Clergy Work Together with Psychologists in the War Against Corona Trauma

  • Do not give up hope.
  • Psychologists and the clergy are here to give emotional support.
  • Pray to God, he will receive your prayers.

Corona attacks the body and creates a tremendous emotional trauma.  The Clergy and psychologists are working together to heal the emotional stress of Corona.Madonna the American entertainer on her website called Corona the great equalizer. Corona even though it has separated all the nations of the world from each other through cancelling air traffic, the nations of the world have been united in the battle to return to normalcy. 

Madonna the Messiah of song in the Universal faith. Keep singing until the corona crisis is over.

Before Corona developed in China the economy of the world was functioning well in most places but always there was room for improvement. China where originated the virus was one center of commerce.  America remained the business capital of the world. China a communist nation has opened its borders to commerce in the last twenty years. Commerce is important for World Unity and Peace. Even though China and America were leading the world economy, there were still places in the world suffering from poverty.

Venezuela was once a wealthy rich oil country under the leadership of Madura became one of the poorest countries in the world. Yemen is another country in the world which has suffered poverty living in the middle of a civil war between Shiite and Sunni Islamic cultures. Syria also has suffered civil war and in Syria there are millions of people who are homeless refugees living in hardship and hunger. However World Economy was functioning well before Corona. People in most places in the world had food, clothing and shelter. World leadership did not work together to help these nations living in poverty.

Corona attacks most those from ages 60 and up.  The legislators who today and those still alive and retired are the targets of Corona.  In the same way, the Spanish flu hit hardest those from ages 20-40 who were the soldiers. World War I had just ended and God was telling the world no more war. The legislators did not end the HIV pandemic and it is still spreading. The people of Europe and America have deserted the guidance of the Church and these places have been hit hardest by Corona.

Corona has disrupted the World Economy and crippled airlines and tourism. Each nation today has been forced to close its borders to prevent the spread of corona. Each family has been forced to close its doors from the outside to protect those living in their homes. Public gatherings have been prohibited sports, religious, social, and educational. Next week is Independence Day in Memorial Day and Independence Day in Israel. On Memorial Day Israelis gather to visit their loved departed ones in cemeteries throughout the country. Independence Day like in all countries is celebrated through public gatherings with entertainment and firecrackers which this year will be impossible. The only connections which people have today with each other from one end of the world to the next, and within each nation is through telecommunications Internet, Radio, television, telephones, and newspapers.  The News is not pleasant 2,628,469 infected, 183,491 deaths. Happiness is buried in sadness.

Religious leaders from all faiths gathered together in prayer in Jerusalem

The world wants to live happily together in peace and health. Unfortunately Corona the “great equalizer” had to be revealed through sickness, sadness and death. There were easier ways than through a Pandemic for the world to realize the importance of World Unity and Peace.  Corona has forced mankind to appreciate World Unity Peace and Health. Health has always been a common bond between all people. The importance of health became the one of the ideals of the humanitarian.  Even before Corona the nations of the world were working to heal many chronic illnesses, including viruses Mers, Sars, HIV and Ebola. Corona now is another challenge for science and medicine.

Modern culture is focused on the achievement of World Unity and Peace through politics, science and technology.  A common bond between all people is health.  World Health demands an economic strategy which includes feeding the hungry, a home, and clothing. Before Corona there were people in the world suffering hunger and poverty. Perhaps the neglect of helping these people was behind the plague of Corona. The Bible teaches Love your neighbor.

In the world created by God there are rich and poor. Poverty gives the rich a chance to receive a share in the afterlife for helping the poor. When the rich close their doors to the poor the world becomes like Sodom.  God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis for this reason to be a warning for everyone to consider the welfare of the next person.  Complete sacrifice is not demanded by God.  The rich have the right to be rich and get richer. Their obligation is to help and poor reach a standard of living which is decent. Corona is the great equalizer when the rich also feel some poverty like is felt by the poor. From this they hopefully will learn the importance of charity when the world returns to normalcy. Corona has come to wake people up to consider the welfare of the next person, Love your neighbor.

Being crushed by Corona living in fear of infection and limited in the activities of life is needed emotional support. When life is good filled with all its pleasures people forget about their emotional needs.  A man should consider the emotional needs of his wife. Married men usually understand the emotional needs of their wives and children and provide for them. Marriage counseling and family counseling sometimes is needed. When times get difficult due to traumatic events in life, the modern world has opened up a secular channel of emotional help called Psychology.

Medicines have been developed to replace the need of alcoholic beverages.  Alcoholic beverages are still enjoyed and do not interfere with life and health when used in moderation.  The need for emotional help through development of psychology became necessary because people were unhappy with emotional strengthening through religion. In the past the clergy filled in the gaps to help people in emotional distress. For many reasons people rather use a psychologist than a clergyman.

The hyssop plant was used by Jews for protection from the Angel of Death on Passover night. Today they make from this plant a spice which may be for people protection from Corona virus. Use this spice in your salads, soup, or take a teaspoon of zatta hyssop spice with olive oil two times a day. God should protect you and your family.

The psychologist demands a fee. Clergymen usually do their work without fees only voluntary donations of charity. If someone doesn’t like his psychologist, he can switch to another one. There is a choice of psychologists and there is no obligation to go to them.  The connection between the patient and the psychologist is temporary. The connection to a clergyman is a permanent connection.  The clergyman Rabbi, Priest, or Iman who helps people without charge are connected to religion which obligates people to the commandments of God in their religion.

The relationship between the clergymen whose desire is to help his congregation is difficult for those that don’t want to accept the religion. People have divorced themselves from religion and rather use a psychologist for emotional help.  The psychologist charges a fee which is the only obligation of the patient.  The clergyman has many obligations for his patient which sometimes people are not ready to accept.

Under the pressures of Corona the need for emotional support is great. God Forbid the trauma of the disease will result in suicides, but there are already suicides which have come as a result of Corona. Psychiatrists are ready to provide medicine for those that have suicidal thoughts. The clergy cannot preach to reject the orders for quarantine from the Health Department by saying “have faith in God alone.”  Even the biggest Rabbi in Israel accepts the importance of quarantine.  Corona is a life and death issue which religion accepts of first importance. When a person is thinking of suicide the smart clergyman will advise to see a psychiatrist or hospitalize.  Suicide is a medical issue and Corona is a dangerous virus. The proper emotional support from a psychologist or clergyman can help to prevent the thoughts of suicide.

Corona the great equalizer has brought together medicine, psychology, and religion. Religion gives emotional support in a spiritual direction. Psychology gives emotional support and direction without any obligations.  Psychology and religion may be called preventative medicine. Emotional well-being is important also for general health.  Happiness is a spiritual energy which is part of immunity to disease. Psychology is a science to give emotional support to make people live happily. Religion examines more deeply into the foundations of happiness connected to the soul and the security given in belief in the afterlife. Religion teaches and demands obligations. Psychologists teach obligations like working, satisfying physical needs without specific demands like in religion. Psychology may be more superficial but people today are not looking for deep answers. In a democratic free world each person has his choice in which direction to seek emotional support.

Corona the great Equalizer –Interfaith prayer

The Universal faith unites the whole world with the name of God which is Shalom or peace. The world should not have needed Corona the great equalizer to unite religions together in prayer. In Jerusalem today was gathered together representative of the major religions living in Israel in prayer and meditation to end the Corona Pandemic.

The emotional crisis created by Corona is just as important as Corona medical issues. It should not be taken lightly.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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