China Roundup – Chinese Covid-19 Vaccine Valid for Different Virus Strains, Hong Kong Student Activist Afraid of Getting Arrested

  • Joshua Wong insulted while walking a dog.
  • Sinovac can produce over 300 million Covid-19 vaccine each year.
  • Younger generation seems less willing to drink alcohol for work.

On August 23, Hong Kong student activist Joshua Wong posted on his Facebook saying that he had been “harassed” by a local woman while walking a dog with his family. Soon, on Weibo, the video recorded by the woman was released too. In this video, the recorder blamed Wong for being a bad example for the young generation in Hong Kong and asked how much bribery he had accepted in a quite sarcastic way. She called him a national traitor.

China’s vaccine for Covid-19 is about to come out.

The most voted comment below the video wrote: Wong accuses the local citizen for harassing him, while it’s OK for himself to harass Hong Kong for such a long time? By coincidence or not, a few hours later, on August 24, the official account of the China Central Television describes Wong an artist of “sadfishing.” The attached video shows Wong being interviewed by a foreign journalist while participating virtually in the Edinburgh International Book Festival. In the interview, Wong talked about how he couldn’t sleep well at night worrying that the police might arrest him the next day or storm in his room at 5 am like what they did to Jimmy Lai.

Xiamen International Bank responds to the case.

Yin Weidong, the chairman of Sinovac Biotech, the company that produces the Chinese version of the vaccine for Covid-19, claims in an interview that the Chinese vaccine has been tested to be effective for over 20 different Covid-19 virus strains that prevail around the world. Also, he confirms that for now, the company is able to produce at least 300 million vaccine doses each year.

As president Xi Jinping has already announced the Chinese vaccine to be a global public good, the vaccine will be used not only in domestic market, but also in some other countries of first priority, which will be decided by both the number of population that needs urgent protection and the infection rate in that country. However, he does not mention when the first batch of vaccine would come out nor the price.

In Beijing, a new employee of Xiamen International Bank complained online that his supervisor slapped and insulted him during a business dinner when he refused to drink alcohol. He had to flee the dinner because other employees were also drunk and becoming aggressive to him. The bank responds today that what the supervisor did is totally inappropriate. He and the director of the branch haven both received a warning and a fine.

Later, many people on Weibo told stories of similar bad experiences due to not drinking alcohol at public dinners. This is a clear collision between generations. The culture of alcohol has always played an important part in social bonding and doing business in China, while the younger generation seems less willing to drink alcohol for work.

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