Bijan Norouz’s Thought and His Scientific Attitude of the Cosmic Music

Amir Hossein Hosseinipour – Freelance Journalist interviews Bijan Norouz about his scientific point of view on music.

Bijan Norouz explained that music provides an auditory imagery of the outer world, rather than providing visual images as we see in paintings and literature, from the outer world. Scientific music differs from the way of manifestation of the other arts, although, we can say that it doesn’t differ from them, considering the fundamental nature of it, as an art which envisions the responses of human being to the outer world or the inner world.

China Stops Chartering Oil Tankers in Venezuelan Deliveries

Chinese oil companies have stopped chartering oil tankers that have, in the past year, delivered consignments to Venezuela. This is following a new directive by the United States government sanctioning vessels involved in boosting the Venezuela oil sector. According to the Department of the Treasury, companies aiding the corrupt regime of President Nicholas Maduro are in contravention of current statutes.

Russian President Putin Signs Nuclear Decree

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Nuclear Weapons decree on June 2. The decree titled “On The Basis Of  The State Policy Of The Russian Federation In The Field of Nuclear Deterrence” is a document regulating the conditions under which Russia has the right to launch a nuclear strike against an aggressor (or a pack of aggressors). The main goal is to legalize the use of nuclear weapons in limited local conflicts.