International Roundup: Ardern, Ethiopia, Israel, Trudeau, EU

  • New Zealand is still picking up the pieces after at least 50 people were killed, and another 50 were injured, in Friday’s terror attack, the worst in the country’s history. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spent the weekend visiting grieving family members and the Muslim community. The attacks, on two mosques in Christchurch, have also prompted a debate over gun laws. The Police Association has called for a ban on semi-automatic weapons, and the Prime Minister has pledged, “our gun laws will change.”

“VETO!” President Trump Rejects Congressional Emergency Resolution

Veterans May Soon Get Free Child Care

Veterans may soon be provided free child care while undergoing treatment for mental health and other medical issues. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently announced the possibility of this benefit in hopes that it will make it easier for veterans to get help. A House of Representatives Bill (H.R. 840) would extend and seek to make permanent a 2011 pilot program Veterans Child Care benefits program.

Making America the Land of God

The constitution of America is man-made law.  It was an attempt by the founders of America to bring liberty and justice to America with the help of God. America declared independence–freedom the gift of God before writing the constitution. The Law of God begins with freedom.  American Law is Judeo-Christian with freedom. The first amendment cannot reject the Declaration of Independence.

Trump Takes on Campus Free Speech; Bernie Calls for Military Cuts, Hires Illegal Immigrant

The Sun Dominates Climate Change

Why are the public generally unaware of the important research that connects variations in the output of the Sun with climate change? They should know about it, since the Sun is responsible for far more climate change than anything we cause.

The reason for this ignorance is that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the source of most people’s understanding about the field, was deliberately directed to study only the human causes of climate change.

Hate Crime Hoaxes: The Real Epidemic?

President Trump to Deliver State of the Union Address Tuesday

Ralph Breaks the Internet; Virginia Governor pressured to Resign

Disaster in Brumadinho, Brazil

Aid in the holy doctrine that wrath of Mother Nature is inevitable and comes to those who forget the basic principles of faith. Nonetheless, whatever happened in Brumadinho, Brazil cannot be overlooked or simply ignored. Consequently close to hundred have been reported dead and about three hundred missing in this silhouette of catastrophe – wiping out the whole village of Brumadinho. This is so far the causalities that have been quantified on an estimated basis, and more is yet to come. Nevertheless, whether it was due to the poor quality of raw material (to save cost) used in the construction of this dam or it was a genuine tragedy, the scope of recovering from the destitute cannot be objectified. Many organizations, such as “Developing Our World” and their associated partners have managed to gather a formidable task force of volunteers and at the same time collate enough aids for those affected by this unforeseen tragedy.

Mainstream Media Keeps Making Major Mistakes

Protesters in Basra for First-Time Request Support from President Trump

According to Kitabat Electronic News Page:

Protests in Basra started again during the Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi visit; and turn it into a time bomb in his face.

Demonstrations came out again in the streets of “Basra” Iraqi (Friday night January 18th ) and increased the accessions of other demonstrators; in despite of the number of victims occurred during the recent protests two months ago, because of corruption and the deterioration of basic services and lack of jobs in the province, which is the richest in Iraq.

International Roundup: Bombs, Brexit, Beijing, Border Wall

President Trump Offers Compromise on Border, Immigration Standoff

The Torture of Naglaa Mokhtar and the Act of Wickedness of the Egyptian Police

Naglaa Mokhtar Younis Mohamed Azzab Morgan, the wife of Los Angeles Businessman David Lee Morgan, has been undergoing unfair and severe torture by the Egyptian government since August 19, 2018.

Naglaa Mokhta is a very famous preacher in Egypt and the co-founder of Eye Witness Human Right Activists and International Law. Prior to being taken hostage, Naglaa Mokhtar has been devoted to helping women and children in need. On August 19, 2018, at approximately 3:40pm, while waiting for a flight with her husband, David Lee Morgan of 150W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90015, Naglaa was arrested by the Egyptian police who are said to be carrying out an order of the Egyptian President, Al-Sisi.

They seized her passport without arrest warrant of any sort or a judge’s order. “Our flight on Nile Airline was cancelled by Egyptian Immigration Offers for no apparent reason, I believe, other than to harass my wife because we are human right activists” said David Lee Morgan.

The human right activist, who himself is a US citizen, immediately called and also mailed the American Citizen Service section of the Embassy of the United States of America in Cairo, Egypt and reported the details of the event that occurred at the Cairo airport.

Did the FBI and US Intelligence Community Attempt a Coup in America?

International Roundup: Kurds, Canada, Congo, Caracas

Prime Minister May Faces Certain Defeat of Brexit Deal on Tuesday

Longest Government Shutdown in History Results in Missed Paychecks

Mother Pleads for Daughter After Arrest in Oklahoma

Shara Cumins was arrested for drug trafficking in Oklahoma on Dec. 22.

Shara issued the following statement to Communal News:

My name is Shara Cumins and I have pain and suffering on my heart….. My 11 month year daughter is currently in foster care do to a bad decision I choice to make to support my family….. I am currently facing charges but not yet convicted of drug trafficking….. I was on the road with my daughter as I was being stopped by the police and I was currently arrested and they took my child into custody in Oklahoma….. True enough I had marijuana in the car almost 100 pounds but my daughter does not need to suffer behind my actions…. My family amd friends was not contacted to come and get my child nor was I giving time to come and get my child from DHS custody….

International Roundup: Bongo, Belgade, Beijing, Bolsonaro

New Congress Sworn In: New Members, Old Speaker, Long Odds

Shut Down Continues with No End in Sight

International Roundup: China, Channel, Congo, Colombia

Netanyahu in Peril? Israel Heads to the Polls

Shutdown Enters Second Week; Congress Waits Until Next Year

International Roundup: Detain, Delay, Defeat, Defect

Sec. Mattis’ Resignation Shocks Political Establishment