike’s (NKE) Kaepernick ad Campaign: New Social Icon or Insulting Veterans while Covering up Abuses of Women?

Sell Everything on Craigslist

Did you ever want to just run away from everything and start over fresh? I think most people have dreamed of getting rid of everything they own and starting over in some exotic far away location. I have a friend who actually did this and has never looked back! She was always the wanderer anyway and had walked the Appalachian Trail and hitchhiked across Europe. But she always had storage units filled to the brim with her “stuff”. And that “stuff” seemed to be what brought her home each time. So, she decided to just “settle down”. She took her stuff out of storage and moved to New York City and got a great job as a researcher for the NYPD. She thought she was there forever. She loved her job, her apartment and her entire lifestyle. But one winter a few years later, she got stuck in her apartment. The blizzard came so fast and so frantically that my friend watched as the snow piled up higher than her door and she could not budge it open. When the storm subsided and a friend came to dig her out, she vowed “never again”. This time, her longing for travel and warm tropical breezes gave her a mission of major purpose. She would move to St. John Virgin Islands and become a social worker! And…she decided to make the change and the move in one week! Yes, everyone was shocked and worried, but my friend was resolute.