Biden’s ‘New World Order’ and UN Agenda 2030 – One World Government

“The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order.” — Vice President Joe Biden, April 5, 2013.

The Holy Bible of Christians teaches a prophecy of a ‘one world leader’. As we take a look at the UN Agenda, we can see ourselves getting closer to a one world government and with that, eventually, a one world leader. The idea of a One World Government/authority has been in the minds of some politicians for quite some time.

US Economic Outlook – What to Expect This Year Amid Coronavirus

The world is trying to fight the coronavirus pandemic. In North America, both the US and Canada extended directives of social distancing until the end of April. Russian President Vladimir Putin just gave everyone who is not considered essential business a week off with pay. However, as much as US President Donald Trump tries to be upbeat and claim by June 1st the economy will jump start, this is not feasible for a myriad of reasons and it is highly unlikely it will rebound by the fall of 2020.

New Poll Shows Trump and Biden in Near Tie

A new Washington Post – ABC News opinion poll shows Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden leading by two points, at 49 percent to 47 percent, ahead of US President Donald Trump. The percentage difference is well within the margin of error to indicate a tie. The news comes in the wake of another survey which revealed an uptick in Trump’s approval due to his handling of the current coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus: European and American Numbers Continue to Rise

US President Donald Trump said on Sunday that he had spoken with Chinese President Xi Jinping over the new coronavirus epidemic, stressing that he was somewhat dissatisfied with China. On the same day, after the governors of many states in the United States asked the federal government for more medical protective equipment, Trump announced that he would declare a state of emergency in New York, California, and Washington.

China and Russia – Are EU Nations and US Susceptible to Stockholm Syndrome?

The situation around the globe pertaining to coronavirus continues to escalate. The number of infected continues to rise, including the death toll. At this time, even high ranking politicians are testing positive for COVID-19, the latest being Senator Rand Paul in the US, who tested positive on March 22.  As everyone is aware by now, the coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China. Due to the Chinese regime’s failure to identify and contain the virus immediately, the virus spread around the world. Additionally, nations around the globe did not suspend travel in time and it became a full blown pandemic.

Biden Criticizes Trump’s handling of Coronavirus Epidemic

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has criticized U.S. President Donald Trump for his initial slow response to the coronavirus epidemic. On Thursday, the Democratic candidate took a swipe at his initial coronavirus remarks downplaying the seriousness of the virus. The presidential hopeful said that the president is trying to deflect blame by attempting to label the scourge the “Chinese Virus.”

Spain Using Coronavirus to Scrap Private Healthcare

The Coronavirus pandemic has prompted Spain to nationalize health care. Currently Spain has 11,826 infected and thus far 533 deaths. It means that private clinics will hand over their equipment and the reins of power. The Spanish government just approved the inclusion of state supervision in all health sectors, meaning that private health care workers will have to hand over all power to the government to manage all health services.

China Ramping Up Anti-US Propaganda with Russia’s Blessing – What is the Agenda?

On March 13th, the Chinese government released a report pertaining to so called “abuse of human rights” in the US. Seven chapters of this disingenuous report contain claims of human rights violations in the sphere of civil, political, social and economic rights, issues of discrimination against minorities, violence against women, violations of the rights of migrants etc. The report is meant to create a divide and try to meddle into the upcoming US elections. The trajectory has been in line with Russia’s agenda. The Kremlin has been actively trying to cause divide within the US Democratic Party and to stir up racial tensions.

Bernie Sanders Vows to Continue in Democratic Presidential Race

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) remains in the fight to become the Democratic presidential candidate despite a series of recent defeats by his chief opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden. “Donald Trump must be defeated, and I will do everything in my power to make that happen,” Sanders said at a news conference, stressing that he is looking forward to his upcoming debate with Biden.

Biden Wins Big in “Super Tuesday 2,” Becomes Likely Democratic Nominee

Former Vice President Joe Biden took a giant step toward the Democratic nomination for president Tuesday, with victories in at least four of the six states holding primaries on Tuesday. Namely, Michigan was especially important for Biden, and especially painful for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who won the state four years ago when he made his first attempt to be the Democratic party presidential candidate in 2016.

Coronavirus: Congressmen Quarantine, Trump Refuses to be Tested

President Donald Trump is not infected by coronavirus, and he doesn’t need to be tested either. That is the message from the president’s staff on Tuesday night. “The President has not received COVID-19 testing because he has neither had prolonged close contact with any known confirmed COVID-19 patients, nor does he have any symptoms,” said White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham.

SC Primary: Biden Wins, Steyer Drops Out

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden won the the Democratic primary in South Carolina on Saturday, halting Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) winning streak. The contest was also marked by the withdrawal of billionaire Tom Steyer from the Democratic presidential race. Biden managed to win about 60% of the African-American vote in the contest, and more than half of moderates, according to research by the Edison Research Institute.

Buttigieg, Klobuchar Leave Democratic Race in Blow to Bernie

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg confirmed last night during a speech in his hometown of South Bend, Indiana, that he is leaving the race to become the Democratic presidential candidate in the US election. The former mayor said he is stepping out of the primaries to “help unite our party and our country.” Analysts opine that Buttigieg’s decision may mean bad news for left-wing candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Election and Voter Suppression in Texas

I want to let people know what has happened at the polls during early voting from Feb 18-28th 2020, right here in Scurry County. It did not personally happen to me, but it happened to friends, family, and acquaintances. Several people have reported to me, and these are Credible sources, that when they went to vote at the polls at the Scurry County Courthouse, that the election workers violated the law. Texas law forbids an election worker from influencing or persuading voters in any way, but a worker violated this law several days during the voting process.

