Causes of Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Scientists claim that coronavirus not produced in a laboratory.
  • Like all diseases, coronavirus is caused by the sins of man.
  • The cries of the millions of Syrian homeless refugees which have been ignored may be the cause of corona.

The world faces the corona virus epidemic and with the help of God soon will be found medicine and a vaccine which will make Corona virus like other plagues and epidemics past history. The more recent epidemics, to mention The Spanish Flu in 1918, killed millions, the Hong Kong Flu in 1968 killed 1,000,000, HIV Aids which began in the Congo has killed millions.

Over a million homeless refugees Syrian Muslims are being ignored by the world.

World War II was not a plague caused by a micro-organism but is a plague caused by a human organism.  World War II killed over 40 million people and 6 million Jews in work camps. The plague of World War II was finally stopped in 1944.  Then in 1945 the world gathered together in unity when was established the United Nations to work together to prevent future wars and plagues.

Scientists have ruled out the opinion that Corona virus was created in a Chinese laboratory by a human being. In the beginning there was a theory that it was created in a laboratory like nuclear and chemical weapons. Examining the virus scientists believe it is a new strain of corona virus which began in Wuhan, China in the market place. Corona is a reality and its solution is on the way through modern science.

God is the master and creator of the universe. People take this for granted. There is a way of peace which everyone loves, and there is war and disease. When times are good mankind forgets the bad times.  They take for granted that life is a gift and begin to forget God the creator of the universe. Wars and plagues wake people up to this truth.

According to the Bible man was created on the sixth day after all of the other creations. Before man was created the animal, fish of the sea, plant life, all of creation except for the Sabbath.  Also microorganisms which cause disease were created before man. The Bible teaches that when man acts like man and not like the animal God protects him from the dangers from the animal and micro-organisms.  When man behaves like an animal he is faced with another reality that micro-organisms, mosquitos, viruses came first before him. The priority of the life of human beings over the animal is lost; there comes disease and destruction. The Bible gives a code of righteousness for man which are the commandments to keep him up and above the animal and disease. The Jewish people are told in Exodus 15:26, If you will listen carefully to the Lord your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his requests and decrees, I will not bring upon you any of the diseases I brought upon the Egyptians, for I am the Lord your God that heals you.”  In Jerimiah 16 it says, Heal me God and I will be healed, save me and I will be saved.”  These words that were given to the Jewish people in their time of glory, are today universal teachings for all of mankind.

There are underlining causes of the corona virus plague which come from not listening to the Word of God. World Economy has flourished since the end of World War II. Today it is being crushed. During the good times people forget the bad times.  One of the righteous men of Israel, also a student of the Kabballah said that the cause of Corona comes from deterioration of the Crown of creation which is the outer cover of protection over the world the macrocosm and man the microcosm. He points to sins of sexual immodesty as its cause. HIV epidemic is known to be spread through sex.  Modern science found a medicine for HIV and people continue to support in public the practice of sex which the Bible prohibits.

Like there is a crown of protection over each human being which protects him from diseases, around the world in the atmosphere is also a crown of protection which many people claim is the cause of global warming. China is the biggest offender of the world causing this crown to be damaged.  China is also an atheist country which contributes to the destruction of the crown of God which protects mankind.  Corona began in China. China conquered Tibet and the Dali Lama and holy Buddhist monks fled to India,

In World War II the Jewish people suffered the holocaust.  There was a possibility of preventing the holocaust before the beginning of World War II. Nations of the world allowed Hitler to use the Jewish people as his weapon to gain public support for his campaign to conquer Europe. The World allowed him to make Jews scape goats, six million Jews and forty million people died in World War II. Remembering the Holocaust is important today to the world. Just recently many of the leaders of the world came to Jerusalem for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The streets of Tel Aviv are empty.

Today in Syria there are over one million refugees of Syrian men woman and children as the Assad regime continues to protect his minority which rules the country. Iran and Hezbollah have joined Assad strengthening his regime against the Syrian people afflicting them with holocaust life. Pope Francis has always made public this tremendous abuse of human rights which is still going on in Syria. Many nations of the world ignore the atrocity in Syria and point to Israel claiming that Israel abuses the life of Palestinians.

There is no comparison between the ways Assad controls his nation, to the way Israel protects its nation. Arabs in Israel which have citizenship live a decent life and may even be part of the new government which Benny Gantz is forming. Israel gave to the Palestinians autonomy in the West Bank and they have freedom within their communities. Even though their freedom may be limited; they can live peacefully with Israel as long they cooperate together. In Gaza, Hamas refuses to cooperate with Israel. They cause their own suffering which is nothing like the sufferings of Syrian civilians. Gaza refuses to cooperate and in opposition to the Israel regime they have thrown thousands of rockets at Israel. Gazans are aligned with Iran who is the enemy of America and the Western World. The Syrian refugees cry out to God for help. Through their prayers comes a curse upon the world through Corona virus.  The world can no longer ignore Syrian refugees and the problem between Assad and his people must be solved peacefully allowing these refugees to return to civilian life in peace and security.

The World condemns Israel who are a people which have successfully settled their homeland and have the desire for World Peace and National Security. President Trump entered the presidency in difficult times. He improved the American economy and worked for peace in the Middle East. He also supported religion and worked to improve morality within America. Liberals in America without any just reasons attacked him blindly.  They wanted to stop Trump from being successful to Make America Great. Now they have succeeded; and everyone in the world will suffer because of Corona.  These Liberals have succeeded to make America a nation without justice ruled by instinct alone. America is ready for a recession.

Another cause of corona virus is anti-Semitism. Jewish people are attacked because in biblical times they chose to be a separate nation with a family lineage. They made this choice because at that time the world was still not civilized and people worshipped false Gods. The importance of separation from evil which the Bible teaches, is now a reality when people go into quarantine to separate the corona virus from people. Separation is sometimes necessary.  Each nation wants sovereignty, national security. Israel wants its sovereignty in its own land to live in peace with its neighbors. Jews have the right to be a separate a nation in a world which is united together in peace and unity.

Medical science will eventually conquer Corona like HIV.  People then will begin again to forget the sufferings of the past. Listen to the Bible which teaches truth and do not again cover up the sins of mankind. If so, will come another epidemic. Work to build world peace, but don’t forget the individual.  God hears the cries of the orphans, widows, and the poor.  Through working together can be solved Corona virus and the world can reach its highest perfection.

There is always hope until the last day and a reward for our sufferings in the world to come. “Please God bring the world a complete healing in the merit of the resurrection of Moses and the prophets. We should receive the Messiah and eternal life for our good deeds. Our children should return to a good, healthy and happy life.”

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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