Celebrating Father’s Day and Graduations – The New Normal is Here – Casino Jack

  • In June we celebrate two very important events in family life.
  • Now that we are emerging from isolation, we must confront the new normal in all of our lives.
  • Casino Jack with Keven Spacey is the movie that I am discussing this month.

June brings us another important Day in family life and that is Father’s Day and honoring our fathers. For a long time fathers were viewed as just the bread winners in our families. We didn’t realize until more recently how very important the father’s role is to the emotional health of both their sons and daughters. It makes all of our fathers even more valued and necessary in the complex structure of family life than we have previously understood.

June is a also a time of graduations and new beginnings. Even at this difficult time in the world’s history, young people and their families will be planning for the future and looking forward with hope.

We took all of these wonderful things for granted and expected that they would never change.

Evaluating the New Normal

Because we still have a long way to go before the world becomes more normal again, it is hard to envision that someday life will again be the carefree, hopeful existence that we lived not so long ago –going to restaurants, planning vacations, giving parties and having family outings. We took all of these wonderful things for granted and expected that they would never change.

When we eventually start our more normal lives again, I think it perhaps will be with greater appreciation for the really important things in our lives that we thought would always be there for us and are now taken away for a time. Let us hope this will leave us with a greater appreciation for the simple and wonderful things that we have all had in our lives—family, friends, daily enjoyments and freedom to go and do whatever we want — simple things, but really the most valuable things in all of our lives.

Our new normal will be very different until we find a vaccine and go back to our old lives again without fear. The new normal for me will be wearing a mask and keeping 6 feet of distance from other people, even from my own family. It will mean cutting my own hair and getting only emergency help when I need it. The new normal means my life will be harder for a longer time than I thought. But if we keep ourselves safe than this will pass and we will again have out lives back to what they were just months before.

Now that we are beginning to emerge from isolation, we have more time and energy to begin to reflect and evaluate our months in confinement. I think the most important thing I learned in my two months in lock-down was how interdependent we are and how much we really need each other. I tend to like and appreciate socializing with people, but I didn’t realize how really dependent I am on other people and on the services that other people render me every day. It is something we all tend to take for granted in our daily life. When I was deprived of this my life began to diminish. My hair became hard to manage Things around my house broke down and weren’t able to be repaired. I hoped I wouldn’t get ill because I would have no one with expertise to help me. I wasn’t able to get anyone to help me do difficult maintenance tasks and so became more tired and frustrated.

Keven Spacey skillfully portrays the unscrupulous Jack Abramoff as the lobbyist.

We need other people to help us with the good life that we have. It doesn’t matter what their race, class, religion or their politics are. They help us to get through every day better, and although I always appreciated the service people who help me and enrich my life, I now realize how absolutely necessary they are in all of our lives. They need us and we need them. Let us be appreciative of the skills that other people have that help us live better and begin to learn to live better together in appreciation and harmony.

The last few days we have all seen on our TV what happens when a society is not just and treats some of their citizens with brutality. I hope all of this chaos and anger will finally give us laws that are fair to all and show all of us that our local and federal governments must finally begin to treat everyone in this country with equal compassion and justice.

Movie—Casino Jack

Casino Jack is the true story of the Washington scandal in involving lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Keven Spacey skillfully portrays the unscrupulous Jack Abramoff as the lobbyist who was convicted in 2006 of mail fraud, tax evasion and the bribery of two White House officials, one US Representative, and nine other lobbyists and congressional aids He was sentenced to Federal prison for 6 years when he and many other important officials were found guilty. It reminds us that there will always be corrupt people who will try to make a lot of money by trying to influence our legislators to work for them and not for the people that these legislators represent. It means that we must always watch our government very carefully to minimize the continuous attempt at corruption by unscrupulous individuals.

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