China Roundup – 16 Arrested in HK, Jack Ma Getting Richer, Burger King Fined for Expired Materials

  • In just one month two suicides in Kekexili.
  • Employees of Burger King can easily change the expiration date of bread and chicken.
  • HK jewelry store robbed in daytime.

Ant Financial Services Group, the world’s highest valued FinTech company, released its prospectus on August 25. Jack Ma, the founder of the Alibaba empire, will have a shareholding of no more than 8.8%. Furthermore, Jack promises to donate 610 million stock shares to charity (which will account for around 2% of the company’s market value), especially on education, entrepreneurship and female leadership. On August 26, Alibaba reaches its highest ever stock price. The total value passes 6 trillion HKD, which is over $774 billion.

Lam Cheuk-ting (right) and Hui Chi-fung (left).

Lam Cheuk-ting and Hui Chi-fung, opposition members of Hong Kong Parliament, together with another 14 people, were arrested on August 25. They are both charged with provoking violence during several riots last year and of perverting the course of justice. The Hong Kong police do not discard the possibility of arresting more people over the next few days.

Kekexili, one of four “no man’s lands” in China, is famous for its untouched natural beauty and wildlife. But it has always been a suicide sanctuary, too. On August 1, after over 20 days of being missing, the police finally found some “human body pieces” of a girl that went into Kekexili alone.

She was just finishing her study as a pilot. The police suspected that she took some sleeping pills and died of the extreme temperature. Later, her body might be eaten by animals. On August 25, the police found another missing man in a pool in Kekexili. In his last post on Wechat before losing contact, he said that he heard some wolves howling. Both cases have attracted many attentions, and some are worrying that this kind of news will just encourage more suicidal people to end their lives in Kekexili.

Kekexili, a place of extreme beauty and danger.

Six Burger King branches in Nanchang have been fined over $132K for using expired food materials. The case was exposed on the 3/15 Gala Program, an annual program hosted by China Central Television and several government departments, which aims to expose business misconduct and to defend consumers’ rights. According to a secret interview, the employees of Burger King can easily change the expiration date of bread and chicken. Also, they use less ingredients than advertised. So far, the Burger King’s official Weibo account hasn’t commented on it.

Two men broke into a jewelry store in Hong Kong on August 24 at 9:38 am. In less than one and a half minutes, they managed to gather about $145,000 off the protected shelves with just hammers and knives. They fled the spot with a private car that clearly was driven by another accomplice. The whole process of the robbery has been caught on camera. The police are scrutinizing Sky Eye (public cameras installed almost everywhere in Hong Kong) footage trying to find out more clues about the criminals.

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