China Roundup – Coal Mine Fire – Historic Flooding – Illegal Waste Dumping

  • 14 people lost at sea after boat crashes.
  • Coal mine fire caused seven deaths.
  • Should a young woman follow her dreams?

On August 20, 19 workers were caught in a fire in a coal mine in Shandong, all of whom were rescued after almost three hours. Seven of them passed away in the hospital, while another one is still severely injured. This coal mine belongs to Shandong Energy Feicheng Mining Group, which is closed after the incident. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

According to Shanghai Marine Bureau, this morning, a 3000-ton oil tanker crashed into a sand carrier near the Yangtze River Estuary, causing a huge fire on the oil tanker and the sand carrier sunk. Sixteen rescue boats participated in the effort. Only three workers have been found and rescued, 14 are still lost. Watch the rescue video here.

Xi Jinping gives instructions on flood control.

These days, unprecedent floods have reached Chongqing where countless roads and shops have been submerged (video). Citizens have been transferred to safe areas.

Next to it, Sichuan has adjusted the National Disaster Emergency Response System to its highest level. Many provinces have sent soldiers to help Sichuan control the floods. Meanwhile, the infamous Three Gorges Dam opened 11 holes to release floods, for the first time in its history. Flooding is at the highest level in 39 years.

President Xi Jinping visited the families of three soldiers who passed away during flood control. Rare natural disasters happen more and more frequently these years in China, considered a clear sign of climate change by many.

Over the last four months, Beijing police have arrested 168 people for dumping waste illegally, including a case where 500 tons of waste was dumped under a highway bridge. This action is named Kunlun 2020, following up on a new version of Regulations on the Management of Beijing Municipal Solid Waste, which was passed on May 1 and is intended to enforce waste classification in Beijing.

Illegal waste dump in Beijing.

A flight from Beijing to Hangzhou is reported to have plummeted over 3,000 feet in less than two minutes. Two cabin crew members were hurt. An initial investigation suggests that the plane encounteredstrong turbulence while preparing to land. Afterwards, one passenger posted online describing the experience as “frightening” and that he was regretting not having a will.

Recently, a Hunan student, Zhong Fanrong, got admitted to Peking University, a top 30 university worldwide. Her major, archeology, sparked a huge discussion online. Some people are persuading her to change her major arguing that archeologists don’t make enough money, that it’s a waste of her talent.

Others praise her for pursuing her dream, even though it’s a “cold” major (she might well be the only female student of this major in quite a few years). Soon, several important museums joined the discussion by posting on Weibo to welcome her to the world of archeology. Nine museums even sent her gifts, weighing over 25 kg. Many hope she follows her heart. Afterall, life isn’t all about money.

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