Tips for the Best Nile Cruises During Christmas in Egypt

Egypt is a magical country that’s teeming with myths, legends, and amazing antiquities. ‘The Land of Pharaoh’ has been in globetrotter’s radar for eons due to the presence of incredible human feats and nature’s wonders. With logic-defying Pyramids of Giza, the world’s longest river of Nile, and scintillating beaches along the famous coral reefs of the Red Sea, Egypt is brimming with diverse marvels of Mother Nature that will leave you completely speechless.

Ultimate Travel Guide to Alaska

Alaska, our 49th state that was admitted into the union in 1959. Alaska has 5 great land regions that it is known four that you may end up. These regions are the Arctic, Inside Passage, Southwest, Southcentral, and Interior.


  • Arctic Coast: The Arctic coast is the home of the Inupiat people. The Inupiat community is one of the largest indigenous Eskimo groups in Utqiagvik or also known as Barrow. Barrow is the largest municipality in the world. The Arctic may be remote but it is very beautiful. When you go to the Arctic it would be good to make sure that you bring a coat. During the winter the region could be as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. More information about the weather and climate can be found here.