China and Russia Have a Sinister Plan for Hong Kong and the Demonstrators

  • Russia aiding China in false propaganda against Hong Kong protesters.
  • China has a sinister plan for Hong Kong.
  • Will China be held accountable for any violations of human rights in Hong Kong?

Russian media continues to run pro-China propaganda and justifications for the use of force against demonstrators in Hong Kong. The unrest in the former British colony has been ongoing for the past four months. Demonstrators wearing black face masks became the new heroes and modern day revolutionaries, protesting against China’s brutal arrest and prosecution system.

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China continues the oppression of demonstrators using force and paint agents, which caused severe skin reactions. There is a petition currently circulating for the UN to review the situation.

When you look at the whole scenario, there are certain common denominators. Russia is falsely claiming that the West is training militants and that the young protesters are mere front line “useful idiots” via indoctrination and funding from western nations.

Russian government-owned media has been circulating images of an umbrella being used as a weapon by protestors with the caption: “courtesy of the Chinese government, police.” Hence, the truth is likely something else. Another image is being shown, in both English and Cantonese, falsely accusing protesters of the harassment of Chinese government employees, in order to create a narrative of danger and justify using force against protesters.

The protesters are described as spoiled youth funded by western intelligence to destabilize China and aide the US in the current trade war. There is no truth to it whatsoever. In reality, Hong Kong had been under the rule of the UK previously and the citizens enjoyed economic freedom without political oppression. Since China took over under the “One Country, Two Systems” approach, the government has slowly increased their oppression. In 2047 China says they will have “One Nation, One System” with Hong Kong completely loosing any type of freedom.

China, in conjunction with Russia, is spinning a new campaign about Hong Kong being a burden to China, including framing as “chivalrous” the mainland allowing Hong Kong to be part of China. Additionally, they are reminding mainlanders of Hong Kong’s history of once being reliant on the opium trade and describing the ancestors of the demonstrators as disgraced drug traffickers.

It was Britain that played the largest role in inundating China’s population with opium up to and through the Opium Wars. American merchants were also plentiful in grabbing a share of the profits from the opium trade.

The current propaganda is downplaying Hong Kong’s economy with the claim it will never be sustainable and may always be a drain on China. The question arises, if this is true, why not let Hong Kong be independent?

However, China has a new sinister plan in mind for Hong Kong. It wants to run off the current populous or jail them while enacting a relocation plan to move mainland pro-communist residents into the region (This plan was successfully executed in the Tibetan region where Han Chinese residents now outnumber native Tibetans). Russia is assisting by encouraging their citizens to live and work in Hong Kong.

History tends to repeat itself. Han Xin was one of China’s most outstanding military strategists. He is most famous for helping Liu Bang take power and usher in the 400-year-long reign of one of China’s most glorious dynasties (Han: 206 BC–220 AD). Han Xin’s men advanced toward the Yong Kingdom under the guise of repairing roads, but instead they launched a surprise attack. This is the strategy behind China’s plan for the protesters.

If the West allows Hong Kong to fall completely to China, the ramifications for the people in the region would be a tragic loss of any freedom for them and future generations to come.

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