Chronic Topical Pain Relief – A Lifetime’s Journey

My name is Gerald Farnell, and I suffer from a rare degenerative form of Osteoarthritis. I want to tell a little bit about my story, and how I found a simple solution to a problem that has plagued me since childhood.

When I was seven years old, my mother noticed that my left kneecap was swollen and red, and I was walking with a bit of a limp. I don’t remember a lot about it, other than that I thought it was an injury from playing football with my older brother John. John was a few years older than I, and always a bit rough on me, so getting injured was not really a new headline, but my mother thought we should have it checked out anyway.

Two and a half hours, and a $5 copay later, I was sent home with a clean bill of health. The doctor said nothing was broken, and thought it was just a pulled muscle. After a few days it went away – everything seemed alright – until a few weeks later when the other knee and its corresponding elbow started to swell up the same way. On and on again this went through most of my childhood, while the health care professionals couldn’t figure out what it was. It wasn’t until I was in my mid 30’s that anyone was even able to identify the symptoms, as being a rare form of osteoarthritis.

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As I matured, my illness did also, worsening every year. Acute swelling turned into chronic. Painkillers became a daily habit, until they themselves started to cause issues. The amount of over the counter medication I needed to relieve the pain to a tolerable level, astonished my family practitioner, although not as much as the fact that I kept going on with life, despite the swollen joints, spinal pain, and other arthritis symptoms. After being treated for a bleeding stomach ulcer in my early 20’s, I swore off pain killers, and continued my journey, trying to find a more natural solution to my problem. Some things helped, but as I continued to age, and the disease progressed, natural medicines didn’t provide the help that I really needed.

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Intolerable as the pain was, I wouldn’t let it stop me. Being a huge fan of the outdoors, I am fond of frequent trips to the lake, or hiking outdoors with my wife and children. I kept up with these activities, despite the constant debilitating pain, because what would life even be worth if I had to give up everything that made life worth living. I was determined to make as much of my life as I could, and even though it only got harder as the years went on, my will hardened even as the pain grew. That is until about 3 years ago.

Three years ago the pain became unbearable. I was too afraid of getting another ulcer, so I had to slow down, and stop doing the extra things that I loved. For two and a half years, my lifestyle became more and more sedentary, which of course only made the problem worse. I tried lidocaine patches, and creams, herbal remedies, nothing seemed to be quite enough, until I found Numbify.

Believe it or not, Numbify was actually recommended to my by my grandson Jake. He had just turned 18, and had gotten his first tattoo. His artist had some Numbify, numbing gel, and Jake said he barely felt the needle at all. He said he looked into it, and that it was a blend of both Lidocaine and an herbal remedy, and that they had a 5% version that even though it was designed for hemorrhoids, many people said worked well for their arthritis. After all the things I had tried, I figured what could it hurt to try one more.

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I’ll be honest, I wasn’t optimistic. I had tried 5% lidocaine products before, patches, hush, numb 520, vasocaine. None of them helped enough. Why would this one be any better? Truth be told once I ordered it, I actually forgot about it until it arrived.

Finally the day came that it arrived in the mail. I set it on my nightstand, to use in the morning the next day after my shower. When I put it on, I was surprised by the relaxing Pina Colada scent that it had to it. I felt a little like I was on vacation! I rubbed a generous amount into my knees, elbows and wrists, my worst hot-points, and had my wife rub it into my neck and shoulder areas. I didn’t really think much more about it, as I went through my daily routine of getting ready, until my wife pointed out that for the first time in years, I got my routine done before her!

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I flexed my joints and realized that there was almost no pain or stiffness, as I normally had. I was moving smoothly and feeling quite good! I went through my day feeling pretty snappy, until about 6 hours later when it had finally worn off all the way, and going back to that after feeling great all day, just was not the least bit of fun at all! I cursed myself for not bringing the gel to work with me that day, and shuffled my way through the rest of my workday until I could get home and reapply. Now I keep a bottle of the Numbify spray at work just for situations like this where I need a quick top up.

It’s been 6 months since I added Numbify to my daily routine, and I simply cannot imagine going back to the way things used to be. I have even gone hiking a few times here and there when I can make the time! I just wanted to write to all of you at Numbify, and say thank you for making it possible for me to enjoy life again. I know you designed this product pain relief in an anorectal sense, but it has changed my life for the better. I just wish there was a way to let more people know how great these products can be!!!

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