GSA Releases Funds, Beginning Biden Transition

The United States’ General Services Administration (GSA) has begun to pave the way for the formal transition of the Biden Administration that was being blocked by the Trump administration. Several US and international media agencies have reported that the head of the General Services Administration, Emily Murphy, has started the process of transition, even though President Donald Trump is still trying to reverse the results of the elections in the states considered to be most important in the electoral college.

Why Do the Ultra Rich, Giant Corporations, Big Tech, the Deep State and the Biased Media Support Biden?

The Democratic Party used to be considered the party of the working class and the Republican Party, the party of the rich. Oh how things have changed over the past few years! Today the millionaires and billionaires are attempting to buy our 2020 Presidential Election. Over paid rich Hollywood’s elites, “Big Tech”, giant corporations, the Deep State and the corrupt biased media are “all in” for the Progressive Socialist Democrats. They all think this may be their last and best chance to take over our country by defeating President Trump and the Republicans!

Trump Right to Challenge Suspicious Ballot Counting

It’s pure pandemonium.  The 2020 voting year is perhaps the, or at least one of the most notable in history.  On top of having a pandemic, voting during a pandemic comes with its own set of challenges. Though more persons reportedly voted in election 2020 than any other or most any other election historically-including more women and American of Color voters-the manner in which votes were cast was altered by COVID-19. 

Obama: “Michelle Would Leave Me” if He Joined Biden Administration

Former President of the United States, Barack Obama, won’t be a part of the incoming administration of President-Elect Joe Biden after all. In an interview prior to the publication of his memoir, “A Promised Land,” President Obama was categorical that he won’t accept any role in the Biden administration, even if the President-Elect offered him one.

There is Still Hope Trump Will Win in 2020 – If Not an Assured Landslide in 2024

In spite of all the media hype about a Biden victory in 2020, not one state has officially been called for Biden by the Electoral College. The media only makes decisions based on their data along with voting results that a candidate has won a particular state. Fox News also seemed to be in the tank for Biden, as they were one of the first to call Arizona for Biden and one of the last to call Florida for Trump.

Suspicious Rising Smoke Shows Probability and Imminence of Federal Crimes

Where a great deal of smoke appears and is visible to the human senses, there is a great probability of fire; and unchecked fire is, of course, an imminent danger to any civilized people.  This ancient aphorism is applicable to any dangerous condition that warrants scrutiny and investigation.  That’s why the National Park Service rangers react so quickly to any suspicious smoke they observe from their outpost towers in the national forests.

Israel Shows Mixed Feelings and Worries About Possible Victory of Biden

Most of Israelis feel that President Trump stood up for the sovereignty of the nation of Israel. He took tremendous steps to strengthen the State of Israel the main representative of democracy state in the Middle East. Trump began his four-year term by cancelling the Nuclear Deal which was made by the Obama administration with Iran. Netanyahu continuously encourage Trump and other world leaders to recognize the danger of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.

How Can American’s Restore the “Checks and Balances,” Guaranteed in our Construction?

The 1st Amendment to our constitution contained rights and protection guaranteed in the “Bill of Rights.” Unfortunately, the biased, corrupt media, the dishonest Democratic Party and the deceitful “Deep State” have trampled over these basic civil rights. The Bill of Rights contains the following:

  1. Freedom of speech
  2. Freedom of the press
  3. Freedom of religion
  4. Freedom of assembly
  5. Right to petition the government

Israelis Worry About US Election Results

Coming close to election for the Presidency of the United States in Israel there is anxiety about the future of the peace making progress which President Trump began. U.S. ambassador to Israel David Friedman showed his anxiety about the future in his last statement, “We are in a position to change things in the Middle East for the next 100 years. The friends and potential friends get to join the circle of peace and get the peace dividends that come with it. Those that are hostile and want to remain on the outside fine. Iran gets maximum pressure and Palestinian donors are drying up.” It is questionable if Biden will continue in the same direction as President Trump or go back to restore relations with Iran.

Will Hateful Democrats, the Corrupt Biased Media, the Treasonous FBI, CIA and DOJ, Defeat the Most Accomplished President Ever?

President Trump has accomplished more in his three and a half years in office than any former president. However you wouldn’t know it by reading or watching the lying, extreme biased media. Some of President Trump’s outstanding achievements:

  1. Just out, 33.1% GDP in our 3rd quarter, the highest GDP ever recorded!
  2. The most Americans ever employed in the history of our country.
  3. The lowest Black, Latino, Asians, and women unemployment ever recorded.
  4. Rebuilding our depleted military.
  5. Turning around the Veterans Administration’s deadly delays in seeing a doctor.
  6. Holding NATO members responsible to pay their back membership dues.
  7. Building a wall at our Mexican border to stop drug traffic, sex traffic and illegal aliens from entering our country.
  8. Negotiating fair and receptacle trade agreements with China, Canada and the European Union.
  9. Holding China reciprocal for the COVID- 19 virus that began in China and could have been contained there.
  10. Moving Israel’s capital to Jerusalem and acknowledging the Golden Heights as part of Israel.
  11. The peace deal with Israel involving  Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain which could lead to a lasting peace in the Mid-East and many additional countries to follow.
  12. President Trump has been nominated for three different Nobel Peace Prizes.

Facts Versus Value Judgments, News Versus Fiction

The Honorable Thomas Jefferson publicly, and in letters, stated his opinion that he would rather have newspapers, or the media, without government, than government without newspapers.  The great Framer spoke, and thought, idealistically that, given the opportunity, republican federal government and the media would never malign and work deliberately work against the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights to oppose their great purpose, to “secure the blessings of liberty to the people and their posterity in perpetuity.

Trump vs Biden – Who Are the Celebrities Backing?

The US Presidential election is just one week away, and, if the polls are anything to go by, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who is also the massive favourite in the next US President odds, is set to win the race for the place in the White House.

It is reported that a record amount of Americans have already turned out to cast their ballot in the early voting, with almost 60 million people making their way to the polls. Most of the early votes have been made in Texas, Florida, and California, with the majority believed to be in favour of Mr Biden.

Voters Must Know the Truth before Casting Their Ballot

In our highly polarizes country, it is essential that voters know the truth about each party’s presidential candidate. Unfortunately, you can’t count on anything you see or read in the main line left leaning, biased media. Even Facebook and Twitter are censoring damning information about Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son because it would disqualify Joe Biden from running for the highest office in the land. It should land Joe Biden in prison for life!

The Corrupt “Deep State” is Still Alive and Well Today!

Our FBI, DOJ, State Department, and far left organizations and corporations are a disgrace to all American’s, by attempting a treasonous coup to unseat our duly elected President. The “Deep State”, aligned with Socialist, Communist, the Progressive Democrats, the left-wing media, social media, giant corporations, Hollywood, Planned Parenthood and the Teacher’s Unions are all united against President Trump. All these organizations and other groups have concluded that now is their best opportunity to take over our country. The corrupt media and others are not even trying to hide their left wing, anti-Trump bias.

You Take the Left – We’ll Take the Right

Is it just a political thing? Or has it/is it becoming or became a religious thing?


Looking at the Democratic party over the last few years we see them collaborating with many that most conservatives, and even some moderates, would call America’s enemies. They have associated themselves with just about every known extremist group on the left. From Marxist’s to Communists to Socialists and all forms of nuts.