LED Trailers – Getting Ready for Next Year Oregon Fairs and Events Has Never Been Easier

Hey everyone! I would like to talk a bit today about our friends over at LED Trailers, and what they are working on to help you, and your staff get ready for the up and coming 2021 fair season.

Sadly, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that has been sweeping our nation, not only have almost all fairs festivals and events closed down, but thousands of entertainers, food and alcohol suppliers, and rental companies have lost big time, and many are transitioning out of the industry for good.

Capturing Millennial Attention for Oregon Fairs, Festivals and Events; Rent Large Screen LED Display Technology

Running a fair, festival, concert or other event can be a vexing job to say the least, and that’s if everything goes right. In a changing world where fewer of the younger generations value time honored traditions, and instead seek the instant gratification of screen time and technology, it can be hard to imagine ways to integrate the two, but it needs to happen if we don’t want to lose a valued part of our heritage and history.

Portland’s Best Mobile Advertising – Low Cost Large Video Wall Display Rentals with LED Trailers

Advertising. Even to those of us with decades of experience, and intimate knowledge of its complex and inner workings, it can still be both overwhelming and at times surprising. It never ceases to amaze how advertising has evolved through time. From carved wooden signs, to painted ones, radio ads to television, billboards to internet ads. Even the clothes we wear advertise companies, political opinions, and even our intentions.

Renting a Jumbo LED Screen / Video Wall in Portland?

Oregon Best Low Cost Large Screen Rental Service

It was a hot summer day in Portland Oregon. The cool breeze wicking away the sweat as I sat cross legged in the shade of the jumbotron at the country music festival. People were pouring in excited to hear a mixture of local and Nashville artists playing for the next 3 days, while we gorged ourselves on curly fries, turkey legs, sausages on sticks, and tried to keep cool.