Chinese President XI Desperation: Telling Military to Prepare for War, Erasing English Language – What is Next?

  • A Chinese delegate proposed scrapping the use of English language during conferences in China.
  • XI told the Chinese Military to prepare for war.
  • Russia continues to support China.

One of the delegates to the 13th National People’s Congress, during the 3rd meeting held on May 27 suggested that simultaneous translation from Chinese to English should not be used during Chinese press conferences.  The National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China, normally referred to as the National People’s Congress, is the highest organ of state power and the national legislature of the People’s Republic of China. With 2,980 members in 2018, it is the largest parliamentary body in the world.

In the delegate’s opinion, the adoption of the proposal will “preserve the dignity of the Chinese language” and “demonstrate cultural trust.” The language of the likely enemy has long been disliked in China. In 2017, another delegate suggested making English an optional subject rather than a compulsory one in schools.

However, this time around, a myriad of delegates spoke in favor of the  proposal. Perhaps the timing of such a proposal is to control information coming out of China. Especially since Chinese President Xi Jinping has told the Chinese military to prepare for war. It is highly likely that any military conflict would involve either Hong Kong or Taiwan. Taiwan plans to seek independence from China this summer and is going to purchase Harpoon rockets from the United States.

Chinese Authorities have passed a law pertaining to the State Security of Hong Kong meant to strengthen China’s control over the area. US President Donald Trump promised to announce new measures pertaining to China as a result.

Chart of the Hong Kong parties that can be impacted by US sanctions.

It will cause great turmoil for China if the US will recognize Tibet independence. In 1950,the Chinese communist regime invaded Tibet to make it a permanent part of China.

China and Russia have launched new social media campaigns claiming there were only two independent nations in the world historically, which were Russia and China.

China is gradually realizing that it is in a position of “Cold War” with the US. Initially, China was preparing for a two-step model of maintaining the economy: this year survival by stimulating the domestic market, as a myriad of other nations apply quantitive easing measures.

In 2021 China expected to expand exports. President Xi confirmed quantitive easing measures on May 24. It is a big shift from the export reliance economic model. China will focus more of its exports to Eurasia.  The Chinese currency Yuan has significantly weakened.

The Chinese strategy has changed a lot since the days of the Deng Xiaoping’s precepts of modesty. Deng was a Chinese politician who was the paramount leader of the People’s Republic of China from 1978 until his retirement in 1992.  China under XI abandoned the concept of “hide opportunities and stay in the shadows.” This was done largely for the domestic audience, who wanted clear evidence that China has become one of the world’s leaders.

From his very first days in power, XI spoke of the great rebirth of the Chinese nation as the quintessence of the “Chinese dream.”

At this time, China sounds desperate. Any time a country starts showing military force, it usually means it is failing. XI might not even survive his leadership position.

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