Spring Thoughts: The Ides of March, the Coming Election and Lord of War

The Ides of March

March is named after Mars, the Roman god of war. I have always associated March with the Ides of March, a time of trouble and uncertainty because of the fact that Julius Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March (March 15) an event which changed Roman history. This historical assassination is retained in our collective memory and made even more famous by the play “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare and the novel “The Ides of March” by Thornton Wilder. March is also a time of new beginnings. March 19th is the vernal equinox– the first day of Spring with all the hope and excitement that the coming of Spring brings.

Greshun De Bouse: White House Black History Reception

In keeping with the tradition and spirit of Black History Month, President Trump and First Lady have been actively participating in and hosting relative events.  One most recent event hosted at the White House by the POTUS and First Lady is the White House Black History Month Reception on February 27, 2020.

Trump addressed a number of Americans of Color supporters, including First Step Act beneficiaries Angela Stanton King [niece of MLK Jr.], Ben Carson, and even a 15-year-old Eagle Scout from Hubert, N.C who Trump predicted as a future political figure comparable to Frederick Douglas or even Martin Luther King Jr.

Rivals Accuse Sanders of Russian Help Through Democratic Debate Din

Leftist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) came under attacks from his rivals as seven Democratic presidential candidates met on Wednesday night for the final televised debate ahead of many weeks of Democratic party primary elections. Sanders is so far in the lead as the Democratic Party’s front runner to challenge President Donald Trump in the US presidential election scheduled for November this year.

US Presidential Election 2020 – Sanders, Bloomberg, Trump – Who Does Russia Prefer?

The 2020 US election campaign is gaining momentum. Since the counting problems at the Iowa Caucuses (when the result could not be determined for more than a week), Bernie Sanders’ momentum has not slowed down. “Socialist” Bernie Sanders is accused of being a “Kremlin henchman.” Still his Democratic opponents from the right– Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg– have been fading.

Sanders Confirms, Condemns Russian Interference in His Campaign

Following a revelation by The Washington Post, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who so far leads the Democratic race for the US presidency, says he was informed by US intelligence services about Moscow’s alleged support for his campaign. The independent U.S. Senator noted that the services briefed him about Russian interference in the coming 2020 presidential elections, after the Washington Post newspaper reported on Moscow’s alleged support for his candidacy.

Homeowners Associations Under Trump

Dear Homeowners Association,

I would like to report that I mowed my yard today and got my grass down from the previous four inches to below the required three inches as stated in the HOA manual. My apologies—I didn’t think the lawn needed to be mowed in February, but I guess global warming will have that effect. But thank you for your lovely letter threatening legal action. While I must say the prospect of two years in prison certainly got my attention, I would suggest that threatening to deport my mother was a bit much—despite the fact our family has been here since 1652. Actually, she has a small amount of America Indian in her so if she is deported, I would recommend she be deported to a nearby reservation…or better yet, if you really want to play hard ball, her family was here long before yours, so maybe she can just stay put. Or if we want to go down your road of logic, perhaps you can just move elsewhere. After all, she was here first. But I digress.

Voting on Your Phone: Is New Election App a Revolution or Threat?

Voting behind the curtains and then waiting for the announcement about the political decisions have always been a hectic process. We are moving along new revolutions in every industry.  People are also looking forward to digital voting methods. The growing demand of users has encouraged mobile application developers to work on the idea and bring the solution as soon as possible. Not only is this, but smartphone manufacturers in online China B2B Trade Sites are also eyeing the opportunities to outperform sales in the coming years.

Bloomberg Can’t beat Trump, Says Sanders

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Saturday harshly criticized his rival in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination race, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. He even went ahead to predict that Bloomberg, one of the world’s richest men, will not be able to generate the enthusiasm and energy for his election campaign needed to beat the incumbent, President Donald Trump.

Senate Approves Limitation on Trump’s Power to Attack Iran

On Thursday, the United States Senate passed a resolution which limits the powers of the White House to launch a military operation against Iran after weeks of war tensions between the two countries. However, since the bill did not attain the two-thirds majority support in the Senate, as only eight Republican senators supported it, President Donald Trump will be able to veto the resolution should it pass through the House of Representatives.

Bernie Sanders: Our Jewish Brother

Jews are in the news not only in World news but also in American politics. The elections in America are scheduled for November 2020 with President Trump running against a Democratic candidate who may be from his Jewish liberal opponents. One of these candidates may be Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of NY and successful businessman. Charles Schumer another important Jew in American politics has not showed interest in running for President but he is still young and may sometime become a Democratic Presidential candidate.

Jewish Liberalism, Socialism, Atheist and Trump

In the impeachment trials of President Trump was revealed Jews in leadership positions in America primarily democrats who were against President Trump to the point of even wanting to impeach him. Finally they have been defeated. President Trump in wonder could not understand why Jews do not love the State of Israel and their land.

President Trump has done more than any other President for Israel. He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He recognized annexation of the Golan. He cancelled a very dangerous nuclear treaty with Iran who preaches the destruction of Israel. He has recently revealed the Deal of the Century which will give Israel the right of annexation of portions of Judah and Samaria and even the Jordan Valley. Besides support for Israel, President Trump has fought against Anti-Semitism in Universities a great problem for Jewish youth in America. President Trump has supported religious freedom for all faiths and has recognized religion as an important part of America.