Storage Salem Oregon – A Cut Above the Crowd

Every once in awhile, in this dog-eat-dog business world we operate in, you come across a company that is really doing things differently. In no other industry is that more true than the storage industry with Storage Salem Oregon. Created nine years ago in Salem and Keizer, Oregon – a rapidly expanding metropolis where storage needs outweigh the supply, Storage Oregon has turned the entire industry upside down with its unique and customer friendly approach to business.

Storage Salem Oregon is Expanding!!!

Yes, you heard that right! They are adding to their inventory and opening multiple sizes up in their secure self storage and they gladly welcome you to come see their new units. The new units opening up are 5 X 8’s, 10 X 8’s even a new bigger size for our facility the 20X8’s that are ready to go. Be the first one into the new units. Nice, new and clean. You will see that at Storage Oregon they will always be improving to help fit your needs.

Storage in Salem Oregon Comes with a Lower Price   

Here in Salem, Oregon Storage can be hard to come by, and as we all know when demand exceeds supply prices go up. Many local storage facilities seem to have taken this to heart, and instead of competing for the lowest price, they compete to see who can charge the most, and still stay reasonably full. While this may make sense to them from a business standpoint, it artificially increases their prices, and cannot last.

Salem’s Storage Oregon Does It Again – Low Cost Prices on RV, and Now Mini Storage Too!!!

Salem’s Storage Oregon is known in Salem, Oregon as the best deal in town for outdoor RV, trailer, boat and other vehicle storage. They specialize in providing the best storage value in Salem/Keizer at the lowest price, and have made a reputation doing so. One of the great things about Salem’s Storage Oregon is that they offer more than just a parking spot. Included in the price is 10 free amenities that out do the competition, but also are included in their already low cost monthly prices.

Storage for Woodburn Oregon Residents at an Affordable Salem/Keizer Facility

Finding a mini storage unit, or outdoor trailer and RV storage around Woodburn can be a daunting task. There are so many facilities, and storage units are in short supply, driving prices consistently higher and higher. With more and more families moving into the area, and with the city growing rapidly, storage companies have seized the opportunity to squeeze more out of their customers – that is when they aren’t full to capacity.

Storage Salem / Keizer Oregon – Salem’s Low Cost Highly Secure Mini-Storage Options

Security. Its quite possibly the most important thing to look for when you are deciding where to store your belongings. Heck, it’s half the reason you get a storage unit instead of storing it in your aunt Ida’s shed. As part of the Salem, Oregon Community, we can happily say that Salem is a great place to live. Its big enough to have plenty to do, but not so big that its overwhelming. Close to the beach, mountains, and countless hiking and camping spots, it’s no wonder that Salem’s inhabitants are so close to nature.

Salem Keizer Mini-Storage: High Security and Low Cost – The Best of Both Worlds

What do you look for when searching for a storage facility? This is a question that we asked ourselves when evaluating the storage facilities in the Salem and Keizer, Oregon area. Storage can be a personal experience. Certainly what you are storing is very personal, and you want to find the right facility to not only protect your property, but also to fit your personal needs. Do you need climate control for expensive instruments? Dual layer security? Onsite management? What type of access hours do you require? All of these questions and more are things you should ask yourself before deciding on a place to store your treasured keepsakes and valuables.

The Best & Lowest Cost Mini Self Storage in Salem/Keizer, Oregon – 8 Side by Side Comparisons Might Help

There are a lot of criteria to choose from when selecting a mini self storage unit: price, location, amenities, security, customer service, move in specials, and access/availability. We will be looking at the top storage places in Salem, Oregon and comparing them across several top criteria, and giving you our best recommendation for mini self storage in Salem. We are taking the top eight contenders from a Google search and ranking them in order of our recommendation.

Salem’s / Keizer Affordable Mini Self Units & RV Storage – What Makes Storage Oregon Different?

Every once in awhile in the business world, you come across a business that takes an innovative new approach to its industry. Nowhere is that more true than at Storage Oregon. Founded 8 years ago in Salem, Oregon – a growing city that struggles to keep up with the demand for more storage facilities, Storage Oregon has taken a very different approach to its marketing and business strategies.

In a market that is increasingly likely to gouge its customers (as often happens when demand exceeds supply), Storage Salem Oregon has held fast with low cost options for RV, Semi, vehicle, and boat storage.

Hold Storage Companies Accountable for the Epidemic of Storage Robberies

There is a big epidemic going on in Sacramento, California and other outlying cities. I have had all three of my storages burglarized and the storage companies aren’t being held accountable for this, when they should be. The robberies are either due to an employee doing it (the company is corrupt), or due to irresponsibility and negligence or their walls in units are able to be opened up to access another persons belongings (the walls have unscrewable bolts to undo to get in).

Sell Everything on Craigslist

Did you ever want to just run away from everything and start over fresh? I think most people have dreamed of getting rid of everything they own and starting over in some exotic far away location. I have a friend who actually did this and has never looked back! She was always the wanderer anyway and had walked the Appalachian Trail and hitchhiked across Europe. But she always had storage units filled to the brim with her “stuff”. And that “stuff” seemed to be what brought her home each time. So, she decided to just “settle down”. She took her stuff out of storage and moved to New York City and got a great job as a researcher for the NYPD. She thought she was there forever. She loved her job, her apartment and her entire lifestyle. But one winter a few years later, she got stuck in her apartment. The blizzard came so fast and so frantically that my friend watched as the snow piled up higher than her door and she could not budge it open. When the storm subsided and a friend came to dig her out, she vowed “never again”. This time, her longing for travel and warm tropical breezes gave her a mission of major purpose. She would move to St. John Virgin Islands and become a social worker! And…she decided to make the change and the move in one week! Yes, everyone was shocked and worried, but my friend was resolute.