Chassidic Rabbi in Los Angeles Heals From Corona with Cocktail of Doctor Zelenko

  • A Chassidic Rabbi in Los Angelos testifies that he was helped with Hydrochloroquine.
  • American Frontline doctors feel that there is a monopoly on medical treatments from the FDA and WHO.
  • Israel has vaccinated over 1,500,000 high risk people.

California especially Los Angeles is being hit hard by Corona Pandemic. A Chassidic Rabbi in the Heart of Los Angeles the Jewish religious neighborhood of LaBrea in a short speech spoke about Corona which infected many people from his congregation including himself. On Friday before the Sabbath he received a telephone call that one or more of his congregants had tested positive for Corona. The Rabbi was forced to close his synagogue on that Sabbath. He himself tested for Corona and received a positive response.

Rabbi Wolf is about sixty years old. Immediately upon receiving the positive response that he had been infected with Corona he took the cocktail prescribed by Dr. Zelenko including in it Hydrochloroquine, Zinc Sulphate, and Azithromycin. He is still in quarantine appearing in good health. He says he feels fine.  There is another live witness that has received help from the prescription of Dr. Zelenko. Rabbi Wolf is connected to Chabad Lubavitch. Dr Zelenko is also connected to Chabad Lubavitch. For an unknown reason outpatients clinics in Israel and America still do not prescribe the Zelenko cocktail.

Simone Gold head of American Frontline doctors.

American Frontline Doctors have taken opposition to the handling of the Corona Pandemic by the FDA and WHO. The organization is led by a Front Line Doctor and attorney Dr. Simone Gold. The purpose of their organization is to publish the truth. There are always two sides in any controversy. One side is always struggling for power over the other side.

FDA and WHO are powerful medical institution supported by drug companies which have done good work in the past but they are not the only word in medicine. They have made mistakes in the past which have cost the lives of innocent people like in the Opiate scandal. The purpose of these organization is to benefit society and protect people from medical frauds. They can sometimes be over cautious and prevent people from good solutions to their medical problems like Hydrochloroquine, and Avermechtin.

President Trump attempted to introduce medical solutions to be prescribed in out-patient clinics but was stopped by the FDA and WHO. He himself when he contacted Corona was treated like in outpatient before receiving symptoms with an anti-body cocktail and remdesvir a medicine to treat Ebola.  FDA and WHO have chosen to use vaccines for ending the Pandemic and have given strong opposition to other alternatives in early stage treatment. Vaccines may work but these vaccines have been produced without complete testing like in the past.

Dr. Vladmir Zelenko who discovered a cocktail to treat Corona in the early stages

There are two new mutations of the Corona virus coming from England and South Africa. They have even reached to Israel. In Israel recently died two young mothers the age of 40 which is very rare. Both were not able to receive medical attention; the virus destroyed them quickly which is rare. The virus usually takes several days until symptoms appear mild or severe. It seems that these cases are related to the South African mutation of Corona which may have merged with Ebola. Ebola strikes quickly. People need immediate hospitalization. It is less contagious for this reason but more lethal. The English mutation is said to be more contagious but no more deadly.

Israel has vaccinated over 1,500,000 people with Pfizer mostly in the high risk categories. They have also received the vaccines of Moderna which are needed because of a shortage. In the next two weeks will be given the second dose. Hopefully, the vaccine will stop the spread of Corona or limit its danger for high risk people who have received the vaccine. The country is now in strict lockdown. The End of the Pandemic is near?

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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