Chinese Woman Died After Being Tripped by a Dog (Video)

  • The Samoyed may be euthanized after this.
  • Similar cases happen every now and then.
  • In recent years, many cities in China have carried out their own regulations over domestic dogs.

I think most people are a bit concerned when they see people walking a dog twice their size, at least I am. I’m constantly worried that any sudden move by the dog will trip the owner over, which is not a joke when it comes to elderly people.

On August 17, in Foshan, an elderly woman was tripped over by a dog leash and hit her head on the ground. Later she passed away. What happened was recorded by a street camera. Watch the disturbing video at your own risk here.

Passenger hit by a falling cat.

As the CCTV footage shows, the elder was just standing alone on the street when it all happened. Suddenly one dog appeared being chased by another rather big Samoyed with a loose leash. The elder was tripped over completely by the long leash and hit her head on the ground, motionless. After that, a young girl that seemed to be the dog walker ran over. Seeing the elder lying on the ground, she quickly called the dog back and fled the spot, running.

In recent years, many cities in China have carried out their own regulations over domestic dogs. In large cities like Beijing and Shanghai, large and violent dogs like shepherds and Pit Bulls are not allowed. Also, dogs must be leashed and led by “juridically capable” owners when in public, which means only adults can walk dogs.

In this case, according to a villager, the girl is only 12 years old and the Samoyed belongs to another family. The owner of the dog, a male adult, always walks it with a leash. That day he tied the dog on a pole and went into a shop. The girl untied the dog but was unable to hold it, which led to the tragedy.

Lady Zhang being hit by a falling dog.

The case is still under investigation and it’s trending on many Chinese social media websites. People are blaming the girl for her “hit and run” and suggesting that the Samoyed might be euthanized. As for the legal consequences, depending on if the dog owner had allowed the girl to untie the Samoyed, the girls’ parents and the dog owner will assume different responsibilities.

Similar incidents happen every now and then. Just a few days ago, on August 13, in Harbin, a cat jumped off a building and hit an elderly man, causing severe concussions. The cat owner claimed that the cat was alone at home when it happened. The family of the elder requested a compensation of over $21,000 since the initial operations already cost over $14,000. The case is now at trial. Watch the CCTV footage of this case here.

Last year, lady Zhang was hit by a falling dog in Guangzhou, which left her paralyzed for life. Worse yet is that no one from the whole building confessed to be the dog owner. Her son had to press charge on everyone living in the building. Video available here.

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Just another attempt to show a more real China.

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