China Roundup – Elderly Man Dies During Shoplifting Dispute – Swift Flood Waters Taking Lives

  • Internet users become indifferent to accidents involving backpackers.
  • Don't jump in the river just because you're mad at your boyfriend.
  • Woman spends 23 years fighting identity theft.

In Jiangsu, an elderly man was caught hiding eggs in his pockets in a supermarket. The cashier held the arm of the elder trying to inspect his pockets, which the elder resisted. After a few back-and-forth conversations, the elder suddenly fell onto the ground, dead. The family ask for compensation of over $55,000, arguing that his death was caused by the cashier. While the supermarket maintains that the cashier was doing the right thing and she was just persuading the elder to clear his pockets without physical actions, which was all captured by camera. The case is still under investigation.

The cashier asking to inspect the client’s pockets.

In Guangdong, a student spent $440 falsifying an admission letter from Tsinghua University, one of the best in China. His father, not knowing that his son only got 235 out of 750 on the Gaokao (national exam), spent a lot of money celebrating: firecrackers and red banners at the entrance of the village, inviting villagers to dinner parties…until a local official noticed that there was a typo on his admission letter. According to informants, the family has left the village. The kid may also face charges of document falsification.

Father and son showing off fake admission letter.

Also in Guangdong, 12 visitors trespassed on a protected area to swim in a river. However, the water level surged due to quick changing weather, washing away seven of them. After rescue, only four of them survived. The youngest victim was only three years old. In recent years, the frequent occurrence of these kinds of tragedies have raised people’s aversion towards amateur backpackers. For example, most comments under this story are either blaming the visitors for breaking local rules or reminding them to pay the rescue fee later.

In Sichuan, a girl jumped into a river after a fight with her boyfriend, which she immediately regretted. She managed to get on an “island” of wood and plastic and drifted all night. When she was finally rescued the next day, she had already drifted for almost 40 miles. Considering that there are floods these days in that area, she is the definition of good luck. See the video here.

Mrs. Bao finally got a response from local government.

In Inner Mongolia, a 45-year-old woman has been trying to “get back” her job for 23 years. After graduating from college, she was assigned to a health bureau in Ulanqab (at that time the government assigned jobs to the graduates in China).

However, when she went to the bureau, she was told to go home to wait for further notification, which she never received. She has gone to many different government departments asking for reasons and no one could explain it. After several major newspapers covered her story, local government promised to investigate her case immediately.

On Weibo, many posts suggest that her identity was stolen. Someone must have forged her ID and taken her place, as has happened before with college admissions, which usually involves corrupted officials manipulating documents.

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